This graphical Google browser lets you navigate around a map of the links - as recorded by Google - between sites - move from site to site and the map reorientates itself in a very groovy way. I'm hoping the reason that this site has no links - :o( - is that I've only been listed on Google for a week

Entry 94, Sunday, January 5th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Icon StoryIt's tough out there for a small little icon out there on the mean streets of the desktop.

Entry 93, Sunday, January 5th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Useful - and kind of nice - code/tool which links back to the last X referers for a web site. An immeadiate way to do reciprocal linking. The only trouble I can see is with referer spam - as it's all immeadiate with no editing stage there's a strong danger you could end up linking to pr0n from your homepage - which could lead to your web host kicking you off their servers. A shame really as it seems like a very good - and friendly - idea and I'd like to include the code myself at some point. Anyway an especially big thanks to lightningfield where I first saw this because I saw in my site stats that someone had linked into lazylaces using this very mechanism.

Entry 92, Sunday, January 5th 2003, Filed In Stuff

A useful guide to the ins and outs of British slang - know what I mean guv?

Entry 91, Sunday, January 5th 2003, Filed In Stuff

UsheretteProfessional ushertte game - well I say professional I mean it's produced by Odeon cinemas who should know what they're doing when it's comes to usherette sims - not that this actually happens when you go to the cinema. A more realistic sim would be having to stand at the back of the cinema talking to your mate and looking slightly surly whilst ignoring the fact that that floor seems to be exclusively coated in sticky drinks and popcorn. I'm guessing the game play wouldn't be quite the same though.

Entry 90, Sunday, January 5th 2003, Filed In Games

Give choice celebrities a knuckle-sandwich or two. I managed to show Hasselhoff and P Diddy who was boss but just couldn't get passed Stallone - by that time RSI was starting to set in. I think to lose to Rocky was honourable though.

Entry 89, Thursday, January 2nd 2003, Filed In Games

The Gravy TrainHow IT consultants work so hard to earn their shedloads of cash in amusing Flash animation format - it's funny 'cause it's true - as the saying goes. I just don't understand why there aren't more websites poking fun at these blood sucking leeches - it's people like this that are the reason I and so many of my ex-colleagues got made redundant - all the money went on paying damn consultants for their 'top quality' ideas and implementing their unrealistic strategic systems.

As it turns out though I'm much happier in my new job now - so the last laugh is on them - while they drive their Porshes home to their luxurious mansions - doh!

*Rant* ends.

Link found and shamelessly reproduced from MilkandCookies.

Entry 88, Thursday, January 2nd 2003, Filed In Stuff

Platform jumping game.

Entry 87, Wednesday, January 1st 2003, Filed In Games

Wardrobe MonstersReassurance in case you're afraid of the wardrobe monsters - John Smiths & Peter Kaye at their best. All of the adverts are here on-line including 'top bombing' and one I haven't seen on TV - and I don't think I will - that made me raise my eyebrows just a tad.

Entry 86, Wednesday, January 1st 2003, Filed In Stuff

Koogle - the kosher search engine.

Entry 85, Tuesday, December 31st 2002, Filed In Stuff

One small switch for man, but one giant switch for The Internet celebrates it's 20th Birthday - sort off.

Entry 84, Tuesday, December 31st 2002, Filed In Stuff

The never ending fight against Spam now in handy Flash game format.

Entry 83, Tuesday, December 31st 2002, Filed In Games

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