If you're like me you can visit Blockbuster, tour all the shelves, and emerge filmless, convinced that there are no 'good' films. What to rent is a free on-line service that matches films to your personality combined with your current mood - it even allows for the fact that sometimes you may want to watch a film that you wouldn't normally want to. No more indecision with my rentals.

Entry 745, Tuesday, February 24th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Crunch Time
Kill your work colleagues with a stapler. You know you want to.

Entry 744, Wednesday, February 18th 2004, Filed In Games

A quick check of the calendar reveals it's less than a week until Pancake Day. I'm off work next week so it's going to be a pancake-fest for me next Tuesday. I'm rubbing my tummy already...[thanks for the heads-up Preeti].

Entry 743, Wednesday, February 18th 2004, Filed In Diary

When It FallsWell strike me down - in an unprecedented move NTL my stuffy old ISP have shocked me with another link worthy of a mention. I'm quite honestly shocked to reveal that news of Zero 7's new album, When It Falls, was broken to me by ntlworld. Are they ahead of the game, or is it (I fear) that I'm massively out of touch? Christ it's less than 2 months until I'm 30. Help!!!

Entry 742, Wednesday, February 18th 2004, Filed In Stuff

If you don't know what a regular expression is look away now. They're easily the scariest looking computer code you could ever think of, with the possible exception of raw machine code, and they are far from "regular". If however you need to harness their power like I occasionally do, read on...

Today one of my fellow developers asked me if I knew the regular expression for a particlar match he wanted to do. I was just about to launch into an answer when I realised that I don't KNOW regular expressions at all, but simply re-use the same ones over and over again as I only ever need them for one or two specific purposes. I was too busy to try and look into it with him today, but what do you know, I get home today and randomly come across this site explaining all about this mysterious beast, including a nice specific bit about JavaScript.

Top of my to-do list is to now learn regular expression syntax properly. Of course my to-do list is notoriously nebulous so I probably won't be becoming an expert in the near future.

Entry 741, Wednesday, February 18th 2004, Filed In Stuff

This 404 at arbitaryconstant could almost have been written for the fuddmeister. More disturbingly though it's provided me with conclusive proof that I've forgotten all my A-Level maths as I'm completely unable to confirm whether it's correct, which is made worse by the fact that I remember just enough to know it's not particularly difficult. Curse my old(ish) age.

Entry 739, Wednesday, February 18th 2004, Filed In Stuff

The biggest ever diamond has been found, estimated to be close to 10 billion trillion trillion carats, which is bigger than the moon. Unfortunately it's floating in space 50 light-years from earth, and if it ever made the voyage to earth we'd only be fabulously wealthy for a brief instant, before we were all fabulously dead (I'm ignoring some laws of supply & demand here as I think we'd have bigger things to worry about than split second economic trends). All in all just a bit too much bling to handle.

Entry 738, Tuesday, February 17th 2004, Filed In Stuff

I'm getting the hang of my country code top level domains (ccTLDs), but once in a while I'm forced to hunt out a reference site to look one up that I don't recognise. This time I'm posting a link to it so I don't lose it again. Thanks to celes who I couldn't work out is in the Philippines (.ph).

Entry 737, Tuesday, February 17th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Q. What could be better than a wiki packed full of Homestar Runner information?

A. A wiki packed full of Strong Bad email information.

Entry 736, Tuesday, February 17th 2004, Filed In Stuff

The Crimson Room
I drank too much last night. I thought what time it was now. I felt thirst of the throat. The bed was different from usual. Is this a hotel? No, it does not seem to be a hotel. I am shut up. I have to escape...

Can you escape the Crimson Room? Put your thinking hat on, collect the objects, click, click again, and click some more, in this tricky puzzle game. It took me a while, but I got out in the end (post for help via the comments if you need it), can anyone tell me what the CD case was for though?

Entry 735, Monday, February 16th 2004, Filed In Games

Take a break from your web browsing over at The Cheeky Beaver on-line public house. Newly opened, but it comes complete with nicotine stained ceiling and beer soaked carpet for that authentic feel. Over a pint why not ogle the bar maid or talk football stats with Les the landlord? Mine's a pint of best and that's my quid on the pool table...

Entry 734, Monday, February 16th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Animals On The Underground
The subterranean animals of London.

Entry 733, Monday, February 16th 2004, Filed In Stuff

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