Hatt Baby
Well it's taken until post 1006, but we have ourselves the first lazylaces repeat, it's all well worth it though as this is one of my most favourite internet things ever (and that really is about the most accurate description for this you can hope for). Ladies and Gentlemen I ask you to be silent in a kind of hushed awe, and bow down before, the wonder that is hatt baby. An animation that transcends the earthly constraints of such questions as "what?", "why?", and "huh?".

Update: Damn it! This has reminded me of another classic that I have to see again (see above) - but this is the last of the repeats until just after post 2000 I promise.

Entry 1006, Wednesday, November 24th 2004, Filed In Stuff

Incog Neato

Hah! This reminded me of one my own personal faves. However, when I tried to track it down I was unable to find the animated version that first hooked me. Here is a live action version that is ALMOST as touching.


You may have posted the original before......I dunno.

It makes me smile. :)


Comment 1, Wednesday, November 24th 2004 05:14:00 PM

Incog Neato

Hey Graeme......
How do you make a link 'clickable' within a comment?

Thanks..... ;)

Comment 2, Wednesday, November 24th 2004 05:17:00 PM


E: A little like <a href="http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/tunak.php">this</a> ;o)

I'll mail u with the instructions.

Comment 3, Wednesday, November 24th 2004 11:37:00 PM


Intersting. Not half as frightening and brilliant as <a href="http://tmst.twu.net/flash/monsterdeer.htm">Monster Deer</a>, though.

Comment 4, Sunday, November 28th 2004 10:05:00 AM


this site is soooo totally cool but wots with the pink room its soo totally crap! there are some really cool games on ere tho keep em cumin!

Comment 5, Tuesday, November 30th 2004 01:12:00 PM


this site is great thank u sooooooo much i lv ya 2 bits!

Comment 6, Tuesday, November 30th 2004 01:12:00 PM


Thanks :o) And I agree the Pink room is totally useless. Sorry.

Comment 7, Tuesday, November 30th 2004 01:14:00 PM


You has got to be swedish to understand what's so funny about this. It's very funny!
The song is in turkish. The written words are in swedish. It all make sesne when you hear the words and read the text.

Comment 8, Wednesday, July 20th 2005 01:41:00 AM

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