OK, I'm very late for Diwali, but what can I say? I've been kind of busy and it took me over a week to come down from the sugar rush induced by stuffing myself with Indian sweets. I can't pretend I grasp anything beyond the basic concept of Diwali, but that's still pretty good going for a white English guy, and I do know the sweets are fantastic, this e-card has a very cool firework lighting thing and gets huge bonus points for the most eclectic choice of languages I've seen (English, Hindi and Tamil, among others), and most importantly I wish all my Indian friends, and friends with Indian roots, well at this festive time. Happy Diwali.

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I first heard about Diwali about a year ago. There was a very popular dancehall reggae beat called "<a href=http://zappa.tvu.ac.uk/02EbanksN/Diwali%20Riddim.mp3>Diwali</a>". The most popular song that used this beat was "<a href=http://www.mt.net.mk/mediacorner/mp3/Get_Busy.mp3>Get Busy</a>" by <a href=http://www.sean-paul.net/index2.html>Sean Paul</a>. This stuff is STILL wildly popular, especially with middle-aged American white women.

Comment 1, Tuesday, November 23rd 2004 01:38:00 PM


I'm 100% Indian man - thanx a lot for the card, will send it to relatives and all. How'd u come around to know about Diwali?

Comment 2, Wednesday, November 24th 2004 02:37:00 AM


Steve: Sean Paul gets a lot of airplay here in the UK, I wasn't aware of the reggae beat name though, and I don't think the audience here is middle aged women (but then again I don't know know a lot of middle aged women).

Samorado: It's not what you know but who you know - I have quite a few Indian (or with an Indian background) friends and colleagues.

Comment 3, Wednesday, November 24th 2004 08:31:00 AM


the link doesnt work...

Comment 4, Tuesday, January 4th 2005 09:16:00 PM

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