R u a moby geek?My mobile contract allows me to make a couple of hundred free minutes of calls a month accross networks anytime - so what do I spend all my time doing? Texting at a few pence a pop, usually circa 20 quid's worth a month. Doh! So how could I resist the beeb's r u a moby geek quiz? At only 7 out of 10 I'm classed as a 'text addict', but I feel my monthly bill has room for expansion yet, which will please vodafone no end (n.b. my beloved 6610 pictured).

Entry 854, Wednesday, June 2nd 2004, Filed In Stuff

Knacker FactorA new mathematical formula to predict the time of day when we will feel most tired...in the form of a cheesy flash quiz. My typical day starts at 5am and finishes around 1am and quite frankly I'm knackered all the time, but apparently I'm most knackered at 2 in the afternoon (I actually think this is quite accurate). The quiz is of course sponsored by those supporters of the terminally tired, pro plus, who I can't recommend since I've been PP free since I left my final nightmare year of university. These days I prefer my regular caffine hit to be more entertaining in the form of endless cups of coffee. Espresso anyone?

Entry 853, Wednesday, June 2nd 2004, Filed In Stuff

Aiwa Music Box
Music Box from those nice TokyoPlastic people.

Entry 852, Tuesday, June 1st 2004, Filed In Stuff
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Urban ChillChilling out in the courtyard of The George (it's owned by the National Trust so you can pretend it's a cultural thing, not a drinking thing) last Friday we were approached by a roving troupe of young masseurs/masseuses. Eh? Some keen questioning revealed they were from urban chill a rather cool new business venture that purveys 5 minute head & shoulder massages, either in your office if you give them a call, or in various nightspots around central London. Nice. The price? Whatever you think it's worth. An odd pricing scale, but cool none the less.

Several 5 minute massages later and my colleagues were even more relaxed than a few hours' worth of beer had already got them. For my part I got all shy claiming I thrived on stress (actually massages make me giggle). It's amazing what nonsense you come out with when you've had a bit to much to drink, not to mention the hidden truths that have a habit of slipping out. But therein lies a tale for another day...(or never).

Entry 851, Tuesday, June 1st 2004, Filed In Diary

Edible.comToasted giant leafcutter ants washed down with snake vodka? Yummy. Edible.com take you on an epicurian adventure around the globe, and show you that there is far more available for the palate than you had ever imagined! I'll say...[ta Paul].

Entry 850, Tuesday, June 1st 2004, Filed In Stuff
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Everybody To The Limit
Homestar Runner fan site ahoy!

Entry 849, Wednesday, May 26th 2004, Filed In Stuff

A Case Of The Crabs
I need another point'n'click flash adventure game to whittle away my time like I need a hole in the head, but a case of the crabs is a gem, has a real sense of humour, and is in lovely old skool black'n'white from back in the days before flash animation got all modernised with technological marvels like colour [thanks daisy].

Entry 848, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Games

Cows And Drums
Compose your own bovine drum solo live on Moo-TV.

Entry 847, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Stuff

I can't believe I haven't posted Tedi before, I've had the link lurking around for positively ages, and I only unearthed it again when I was hunting around to see if chapter 11 of Ninjai was out yet (it still isn't!). He doesn't seem to do much, but I do love a good animated ninja teddybear, and playing around with the different music loops is pretty cool while he goes through his moves for you.

Entry 846, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Kungfu Bunnies
Every bunny was kungfu fighting! [at flowgo]

Entry 845, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Some keypad fun with the rather lovely tontie. Cue cramps in right hand - if you don't know what RSI is now, you soon will do [at the great ebaumsworld].

Entry 844, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Games

Facts Of Life
Sheep consume grass.

Entry 843, Tuesday, May 25th 2004, Filed In Stuff

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