Fly GuyVery pleasant little animation game thingumy about a man that can fly and as you move him he interacts with everyone he meets while soothing music plays - well until you get to the UFO of rock or the robotic dancing android.

Entry 70, Friday, December 27th 2002, Filed In Stuff

The truely awsome Snoop Dogg Shizzolator gives any web site attitude. Check out lazylaces Snoop style.

Entry 69, Friday, December 27th 2002, Filed In Stuff

A useful guide if you have a Mini - not that i condone this kind of thing - especially in my Mini thank you very much.

Entry 68, Friday, December 27th 2002, Filed In Stuff

The Game RoomA kind of stick man Olympics with enfuriatingly hard to reach high scores. The amount of time I must have spent on the homerun game and the best I've managed is a puny 545 - still 5 off the current high score and not even on the leader board.

Entry 67, Friday, December 27th 2002, Filed In Games

A*BlastSpace based acrade shoot-em-up - which has all the appearances of being really easy - up until you hit the end of level boss - when suddenly it's not so easy anymore. I must be missing some cunning tactic. The game is also available in 3D but this does not seem nearly as good.

Entry 66, Friday, December 27th 2002, Filed In Games

Last Christmas 2Santa blasts invading aliens - the true Christmas spirit. Or slightly more sedately Snowrush finds you hunting for presents buried under the snow - and in Fight of the Season you simply have to deliver as many presents as possible.

Entry 65, Tuesday, December 24th 2002, Filed In Games

Was reading about the digital pen which sounds like a 'must have'. But what sounds even more bizarre is the digital paper to go with it. As soon as post-it notes go digital that's me in heaven.

Entry 64, Monday, December 23rd 2002, Filed In Stuff

Retro style Batman platform game.

Entry 63, Monday, December 23rd 2002, Filed In Games

Neat little game that has nothing to do with Greeks. Spike the bubbles with your satanic ray-gun thing.

Entry 62, Monday, December 23rd 2002, Filed In Games

Take out all that rage with a virtual slap. That feels better...

Entry 61, Sunday, December 22nd 2002, Filed In Stuff

Christmas WorkingOnly one and a half days of work left to go - but most people have finished already - which means we already have our presents. Really drawn the short straw though as not only am I still at work - I'm even visiting a client tomorrow - fortunately it's only local - and with any luck there'll be the chance for a Christmas drink - can't see the city being very busy tomorrow.

Haven't got much planned for Christmas - just having 5 days off is good enough - but I will be in Newbury doing the family thing on Boxing Day.

As for the site - to make up for being very lazy with posting stuff recently I have now updated the publishing process so I can get stuff onto the site much more easily - even when hungover - which should sort things out a bit. Maybe next I'll look at openning it up so that you can submit links - maybe I'll enjoy Christmas first though.

Entry 60, Sunday, December 22nd 2002, Filed In Diary

Interactive face. Use mouse movements and clicks to change expressions. Slightly spooky and yet at the same time kind of nice - especially when you get a kiss.

Entry 59, Saturday, December 21st 2002, Filed In Stuff

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