I can't believe I haven't posted Tedi before, I've had the link lurking around for positively ages, and I only unearthed it again when I was hunting around to see if chapter 11 of Ninjai was out yet (it still isn't!). He doesn't seem to do much, but I do love a good animated ninja teddybear, and playing around with the different music loops is pretty cool while he goes through his moves for you.

Entry 846, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Kungfu Bunnies
Every bunny was kungfu fighting! [at flowgo]

Entry 845, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Some keypad fun with the rather lovely tontie. Cue cramps in right hand - if you don't know what RSI is now, you soon will do [at the great ebaumsworld].

Entry 844, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Games

Facts Of Life
Sheep consume grass.

Entry 843, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Stuff

At speeds of up to 50 times slower than broadband crappydialup is the perfect ISP to use with your modem emulator:

"We aim to provide the most unreliable dialup service for your business. We wipe the floor with opposition Internet Service Prodivers by cutting corners and ignoring the customer. That means you get the benefit of overinflated costs for limited service!"

Entry 842, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Stuff


Entry 840, Wednesday, May 12th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Milki W
A(nother) cute little point'n'click adventure game with some nice quirky bits of gameplay to waste away the time while you wait for part 3 of the Crimson room (the Blue Chamber?) [thanks Lisa].

Entry 839, Sunday, May 9th 2004, Filed In Games

Navy Battles
Battleships livened up with some great power-ups, like guided missiles and aircraft carrier based planes. Win 3 games to win the war.

Entry 838, Sunday, May 9th 2004, Filed In Games

Simple bow and arrow fun: get your angle and power right then make your opponent bleed.

Entry 837, Sunday, May 9th 2004, Filed In Games

Blob Lander
Guide the BBC3 Blob's space ship through the tricky underground courses. Got to love those blobs.

Entry 836, Sunday, May 9th 2004, Filed In Games

Easy RPG
A very easy role playing game over at M&C which actually seems pretty tricky until you realise you start off where you ended the time before. I've now reached level 23 though and nothing much seems to happen. Is this it? I don't get RPGs sometimes.

Entry 835, Sunday, May 9th 2004, Filed In Games

Hey Hey 16K
We bought it to help with your homework...

Entry 834, Saturday, May 8th 2004, Filed In Stuff

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