Wardrobe MonstersReassurance in case you're afraid of the wardrobe monsters - John Smiths & Peter Kaye at their best. All of the adverts are here on-line including 'top bombing' and one I haven't seen on TV - and I don't think I will - that made me raise my eyebrows just a tad.

Entry 86, Wednesday, January 1st 2003, Filed In Stuff

Koogle - the kosher search engine.

Entry 85, Tuesday, December 31st 2002, Filed In Stuff

One small switch for man, but one giant switch for mankind.com. The Internet celebrates it's 20th Birthday - sort off.

Entry 84, Tuesday, December 31st 2002, Filed In Stuff

The never ending fight against Spam now in handy Flash game format.

Entry 83, Tuesday, December 31st 2002, Filed In Games

Strong Bad's BackThe return of Strong Bad - #56 - after the Christmas break. He doesn't mention Christmas but he must have done something since he went away for a week - I wonder what Mexican westlers do over the festive season? Perhaps I should mail him and find out.

Entry 82, Monday, December 30th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Found a good resource for free page counters & web stats from the homepage of NextGenStats which is probably shooting themselves in the foot really - but whatever. Started the trial at the bottom of the page to try and pick the best of the 3 leading contenders. The really good graphics and indepth reports really hightlight how much time I'm spending on this site - on my own. Oh well - I believe the addage goes - build and they shall come. I better get on with those SE submissions as well.

Entry 81, Monday, December 30th 2002, Filed In Stuff

British Pathe NewsSome of the oldest news reels around have become the first digital news archive. An absolute wealth of old news material which could be useful for research but is definately worth a view anyway for the often esoteric subjects - not to mention the proper Queen's English used throughout complete with silver spoon in mouth. What's more the low quality versions are all free to download - registration required.

Entry 80, Monday, December 30th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Pinball on a street-hockey themed table.

Entry 79, Monday, December 30th 2002, Filed In Games

Cute 3D mini game thing.

Entry 78, Monday, December 30th 2002, Filed In Games

Let Me Out Of HereMy digital camera finally arrived yesterday however since illness has consigned me indoors for the last few days I have been unable to venture out and use it in anger - not helped by the fact that it's come without a case - which means it's going to become a right mess in my hands fairly quickly. I have a case on order already though. Anyway finding photgrahic subjects on my own in the flat was fairly tricky - in the end I satisfied myself with pics of the interior of each room in the flat - which were so interesting they have now all been deleted - and of course the obligtary timer function pic of myself looking fairly ill. Well that's the reason I'm using for looking so bad anyway.

Entry 77, Sunday, December 29th 2002, Filed In Diary

Compelling pictures of natural accidents - ensure you look at the other sections as well.

Entry 76, Sunday, December 29th 2002, Filed In Stuff

Snow Globe SimonWhere do all the Christmas games go for the rest of the year? Well this one is still here so I guess they probably don't go anywhere. Apparently Christmas is not at the same time for everyone anyway - the Ukranian guy I was speaking to in the pub on (English) Christmas Eve tells me they celebrate on Jan 7th - so it's not even Chistmas there yet.

Anyway this game has simple rules, steer Simon around in his snow globe collecting the Chirstmas presents - careful though it's a little tricky to control.

Entry 75, Sunday, December 29th 2002, Filed In Games

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