I love coffee, don't get me wrong, it's one of the many crutches that gets me through the Monday to Friday grind, but CoffeeGeek take coffee appreciation to a whole new level. Me, I'll drink anything from Klix and Nescafe to freshly roasted espresso, I'll even substitute with Coca-Cola at a push, but these guys really go all out for the best coffee experience possible. Also worth reading: A coder's guide to coffee. It could be written for me, but I'm still not convinced. "Bad coffee is bad. Only good coffee, well prepared, is good"? I'm more an "any coffee, as long as there's lots of it, is good" kind of guy. I might be undiscriminating, but be careful, I'm wired.

Entry 793, Tuesday, March 23rd 2004, Filed In Stuff

Signatures are old skool. Britain's credit cards are going high tech with chip and pin user verification. Primarily of interest if you pay by plastic in the UK (like I do).

Entry 792, Tuesday, March 23rd 2004, Filed In Stuff

The Bighouse!
But how will Strong Bad e-mail from the bighouse? (ps. if anybody with any influence over these things is watching I'd love to be able to buy The Cheat's "Henchman" t-shirt in homestorerunner).

Entry 791, Tuesday, March 23rd 2004, Filed In Stuff

Need some decoration in your g33ky flat? What could be better than space invaders on the walls?

Entry 790, Sunday, March 21st 2004, Filed In Stuff

Apparently UK IT staff are unhappy at work and are scared to ask to work flexible hours. Both are crazy news stories that have no baring on reality...

Entry 789, Friday, March 19th 2004, Filed In Stuff

The 100th Email!!!
After much anticipation the 100th Strong Bad email is here in glorious W I D E S C R E E N. Be sure to wait right until the end to unlock the many easter eggs (including one containing fishsticks).

Entry 788, Wednesday, March 17th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Penguin Vrs. Yeti 3
The third installment of the popular game explores new ways to toss penguins (I still love the original the best though).

Entry 787, Wednesday, March 17th 2004, Filed In Games

Yet another point'n'click on-line adventure game. Will we ever get tired of them? Maybe, but not for a while yet. Many thanks to Pondus for suggesting Kharon4a in the comment thread for Droom as the new adventure game du jour. Kharon4a has the usual "escape the room" basis, but there are four of them, and they have a genetic engineering theme. Also the game seems to be Anglo-Norwegian. Quite a bizarre background for a game, but the trickiness is pretty addictive. Hopefully help and advice will once again be dispensed in the comments if required, starting with me as I think I've almost completed it but I've got myself a bit stuck.

Entry 786, Monday, March 15th 2004, Filed In Games

Celebrity Swearing
WARNING! This isn't at all safe for work/school/parents, and if you easily take offence don't even think about following this link. If though, like me, you don't mind a bit of swearing and feel it's the best way to greet yet another crummy Monday, it's very entertaining and leaves you feeling somewhat the better for listening. Various celebrities from Channel 4 shows (including some of the American ones like The West Wing and Scrubs) reveal their favourite swear words. No bleeping, no censorship. Basically it's the b***ocks.

Update: It looks like this link has been pulled. Drop me a line if you find a copy on-line.

Entry 785, Monday, March 15th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Not The 100th Email!!!
Whilst trying to pre-empt the release of Strong Bad's 100th email (most anticipated web event of the year?) I was poking around in Strong Bad's HTML when I found this (it's a variation of the system is down page). You'll have to be quick to catch it (hopefully) as I assume it'll be replaced by the real 100th email soon.

Entry 784, Monday, March 15th 2004, Filed In Stuff

British Panoramics
Fine photographs of the British countryside.

Entry 783, Friday, March 12th 2004, Filed In Stuff

IamQ  Liam
While I am amazingly lazy/disorganised/busy/tired I do at least try to make an effort to visit the web sites of all my referrers, commentors and e-mailers. Thanks to everyone for their visits. The sites of two visiting folks have entertained me recently: the flash animation of Q and the music of Liam (extra respect to Liam for the Homestar Runner style site navigation).

Entry 782, Friday, March 12th 2004, Filed In Stuff

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