The first of a trio of quality point'n'click posts today, Atlantzone might be French (Papa? Nicole?), but has English subtitles and shuns the ubiquitous flash for good ol' skool HTML, but I'll be dammed if I can get it to work properly in anything other than Internet Explorer, so you'll you'll have to shelve your decent web browser for this one. Anyway poeple are telling me this one takes a long time to complete, so good luck...[subbed by spohie].

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Comment 1, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 05:35:00 AM


Just played this recently. Great game (has become one of my favorites) but very long. You can save it and come back to where you left off. (Best English translation I've seen).

A very detailed walkthrough is available:

Comment 2, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 05:53:00 AM


first of a trio...? i would like to know where the other 2 can be found. i played this game (w/, admittedly, a lot of help) several months back. i enjoyed the level of complexity of the story and puzzles.

Comment 3, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 07:49:00 AM


y'know what? i should post anywhere when inebriated. my reading is crap. ignore that last post. i thought there were more games by the makers of atlantzone... :(=

Comment 4, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 07:50:00 AM


(+not, between "should" and "post")

Comment 5, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 07:52:00 AM


Wow, I played this a while ago, and have to say it is the only real time graphic games I enjoyed.
It is really involved and will have you puzzling for is a great game which has a good plot and some great puzzles.

I expect this comments section to become rather crowded :o)

Comment 6, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 07:59:00 AM


i cant find the safe

Comment 7, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 08:43:00 AM


never mind

Comment 8, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 09:13:00 AM


I found the password but the customer isnt there, what do i do next? Is there a safe?

Comment 9, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 09:40:00 AM

Lady Lark

I also played this a while back--it's a really good, long, involved (especially for online) game. Well done, although I did find the ending to be a little bit disappointing. Still, very much worth it just for the gaming!

Comment 10, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 10:32:00 AM


i played it before too, thought it was here, obviously i was wrong. no idea where it was then! It was a bit too long and confusing for me, i wasn't really sure what i was doing

Comment 11, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 11:14:00 AM


Does anyone know the password? I can't work it out? Or maybe I already have the passwort but can't work out the login-name. Can anyone help me? A little hint would be very helpful and of couse a hint how to write it, because I think this is my greatest problem.... thanks

Comment 12, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 11:26:00 AM


where is the safe?????

Comment 13, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 11:57:00 AM


Okay, now I found it out by myself. But I have another problem: how can I get rid of this butler? He's always there telling me that everything is privat ... or is there another way to find the key and the safe? ... thanks

Comment 14, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 11:26:00 AM


I cant even get past the front door... maybe i am missing some from the screen.. how do i play full screen?

Comment 15, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 02:03:00 PM


ok i got a little bit bigger screen now, but something tells me i should see more... like a doormat or something? someone please help me

Comment 16, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 02:07:00 PM


can anybody help me with the clock? how often do you have to click on the arrows? Or which time should it show???

Comment 17, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 03:01:00 PM


I found the key before I found the safe....anyone want to help me out with finding the safe?

Comment 18, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 03:32:00 PM

The Bear

Game works fine with Mozilla

Comment 19, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 05:34:00 PM


lots of questions asked and none answered!

Comment 20, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 05:38:00 PM


I think I know the password, but the coputer still won't let me in! Maybe I have the login wrong.
Btw, Ellen, click on 'objects' which is your inventory, there you'll find a key.

Comment 21, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 05:24:00 PM


Hey Kimbo... not in my inventory... i think i have a problem with this game... Too bad.. i just cant play it i guess..
When i press objet i only see a black square... i guess it should be in there right? i cant press on it, so bad luck for me :(

Comment 22, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 06:31:00 PM


after the 20 th try i managed to get the screen right and i finally saw the key :D

Comment 23, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 06:36:00 PM


ok does anyone know how to get the safe? i checked the bookshelf but nothing hapens!! any chance of a walkthrough?? or just tel me where the f*cking safe is??? pleeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeeee???????????

Comment 24, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 06:48:00 PM


never mind i found it....

Comment 25, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 06:50:00 PM




This FREE game can you play online or download it here

(Written by RedBaronne, editor axolotl)

Sept 25, 2002

1. You find yourself in Atlantzone, in front of a mansion with a closed red door. You spy a nameplate to the right of the door. The cursor changes to a "?" Click on the plaque, to zoom in and check the name of the occupant of this mansion. You find that this house belongs to Rodrigue Grandcoeur, Solicitor.
2. Click again to zoom out.
3. Click on the door. The cursor changes into a hand at the top of the keyhole. Click again to hear your character comment "Elisabeth is not in, yet".
4. It's patently obvious that you'll have to wait for someone to let you in or you'll just have to do it yourself.
5. Check your inventory (click on the button named "Objets"). You'll find a key in the inventory. Select the key, click on the red wheel to use the selected object and then click on the door. The key now disappears from your inventory. Enter the house and climb the stairs. You now find yourself in a study.


1. Moving the cursor around the room, presents you with four possible points of view. From right to left, you see:
* A desk in an apparent state of disorder.
* A library.
* A computer.
* A window that looks out onto the park.
2. Let's approach the desk, first, and look through the assortment of objects randomly strewn around. The cursor changes into a hand when you pass it over various objects. Click on each one of them.
* You find an organizer belonging to R. Grandcoeur, along with a paper that contains a mysterious inscription: 36RG.
* The telephone rings at this point. Answer the phone and speak to the person who identifies herself as the secretary of Doctor Knock and reminds you of your upcoming appointment with the doctor. The conversation with the doctor's secretary confirms that you have been known to be forgetful. Ah, good! That sets the tone for the rest of the game.
* You find an old photo of yourself.
* You find a notebook, which then appears in your inventory. Select the "examine an object" icon in your inventory and then click on the notebook. (Note: always click on the "examine an object" icon before selecting the object to examine) The cursor transforms itself into a hand. Open Rodrigue's notebook and read it.
* You also find a letter opener, tucked away between some pens. Click on it and you now find it in your inventory. It's bound to come in handy.
3. Click to the right of the screen to examine your computer. Click on the computer, and then click on the power button to turn it on. (The cursor changes into a hand symbol, near the general area of the power button).
4. You hear a knock on the door.
5. Click left to return to the study and click left again to return to the door.
6. Click on the door to open it. You find Elisabeth, your secretary, with a letter for you. Click on the letter; it now appears in your inventory.
7. Examine the envelope. It is addressed to you.
8. Click on the stamp, top right, to flip the envelope over.
9. You now discover the name of the sender: Séraphin Balkhach, as well as his address. Notice how the cursor transforms itself into a "?" when you pass it over the address. (See Note #3 - MOVING AROUND ATLANTZONE)
10. Click on the address. Rodrigue notes down the name and address in his notebook.
11. All that remains is for you to read Séraphin Balkhach's letter. This is where that letter opener you picked up comes in handy.
12. Combine the letter opener with the letter to open it.
13. Examine Séraphin's letter, which now appears in the inventory.
14. Click on the "?" that appears. Rodrigue makes a note.
15. You find that Sigismond Canches, the deceased, filed his last will and testament with Rodrigue Grandcoeur. The will is located someplace in the study. It is up to you now, to locate Monsieur Canches' will.
16. Click on the library, to your left.
17. Examine the panels on the right as well as the left. Rodrigue despairs of finding anything in the mess.
18. The telephone rings: it's just your friend Lucien, inviting you to play a game of bridge.
19. Well, back to the problem at hand: how on earth do you locate Canches' last will and testament? Obviously, there would have to be some method to the apparent madness that is Rodrigue's study.
20. Click on the computer.
21. Click on the screen. You are prompted to enter a user name and password. You already have the elements needed for both. If you're stuck, check out [PASSWORD TO THE COMPUTER].
22. Now that you know the location of the will, all that's left is for you to retrieve it and examine its contents. Return to the library.
23. Open the panel on the right.
24. Retrieve the blue dossier on the top, left.
25. Open the dossier and click on the third file from the top. This is Canches' file. Open the file. Click on Canches' will. You will receive a sealed envelope in your inventory. Use the letter opener to open the envelope and examine its contents. Read Canches' testament carefully. This is the base of the adventure that follows.
26. You will undoubtedly have to learn more, and who better to question than Séraphin Balkhach, Canches' major-domo. Luckily, you have his address. Head on, out the door, and down the stairs. A small change of scene follows. Click to find yourself in the garden of Canches' house.


1. A save point appears. Save your game at this point and continue.
2. You find yourself inside the property. Knock on the door. You can hear dogs barking. Ring the doorbell to attract the attention of the occupants of the house.
3. Séraphin Balkhach answers the door, accompanied by two dogs. Click on Séraphin, who grumpily shuts the door in your face.
4. Ring the doorbell again. Select Séraphin's letter from your inventory to assure him of your credentials. Séraphin remains unconvinced. Select Canches' will and then click on Séraphin once more. Convinced that you are who you say you are, Séraphin steps aside to let you through the door. Climb the stairs to Canches' office.


1. You are now in Canches' office. Take the time to explore the office thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the cursor as it changes into a hand when you examine the various objects on Canches' desk. Séraphin Balkhach puts a damper in any further exploration of Canches' desk. Ignore him and search through the rest of Canches' office. It is important to familiarize yourself with this place.
2. Click on Séraphin, when you feel your search will not proceed without additional help.
3. Séraphin looks blank until you select Canches' will and then click on him.
4. Click on the strip of possible dialogs.
5. You learn more about Sigismond Canches and his secret research. You also find out about the existence of a safe and of a note that Canches left you on his bureau.
6. Click on the note in the paper-holder on the desk. An inscription appears at the back. It reads, "The ancestors bring knowledge"
7. This cryptic inscription holds the secret to opening the safe. If you're stuck, see [CANCHES' SAFE].
8. Open the safe and examine the books.
9. Examine the parchment or "grimoire".
10. Click on the grimoire. It is illegible. Rodrigue comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to find Canches' heirs.
11. There is an envelope under the grimoire. Take it, open it and read it. (At the risk of repeating myself: Use your cursor to read the text. See Note 3: Moving around Atlantzone.)
12. Note the names and addresses of the four heirs and the order in which to locate them. Don't fret if you can't remember the names, addresses or the order in which to find the heirs. You'll find that Rodrigue has already noted this information in his notebook.
13. Click on Séraphin to begin a new dialog.
14. Each book in Canches' safe gives you clues to find a part of the code to decipher the text of the grimoire. You need to find 5 keys and 5 codes to make sense of it all. The fifth heir remains a mystery.
15. Leave Canches' house and step into the garden. A change of scene follows. Click to proceed to the next step.


1. Open the garage door.
2. You find a Peugeot 203 with the nameplate "36RG".
3. Click on the handle on the driver's side to open the car.
4. You find yourself staring at the dash. All that remains is for you to start the engine.
5. If you're stuck, see [REVVING UP THE PEUGEOT 203].
6. Now that you're en route and have the map of Atlantzone and surrounding areas, click on the first stop on your search for the heirs: HEXILLES.

PROLOGUE: HEXILLES (Professor Onésime Cosinus, heir #1)

1. Proceed to the door after verifying that this is indeed the house of Professor Cosinus (check the plaque, by the mailbox).
2. Ring the doorbell. It appears that there is nobody home.
3. Try knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell again until a voice asks what you are doing there.
4. You turn around to find an individual standing at the edge of the garden, looking a little suspicious.
5. Talk to him.
6. You learn that he is the custodian and that Professor Cosinus is absent.
7. There is nothing more to do at Professor Cosinus'.
8. You'll have to get a move on if you want to locate the other heirs.
9. Get into the car and click on the next location on the map: BISE-EN-TINE.

PROLOGUE: BISE-EN-TINE (Philémon Vélin, heir #2)

1. You find yourself facing a charming little street, flanked by rows of shops and tenements.
2. The toyshop is closed, as is the photo studio.
3. You need to proceed to Number 10. (You'll find Philémon's address in Rodrigue's notebook).
4. Knock on the door of number 10. It appears that there is no one at home.
5. The strange inscription over Number 11 catches your eye. (Read with the cursor!)
6. You decide that the inscription merits a translation. However there is nobody at Number 11, as well.
7. Intrigued, you return to the toyshop. Luckily it is open and you walk right in. You talk to the owner of the shop.
8. You find out that Philémon is not at home. There is nothing more to do in Bise-en-Tine.
9. Get back into the car and drive to ZORQUES.

PROLOGUE: ZORQUES (Cunégonde Carmel, heir #3)

1. You find yourself at a convent.
2. Knock on the door and talk to the nun.
3. You find that the nun can offer no clues on Cunégonde's whereabouts.
4. It seems a bit weird that the heirs are so inaccessible. There's nothing more to do in Zorques. Mayhap, the remaining heir will not prove to be so reclusive, after all.
5. If you'd like, you could take a turn in the park (located to the left of your car.)
6. You find a chapel, which seems to be closed.
7. You can click on the little stone bench in the park; however, Rodrigue in typical Gallic fashion will exclaim that he has no time for a rest.
8. On to SIX-BERIAS, to look for Artémise Miraud, the remaining heir.

PROLOGUE: SIX BERIAS (Artémise Miraud, heir #4)

1. Enter and knock on the door. Nobody seems to answer the door.
2. Go into the garden and knock on the door.
3. This time, somebody answers the door. She identifies herself as Pétronille.
4. You can find out nothing more than the fact that Artémise has disappeared, just like the other heirs.
5. There is nothing more to do but to get back into the car and return to Canches' office.


1. Knock on the door.
2. Séraphin answers, looking terribly put out. Can you tell that he bears more than a passing resemblance to a cat that has lapped a particularly sour bowl of cream?
3. He has nothing more to tell you other than to follow Canches' instructions for locating the heirs, in the order indicated.
4. Obviously, there is nothing more to be learned from him.
5. Click to leave the garden. A small change of scene later, you find yourself in Chapter I.



1. The user name and password can be found in Rodrigue's organizer. Remember the cryptic note with the inscription "36RG"?
2. Enter "Grandcoeur" for the username and "36RG" for the password field.
3. Careful: the field for the username is case sensitive! So "grandcoeur" or "GRANDCOEUR" will be rejected.
4. For the name of the client, enter "Canches". (The computer is not quite as picky when it comes to entering the name of a customer. "canches" works just as well as "Canches". As Patrick/axolotl pointed out: the software tends to be more forgiving with the names of customers. This makes sense, given that it's basically a search mechanism.)

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1. Canches' note contains the inscription "The ancestors hold the key".
2. There are three portraits of Canches' ancestors in the study. Two of them are located behind the desk. A third portrait can be found hanging over the fireplace.
3. Click on the portrait of the female ancestor to retrieve a paper containing the code: "1T3-3T4-2T1".
4. You will find a key to the safe, behind the portrait over the fireplace.
5. You will find both items in your inventory.
6. The safe is located in the library – panel at the bottom right.
7. Click on the safe. You notice three round disks.
8. The disk on the bottom left contains three holes: bottom left, top and bottom right.
9. Use the key to the safe on the holes. Obviously, the code "1T3-3T4-2T1" refers to how many times you need to turn the key in each hole.
* 1 = Bottom left -> 3 Turns
* 3 = Bottom right -> 4 Turns
* 2 = Top -> 1 Turn
* Click on the key to make a "turn".
10. Another save point appears. Save your game and continue.

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1. Adjust the rear-view mirror.
2. Click on the buttons to the right of the steering wheel. (Click on the "?") You zoom in on the buttons.
3. Click on the leftmost button. It does nothing.
4. The button to the right of the leftmost button can be depressed. This is the "starter".
5. Click on the knob to the right of the starter. Make sure that it is pulled out.
6. Click on the starter again.
7. Click on the steering wheel.
8. Zoom out and return to the main screen.
9. Release the hand brake. (You'll find it just below the steering wheel)
10. Click on the lever to change the speed, which is just to the right of the steering wheel. And we're off!
11. Click on the car as it passes past the bridge.
12. Click on the screen that follows and you are then presented with a map of Atlantzone and surrounding areas. You notice the village of Atlantzone, (printed in red), as well as the residences of the four heirs.

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CHAPTER I: Onésime, HEXILLES, September 27, 2002.

1. Here you are, once again, at Professor Cosinus'.
2. Ring the bell.
3. Speak to the custodian.
4. You now have the means to enter Onésime's study.
5. Enter the house, climb the stairs, turn left and enter the study.


1. Familiarize yourself with Onésime's study. You see:

2. A small table with a clock.
3. The cursor changes to a "?" Zoom in on the clock.
4. The curious will find that they can change the position of the hands of the clock. In particular, pay attention to the minute hand of the clock.
5. Notice its irregular displacement.
6. Also notice how each displacement of the minute hand is a multiple of 3.
7. Click on the funny little button above the 12 o'clock position.
8. Rodrigue comments on how fragile it is.
9. You find a box of matches on the table with the clock.
10. Take it. You now find the box of matches in your inventory.

11. There are two bookshelves in the room, to the right and left of the clock (with the hands that can be manipulated). The one on the right is of importance to us.
12. Click on it. You will find:
* A treatise on the Philosopher's stone. Open it. Inside, you find two pages with hastily scribbled notes on how to produce the Philosopher's stone. Obviously, Onésime's researches extend to the arcane. Note the diagram, if you wish.
* A book on games: Note the section titled "A Card Puzzle"

13. A painting.
14. Examine it.
15. You notice that it is an Artémise Miraud original.

16. A photograph of a man. Notice the mole on his cheek.

17. An escritoire (desk). Open it.
18. You find a magazine, with a piece of paper tucked away inside, and an interview of Onésime. Click on his photo and you find the piece of paper in your inventory.
19. Try opening the drawers. They're locked.
20. The cursor changes to a "?" near the base of the central part of the escritoire.
21. Click on it to reveal a secret compartment.
22. You recover a diary with a red cover. Open the diary to find one half of a chemical formula.
23. Read the diary. Pay particular attention to the entry dated, 10/05/02. It mentions a code. Could this be a combination to a safe? Note the code. (Don't be lazy; write it down as it is...)
24. Finally, click on the last page in the diary. (The cursor changes into a "?").
25. Rodrigue comes to the conclusion that there is a laboratory located somewhere on the premises.
26. Look inside the secret compartment, once more. You find a pack of playing cards. Click on the cards and you find yourself staring at 16 face cards with four rows and four columns. You obviously need to solve this puzzle in order to proceed. You have the hint you need to solve the puzzle. (Remember the book on games in the bookshelf on the right?) If you're stuck, check out [CARD PUZZLE].

27. When you solve the card puzzle, it reveals two numbers 08 24. Apparently, a clue of some sort. If you're stuck, look at [CODE 08 24]
28. You now have the lead key in your inventory.
29. Another save point appears.
30. Go ahead and save at this point.

You now have two choices: you could choose to return to Atlantzone immediately and open Onésime's book or you could choose to remain in Hexilles and look for Onésime's secret laboratory.

If you choose to stay in Hexilles and look for Onésime's laboratory, read on.

31. Leave Onésime's study.
32. Step out into the garden where you encounter the custodian, once again.
33. Talk to the custodian.
34. He hands you the key to Onésime's laboratory and tells you where to go.


1. You find yourself in the laboratory. It's time to look around the place. You see:

2. A log of wood, by the furnace. Take it. It's bound to come in handy.

3. Examine the furnace.
4. Look at the compartment at the bottomside of the furnace.
5. You can definitely power up the furnace by adding the log in the compartment and setting it on fire.
6. We'll get back to that in a few minutes.
7. Look at the right side of the furnace: another compartment, but it's stuck. Never mind.

8. Furnace- front view:
9. Open the plate on top of the furnace.
10. Peer inside the plate.
11. It seems to contain a sort of whitish powder.
12. The cursor transforms itself into a hand.
13. Rodrigue concludes that you can definitely put something in there. What exactly you can put in there remains to be seen.

14. To the left of the furnace, you find some carbonate. Take the carbonate.

15. You find a beaker of water in the sink.
16. Rodrigue mutters something about wanting some distilled water.
17. We'll leave the sink alone, for now.
18. You find some Vitriol and Aluminum on top of the medicine cabinet (next to the sink, top-right).

19. We now turn our attention to the area on the left of the sink.
20. You now see a black box by the floor, with a paper on top of it.
21. Take the paper.
22. You see the cursor transform itself into a "?" over the box.
23. Click on it.
24. The box must be is obviously a safe. The numbers on its face, obviously indicate the possibility of using a numeric code to open itthe safe.
25. This is definitely the safe that Onésime mentioned in his diary.
26. You also noted the code to the safe. (If not, go back to Onésime's study and look it up.)
27. Use the code on the safe. If you're stuck, see [CODE TO ONÉSIME'S SAFE]

28. Now that you've opened the safe, reach in and take its contents. You find a small quantity of Uranium.

29. To the right of the furnace, you find a table containing lab equipment.
30. Approach the table. You see:
* Three beakers.
o Click on the one to the right.
o You find distilled water at last!
o That'll come in handy later.
* Some Mercury.
o Take the mercury.
o (Note: Zoom out and pay close attention to the area to the right of the beakers. The cursor transforms itself into a hand but the area covered by it is very small. Move the cursor very carefully over the whole area, until you find the mercury.)
* A Still.
o Rodrigue concludes that we'll need that to combine something.
o Aha! The scavenger hunt is leading up to something, then!
31. We now have a whole series of ingredients in the inventory:
32. Wood, Paper, Carbonate, Vitriol, Aluminum, Uranium and Mercury and just one half of the formula.
33. So on with the scavenger hunt!

34. In a corner of the room, between two doors, you spy a white coat, hanging on a wall.
35. Look in one of the pockets of the white blouse.
36. You've just found the other half of the formula!
37. Combine the two halves of the formula.
38. Examine the reconstructed formula in the inventory and click on the "?" that appears at the bottom of the paper.

39. Rodrigue realizes that he will need Canches' expert advice on this one. Time to look up the proportion of distilled water needed for the formula, in Canches' library.
40. On to Atlantzone. You exit through the door to the right of the white coat.


1. This time around, a friendlier Séraphin greets you at the door.
2. Talk to Séraphin. He tells you that you are now free to enter the house even when he's not around.
3. Observe the cursor transform itself into a hand over the paper knife on Canches' desk. You can't take the paper knife, yet. Let's leave that for later.
4. Séraphin won't let you look inside Canches' desk drawers.
5. Restrict your search to Canches' library, then.

6. Go to Canches' library.
7. Run your cursor over the books in Canches' library.
8. You find a book on Alchemy by Sigismond Canches. Read it.
9. It contains details of the symbols, colours and elements used in Alchemy that are associated with planets. These notations will come in handy when you open the books of the heirs.
10. Note: You cannot take this book with you but you can consult it at any point in the game.

11. Open Canches' safe.
12. There are five books. Which one of them belongs to Onésime?
13. Canches' book on Alchemy will give you a clue to open Onésime's book.
14. Select the lead key from the inventory and use it on the books.
15. The third book from the right is Onésime's. (Rodrigue( will pipe up "that's not the right book", when you pick up the wrong books.)
16. Now all that's left is for you to match up the colours and symbols on the book.
17. You already have your element: Lead. That should be a good enough hint for all you intrepid players who can't wait to try it out for yourselves.
18. If on the other hand, you need more than a little help; check out [OPENING ONÉSIME'S BOOK]

19. Once you've managed to unlock the book, open it by clicking on the buckles (Or whatever the heck they're called.)
20. Read the note in the text. The text gives you an idea of measuring the correct proportion of distilled water.
21. Don't worry too much if it all seems like Greek to you. Rodrigue seems to make sense of it all and makes a note of it in his notebook. Lucky for us, Rodrigue always seems to pay attention.
22. A quick word with Séraphin and you're off to the laboratory.


1. Time to whip up a whole batch of alchemical goodness.
2. Let's double-check our ingredients against the formula. We have:
* Mercury, Vitriol, and Potassium Carbonate
* Aluminum
* Uranium
3. We need to add the distilled water to the new mixture.
4. Stand in front of the table, to the right of the furnace, and click on the three beakers.
5. You are now presented with a new problem: measuring the correct amount of distilled water. If you're stuck, see [DOSAGE OF DISTILLED WATER].

6. When you obtain the correct dose of distilled water, you receive a glass of distilled water in your inventory.
7. All that's left for us to do is to combine the ingredients. If you're stuck, see [COMBINING INGREDIENTS].

8. You now have a paste of the ingredients, which needs to be processed some more. See [PROCESSING THE FINAL PASTE].

9. You now have Onésime's stone and the code, SATOR.
10. Don't forget to check for the source of the loud explosion.
11. Look at the clock above the exit door.
12. You will find the furnace plate wedged there.
13. If you try to leave now, Rodrigue will refuse: he wants to search the place "with a fine comb"! Which means YOU haven't!
14. Look at the clock face more carefully, and retrieve the loose minute hand. It goes into your inventory.
15. You now have the code to interpret one part of the Grimoire. Off to Atlantzone then!

16. Before you leave Hexilles, talk to the custodian, who hands you a letter.
17. Examine the letter (both front and back).
18. You notice that the letter is from Philémon Vélin (Heir #2).
19. You have no way of opening the letter right now.
20. Let's return to Atlantzone, to Canches' office.


1. Talk to Séraphin. Apparently he has nothing more to say to you.
2. Open Canches' safe and deposit Onésime's stone on the top shelf.

3. Open the Grimoire.
4. Use the code SATOR on the Grimoire.
5. Click on the Grimoire.
6. You managed to translate a page of the Grimoire. Read it.
7. Don't forget to click on the "?" that appears.

8. All that's left is for us to open Philemon's letter.
9. Remember the letter opener we saw on Canches' desk?
10. Select Philémon's letter and click on the letter opener.
11. The letter is now in your inventory. Read it.

12. Séraphin still has nothing to say to you.
13. Leave Canches' house and click on the change of scene that follows. You are about to enter Chapter II...



1. As I mentioned, earlier, the hint to solving the card puzzle lies in the book on games, found in Onésime's bookshelf. Read the book again, if you'd like to solve the puzzle by yourself. If not, look at the solution below:

Ace of Diamonds King of Clubs Queen of Hearts Jack of Spades
Queen of Spades Jack of Hearts Ace of Clubs King of Diamonds
Jack of Clubs Queen of Diamonds King of Spades Ace of Hearts
King of Hearts Ace of Spades Jack of Diamonds Queen of Clubs

2. Note: this is just one solution among hundreds! Now that you've seen one, you may want to find another by doing it all over again, with a different initial first row (but wait till you've finished the game first!)


1. This code obviously refers to a time: 8 hours and 24 minutes.
2. Remember the clock with the adjustable hands?
3. Adjust the hands on the clock to reflect the numbers 08 24.
4. Move the big hand a bit after to VIII (but not above IX) and the little hand to one space above V.
5. When both the hands of the clock are in the correct position, click on the little button just above the 12 o'clock position (XII). This reveals a secret compartment containing a lead key. Click on the key, which now shows up in your inventory.


1. Onésime's diary contains the following code:
* Four – Three – Two – One
2. Most players enter the sequence of numbers "4-3-2-1", followed by a"#".
3. However, that would be too easy.
4. Pay attention to the wording of the code. The figures are spelled out in Onésime's diary.
5. Let's try another approach: Count the letters of each number in the code.
6. You now get a new code: 4 – 5 – 3 – 3, followed by a "#".
7. If you enter a wrong code, zoom out and then zoom back in to the safe, before entering the correct code.


1. Use the lead key on the top latch (or hinge) of the book.
2. This latch (or hinge) corresponds to the planetary symbols associated with each metal.
3. Notice how the symbols change as you turn the key (note: "turning" the key, in this case, refers to clicking on the top latch.)
4. The latch at the bottom corresponds to the colours associated with each element.
5. Canches' book states that there are two planets that are associated with the metal, Lead:
* Neptune (which corresponds to the symbol on Onésime's book) and
* Pluto.
6. Both these planets are associated with the element, Water.
7. And Water is associated with the colour Black.

8. We already have Neptune. Therefore, turn the key in the top latch until you get the symbol for Pluto.
9. Turn the key in the bottom latch, until the colour corresponds to Black.
10. The latches (or hinges) come undone, to indicate the book is open.
11. Click on the book to read it.


1. Canches' advice is to find the "even of three".
2. In his notebook, Rodrigue remarks that the even of three would have to be: 6.
3. Therefore, the correct dosage of distilled water needed for the formula is 6.

4. Observe the three beakers. (Let's assume that each gradation or mark is 1 ml.)
5. Beaker #1: The large one, which is full, contains 12 ml of distilled water.
6. Beaker #2: To its right is an empty beaker, which can contain 7 ml and next to that is another empty beaker (Beaker #3), capable of containing 5 ml of distilled water.

7. When you click on the base of Beaker #1(12 ml), the cursor is transformed into a cup.
8. It's clear that we now have to transfer the contents of the beakers, in order to arrive at the correct dosage of 6 ml.

9. There is more than one way to solve this problem.
10. My solution is to assume I already have 6 ml isolated in a beaker and then work my way backwards, from there. You can work the solution out on a sheet of paper and then apply the steps (in the correct order) on the beakers.
11. At the beginning, you have:
12 – 0 – 0

12. and at the end, you'd have the correct end result:
6 – 6 – 0 (remember you only have 12 ml to begin with, and beaker #3 can only hold 5 ml.)

13. Working backwards, this would mean you'd have to have transferred the contents from the remaining beakers into Beaker #2. You now get:
6 – 1 – 5

14. Following the same logic as before, you get:
11 – 1 – 0
11 – 0 – 1 ... and so on.

15. The complete solution can be found here:

Beaker #1 Beaker #2 Beaker #3
12 0 0
7 0 5
7 5 0
2 5 5
2 7 3
9 0 3
9 3 0
4 3 5
4 7 1
11 0 1
11 1 0
6 1 5
6 6 0


1. Consulting the formula, we combine:
* Mercury + Vitriol + Potassium Carbonate -> Potassium Sulphate
* Potassium Sulphate + Aluminum -> Mixture 2
* Mixture 2 + Uranium -> Mixture 3
* Mixture 3 + Distilled Water -> Final Paste
2. You will find the final Paste in your inventory.


1. We now have to process the final paste.
2. Lucky for us, there's a furnace in the room, and in our inventory we have all the necessary ingredients to start a fire.
3. Open the compartment at the base of the furnace.
4. Deposit the paper into the compartment, put the wood on top.
5. Use the matches on the wood. The furnace heats up.

6. Open the plate on top of the furnace.
7. Put the final paste in there and shut the plate.
8. There is a loud explosion.
9. You find the plate on top of the furnace is missing. When you click again, you find that the final paste is missing, as well.
10. Open the compartment at the side of the furnace, the one that was stuck before...
11. You retrieve Onésime's stone as well as a piece of paper, with the code "SATOR".

(written by Bastet, editor axolotl)

1. What you should be carrying in your inventory:
* Notebook
* Map
* Philémon letter
* Clock hand
* Sator code
* Magazine page

2. Search for the house number 10.
3. Click on the door. Humm... it's closed.
4. Check the door to your right. Nobody...
5. Did you notice the inscription sign above this door? You can ask someone...
6. The toy shop is open, let's go in.
7. Talk to the nice shopkeeper (she will let you know what the famous inscription on the sign means).
8. You explain that you are worried and tell her about professor Cosinus.
9. SELECT Philémon letter and show her.
10. She feels confident about you (what a good idea you had!) and gives you the key to Philémon's apartment. TAKE the KEY.


1. Go to number 10, USE the KEY on the door, enter, and you are in Philémon's apartment. Get ready for another thorough search of the premises!

2. Click on the desk at your left (where the "?" appears).
3. All the drawers are locked.
4. Ok, let's pretend we are Arsène Lupin: SELECT the CLOCK HAND, the one you recovered from the broken clock at Onésime's lab. USE it on the bottom drawer. Rodrigue has hidden talents!
5. CLICK on it again to open. TAKE the paper in the drawer which you notice is an ACROSTIC NOTE (just in case you are wondering what an acrostic is, like I did, check this: "A poem or series of lines in which certain letters, usually the first in each line, form a name, motto, or message when read in sequence").
6. EXAMINE the seven groups of letters. Rodrigue suspects there's something else hidden in the note... "invisible ink"?
7. You will have to check that later. Move out of the screen.

8. LOOK at the photograph close to the sofa. Who is beside Onésime?

9. Move to the far wall right corner with a picture frame. Click on it. It's a collection of Bolivian musical instruments. If you want to make your life easier later, take note of the shape, the position, and the name of each of these instruments... Or you can make a screen capture, but it is not essential, since you will have other elements to solve the upcoming puzzle...

10. On the table below the instruments, there is a book. It is one of Philémon's novels. TAKE it. If you go back to the photograph again, you will note that Rodrigue now identifies who is with Onésime. Move out to your right.

11. On your right side there is a small table with two candles. TAKE the box of MATCHES. There is nothing to do with the candle for the moment.

12. Move to the large bookcase (everyone has a large bookcase in this game... it's truly a great way to fill them up with things!). Examine the shelves carefully:
* There are 3 novels by Philémon - one of them has a page marker. TAKE it and you'll see the Latin word "Vitriolum" written on it.
* A book about Bolivia, with details on the wind instruments resembling those on the wall.
* A small box, with a marquetry design on the sides. Try to open it! If you are stuck check this [MARQUETRY BOX].
* After you succeed in opening the box, you will have Philémon's IRON KEY.

13. Head off to Atlantzone, to open the corresponding Book!


1. Hey!? The white dog isn't there anymore... He must have joined his buddy the black dog.
2. Nothing special to say to Séraphin (who is picking a book from the bookcase, or putting it back, who knows? And who cares, anyway?)
3. OPEN the safe, SELECT the IRON KEY, PICK UP the corresponding book (Philémon's Book). If you are stuck... [OPEN PHILÉMON'S BOOK].
4. If you already knew how to open Cosinus' Book, this shouldn't have been a problem for you! Read the text, it contains valuable hints.
5. What is this thing about "secondary roof"? Head over to BISE-EN-TINE.


1. The toy shop is closed. Let us check Philémon's apartment.
2. Surprise! You meet the shopkeeper holding a bunch of stuff in her arms.... The Bolivian instruments?!
3. Talk with her... Rodrigue had a good intuition, with this story about a "secondary roof"...
4. The shopkeeper tells him about "Philémon's Refuge", a "second home"! Good Lord!
5. And now you have to give her a hand, since she let all the instruments fall from the wall and they're in a complete mess with no labels and all... Rodrigue has a heart, he's willing to help.
6. Well, YOU will have to do the job and put it all back in place! No worries, it's an extremely simple puzzle, not a reeeaaal bad one.
7. CLICK on the picture frame on the wall: "There is work to be done", says Rodrigue....
8. Select the INSTRUMENTS in your inventory and EXAMINE them.
9. What a headache! You have to match each instrument with the proper label. CLICK on a label and then CLICK on the corresponding instrument. You can always change your mind and click again on a label to move it to another instrument. It doesn't matter if there are labels remaining. The book about Bolivia can help you and also the screen capture you made (if you took my advice!) Ok, ok... [MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS].
10. TADAAM! Completed Work! Move back and the picture is back in shape on the wall.
11. Talk again to the shopkeeper (if you can't see her at first, move out of the apartment then go back in). She will tell you the address of the refuge indicating it on the map (EXAMINE the map to see the location of the refuge, southwest of Bise-en-Tine, circled in red).
12. It is in PAN D'ORA. Important detail: she does not have the key, but normally Philémon "leaves it over there"...
13. Logical conclusion: let's go to PAN D'ORA, to examine the place.


1. You are in front of Philémon's cottage. Nice blue colour!
2. The door is closed. Explore the place outside.
3. You find a teapot, quite nice, but empty (yes, you expected to find the key in there, didn't you? So did I... It is a good trick from the game designers!)
4. There is a washing tub next to the weeping willow. Nothing to do there (even though Rodrigue would like to soak his head in the water, it is not possible. Too bad: after all these puzzles, I'm sure Rodrigue needs that badly).
5. How to get in the house? Where is this rotten key? Here is a spot where many players are asking "What should I do? I am stuck! Is this a bug?"
6. However, the calm player reflects and checks his notes, and in particular, checks his INVENTORY! And what does he see? This paper collected at Philémon apartment with groups of letters.
7. EXAMINE it again. "There must be something else on this paper. An invisible ink, perhaps?"
8. Here is a loose thread in the plot that we neglected to address, and which should be useful to deal with.
9. Obviously, the "calm player" should have checked his INVENTORY before rushing out impatiently to PAN D'ORA! He's not so "calm" after all! This will teach him to be more thorough!
10. There was another puzzle on the back burner, waiting to be solved. Go back to BISE-EN-TINE, because if there is something to do with this paper, it certainly has to be there...


1. You have to figure out how to reveal what is missing on the ACROSTIC NOTE. Stuck? [INVISIBLE INK].
2. Having succeeded in solving the problem of what was missing, it's now necessary to solve the problem of what you can obtain with this paper. To solve the puzzle, check [ACROSTIC NOTE].
3. Once solved, you get the name of a hollow object which you will probably find in PAN D'ORA.
4. (NOTE: you could have solved these two puzzles BEFORE leaving for PAN D'ORA. However, it is more realistic going initially to PAN D'ORA hoping you'll find the key some way. On the other hand, as pointed out, there was this unsolved puzzle that should have been solved before leaving...)


1. Move to the washing tub. Looks like there is something in the tree... Yes! Above the tub, a kind of jug... a pitcher, of course! TAKE the REFUGE KEY. SELECT the KEY and open the door. You can now enter the house to explore.

2. Move to your left. Click on the bookcase (another one...). There is a copy of the Book of Alchemy by Sigismond Canches, which opens on a page with a dedication to Philémon Vélin. It is a crossword puzzle you'll have to solve. Stuck? Again? [DEDICATION].
3. Now you know where to seek this famous heritage: the fireplace! Let's go there. CLICK on the fireplace to zoom in. Click on the ashes and Rodrigue will complain about how dark it is.
4. PULL the chain on the right – now you can see much better. Carefully explore this place with the cursor - there is one "?" mark on both sides of the fireplace.
5. Click on both sides. The flagstone is dirty. Looks like you'll have to do some cleaning. Move out of the screen.
6. To your right you'll find a sink next to a stove. Move to the sink and TAKE the SPONGE. Notice the red basin full of water. There are also many objects, like bottles and other stuff. Nothing to take (the creators undoubtedly did it purposely so that the player spends a little more time there).
7. Look at the oven – you can open and close the door... and it's not used for anything!
8. Back to the fireplace. You can now try cleaning all this ash on the flagstones. One rub, and some of the dust is removed .... but not all. You'll have to do a better cleaning job! You saw a water basin, a few moments ago... USE the SPONGE on the water and now you have a WET SPONGE.
9. Rub the flagstones again. The one on your right reveals 5 geometrical shapes of regular polygons. Now you have a new puzzle to solve. I know... doing all that rubbing, you're tired, go ahead... [FIREPLACE POLYGONS].
10. You now have PHILÉMON'S STONE and the AREPO CODE in your inventory. Time to go back to Atlantzone to use this code on the scroll.
11. WAIT! Before leaving the house, look carefully on the ground near the door. The postman left a letter. TAKE it and examine the sender's address (click on the right top corner). Ah! What luck! A letter from Cunégonde Carmel, heir number 3!


1. As always, there's nothing special to say to Séraphin.
2. Open the safe, put down PHILÉMON'S STONE, pick up the scroll, USE the AREPO CODE.
3. Read the second part of the scroll.
4. Try to leave... Rodrigue remembers he has to open CUNEGONDE'S LETTER!
5. USE the paper knife on the office desk, like the last time.
6. Cunégonde was offering help in guiding Philémon in the Convent Library. You can leave the house now.
7. Notice that the trees are coloured in red as the symbol FIRE for Philémon. CLICK and we are off to CHAPTER III!



1. Click on the box.
2. A "?" mark appears on one of the end sides. CLICK on it!
3. The side with a rhombus design and the box cover are now shown. The cursor is active on the side. You can see that there are "4 sliding sections" and if you move your cursor carefully you will see that each has 2 control spots.
4. A central spot which makes the section slide outwards. Let's call it the "open click".
5. A spot at the outer sides makes the section slide in. It will be called the "close click".
6. Try now an "open click" on each section and you will see that the lid opens slightly.
7. The order in which you do these clickings doesn't matter.
8. Do this once more and the lid opens a little more.
9. If you keep going once more, it will open the lid even more, however not completely.
10. Note that no further "open clicks" will make the lid open more.
11. Warning! If you "close click" on either the bottom left or the top right sections, the lid will close a bit. Just "open click" again on the same section if you've tried that.
12. Now "close click" the top left section: nothing happens. Well, let's try the same now on the bottom right section...
13. The lid opens enough to see something inside! Click on this.
14. TADAAM! Click on the lid and again to examine the inside. Take the key.


1. CLICK on the fourth book starting from the left.
2. It shows the planetary symbol of Mars, which corresponds to Iron (Philémon's KEY).
3. The corresponding element is FIRE, which is pink.
4. The other planetary symbol associated to Iron is Jupiter.
5. SELECT the IRON KEY and click on the bottom lock.
6. Keep clicking until pink shows up.
7. Click on the top lock until the Jupiter symbol shows. The Book is unlocked.


1. What makes the puzzle a bit worse is that the position of the instruments in the puzzle is different from the arrangement in the frame on the wall. Fortunately, you can consult the book in the library. Let's start:
* 1st layer starting from left to right: Rondadoy (9 tubes), Surusico (5 tubes), Chiriguano (4 tubes), Erke (4 shorter tubes) and Tablasico (4 equal-sized tubes).
* 2nd layer: Pututu (cow horn), Tarka (quadrangular flute), Mosenada (Y-shaped flute) and Marimacho (2 tubes).
* 3rd line: Mosero (small mouthpiece), Pinquillo (bevelled mouthpiece), Quenaquena (3 finger end holes), Wacapinquillo (2 finger end holes) and Almapinquillo (flute with indentation).


1. On the table where you collected a box of matches, there are two candles.
2. SELECT the MATCHBOX and use it on the left CANDLE.
3. SELECT the ACROSTIC NOTE and USE it on the candle flame.
4. TADAAM! EXAMINE the ACROSTIC NOTE now. Some dotted lines appear following each 7 groups of letters, and 7 boxes aligned horizontally appear at the bottom.


1. The letters in each group are placed in alphabetical order.
2. Click on the letters, one by one, to bring them to the right side.
3. Once you've figured the right word, the letters on the left side are slashed in red.
4. Careful because if you click on the wrong letter you'll have to start that word over again.
5. The words are:
6. Now all you have to do is click on the first letter of each word to figure which word will show up at the bottom. Do this in the same order the words appear and "PITCHER" is what you'll get. TADAAM!


1. The puzzle is a square crossword with 8 letters in each row and column.
2. The hints for the solution are in Philémon's Book. I hope you wrote down the riddle!
3. Here it is: "Neither lying nor standing, to find me just follow, the bishop's diagonal, with lengthy strides and there will be light."
4. Well, looks like you'll have to "read" the crossword in diagonal.
5. There is no way you'll read the whole crossword if you start at either top left or bottom right corners.
6. So, you'll have to start at either end of the other two corners.
7. You will easily see that the top right corner already shows the word "What" if you start always from left to right as if you were actually reading in diagonal.
9. But just reading doesn't solve the puzzle and clicking on every letter in the proper sequence doesn't help either.
10. Well, then try to "separate" the on the first and last letter of each word and you'll see them showing up on the left side. TADAAM!


1. When you try pushing the polygons you hear a small click.
2. Looks like they have to be pushed in a certain order, but which?
3. The answer must be again in Philémon's book.
4. At the end of the text there was a strange sequence of letters "POSHT".
5. Would it be a description of the sequence in which the figures should be pushed?
6. Well, the figures have 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 sides but pushing in that sequence won't do anything.
7. Let's try the first letter of each polygon's name: T=triangle, S=square, P= pentagon, H=hexagon and O=octagon. TSPHO.
8. CLICK on the polygons using POSHT as your sequence and TADAAM! The flagstone moves, revealing the contents of a small hiding place. TAKE PHILÉMON'S STONE and the AREPO CODE.

Chapter III: Cunégonde, ZORQUES, September 30, 2002.
(Written by Mandi, editor axolotl)

1. Approach the convent and knock on the door.
2. A nun will come out. Keep talking to her. Rodrigue will explain the situation, find out that Cunégonde has been missing, and give the nun the letter. She will take it and go inside to speak to the Mother Superior.
3. Sometimes, the nun will take a little while in getting an answer. If this happens, don't panic. Walk around a bit, investigate the locked building across the street, come back and knock again. This time the nun will come out.
4. Take the note she gives you.
5. Return to your car. Arkadya, Cunégonde's home village, is now on your map. Go there.

Chapter III: ARKADYA, Cunégonde's Room

1. Approach the front door of Cunégonde's home.
2. The door is locked. You must find a key.
3. You CANNOT get the key until you've solved the clue that the nun gave you. Examine that note in your inventory from the nun to find out where it is. If stuck, see [CUNÉGONDE'S NOTE]
4. Use the key to unlock the door and go inside.
5. Examine the chest of drawers by Cunégonde's bed.
6. Open the right drawer. Hmm, she has a copy of Canches' book "Alchimie" as well... There's nothing in it, but it's an interesting thing to find.
7. Open the left drawer. You will find two bags of rosaries.
8. Examine the bags in your inventory and open them up; you will take out six rosaries. Hang on to these.
9. Look at the crucifix above her bed. Hm, it doesn't turn.
10. Go to the vanity on the other side of the bed.
11. Open up the drawer. You will find a note from an "Arthur" and a flower-shaped puzzle box. You need to solve the puzzle to open it. If stuck, see [THE FLOWER PUZZLE BOX].
12. Inside, you will find a torn-up photo. You need to assemble it. Examine it in your inventory and put the pieces together. If you are stuck, see [ASSEMBLING THE PHOTO]
13. When you try to flip it over, Rodrigue says he needs something to stick the pieces together first. There's nothing in Arkadya... but maybe Canches has something in his study?

Chapter III: ATLANTZONE, Canches' Study

1. You're back at Canches' mansion. Talk to Séraphin and ask him about some tape. He'll tell you where to look.
2. Yes, the desk drawers, it is in there. Shoved in a corner, but yes. Get it.
3. Use the tape on the pieces of the photo.
4. NOW you can flip the photo over. You'll find a code: 5-3-4-2-1.
5. Ask Séraphin what it means - he's at a loss. Perhaps you should return to Arkadya and see if the code applies to anything in Cunégonde's room.

Chapter III: ARKADYA, Cunégonde's Room (2)

1. Return to Cunégonde's room and look around. See anything with 5 slots?
2. WAIT. There are FIVE HOOKS in a row on the left wall by the door. So what do you hang on them?
3. How fortuitous that you have rosary beads with you! See if you can't get the combination. If stuck, see [HANGING THE ROSARY BEADS].
4. What was that shifting noise? Go look around. Perhaps you might find that something you couldn't turn before can be moved now.
5. That's right, the crucifix! Slide it over... the COPPER KEY! Yay!
6. By now, you know what to do in this game when you find a key... go open a book!

Chapter III: ATLANTZONE, Canches' Study (2)

1. Return to Canches' mansion. Use the Alchimie book to determine what book, what colour, and what secondary symbol goes with copper. If you're still a bit unsure about how to do this, see [OPENING CUNÉGONDE'S BOOK].
2. Open Cunégonde's book and read the inscription. "Let there be light..." Hm, interesting.
3. Séraphin is no help at all, of course. Perhaps going back to Zorques and showing the nuns your findings may help you learn more.

Chapter III: ZORQUES, Convent

1. Knock on the convent door and talk to the nun. She will offer to take you to the library to speak with the Mother Superior.
2. Enter the convent and enter the main doors of the library. The Mother Superior is waiting there.
3. Tried talking to her? A little unresponsive? Maybe she needs help.
4. Ask her if you can help and she'll explain the problem. Maybe you can help her with it; check out the display desk behind her to the right.
5. You're at a shelf with 17 books and a lower shelf for the three divisions. Time to use your brain. If this gives you a problem, see [DIVIDING 17 BOOKS].
6. Once the books are properly divided, go and talk to the Mother Superior again. Now she can help you out.
7. Talk to her to learn more about Cunégonde and this Arthur character. Interesting connection, that... Exhaust all questions. She will tell you to go visit the chapel - the previously locked building.
8. Bid her goodbye and leave the convent. Now it's time to see what's in that chapel across the street.
9. Look around the chapel; it's very lovely. You will note that one of the stained glass pieces in one of the windows is missing.
10. Go to the exit, and the Mother Superior will be waiting for you. Talk to her; she will mention the locked sacristy, and tell you where to find the key. You will also offer to finish the work she started.
11. The key is at the feet of the Saint Anthony on the shelf to the right of the sacristy door. Get the key and open the sacristy up.
12. Inside, you will find an unfinished stained-glass piece for you to assemble. If stuck, see [ASSEMBLING THE STAINED-GLASS PIECE].
13. Show the piece to the Mother Superior and ask her what to do with it. She'll tell you it's up to you.
14. Well, this should be obvious. Remember that empty hole in one of the chapel windows? It's a perfect fit!
15. Put the stained-glass piece in. Follow the beam of light it casts! ("Let there be light," indeed.)
16. The beam of light falls on the holy water font by the door! Crack it open, and... another piece of the Stone! AND another code! Take them BOTH - do not leave the code or you won't be able to get it again.
17. Well, the safest place for this is in Canches' safe.

Chapter III: ATLANTZONE, Canches' Study (3)

1. Talk to Séraphin. His relationship to Arthur is NOT coincidental.
2. Open the safe. Use the code to read another part of the scroll.
3. Put Cunégonde's piece of the Stone in the safe and leave. And you've completed Chapter 3!


Chapter III: ARKADYA, Cunégonde's Room [CUNÉGONDE'S NOTE]

1. Examine the note in your inventory. Hey, doesn't it show a word? Type that word into the "valider" box and Rodrigue will make the connection.
2. The word is in WHITE BLOCK LETTERS against black.
3. The word begins with an F.
4. The word is "FLOWERS." Type it in, and Rodrigue will go, "Of course, the flower-tray!"
5. Notice that itty-bitty flower tray to the left of the front door?
6. Do I have to say any more?

Back to walkthrough

Chapter III: ARKADYA, Cunégonde's Room [THE FLOWER PUZZLE BOX]

1. Tried to open the top? It won't open, of course. Rodrigue says there's a "trick mechanism." But where?
2. How odd that the BOTTOM of the box is brightly coloured. Why not take a closer look?
3. Click on that middle circle, and all the Roman numerals from 1 to 12 appear on the different coloured petals. Click on the numbers to see that you can "swap" them with the centre to move them around.
4. Take a look at Rodrigue's journal. He quotes Arthur's letter: "its petals PERFECTLY EQUAL its harmony and strength."
5. He mentions there are 6 colours - aqua, green, brown, violet, blue and red - and the numbers from 1 to 12. He says he should try first to figure out what sum he should allocate to each colour. Interesting.
6. Add up the numbers from 1 to 12. The sum is 78. 78 divided by 6 colours? 13. So the numbers in each pair of colours must add up to 13.
7. Tried that, huh? It didn't work? The letter said "harmony and strength," which means the sum must be balanced in TWO different ways. How else are those petals divided up aside from colour?
8. Notice those GOLD BARS in between some petals? They divide the flower into THREE sections of four petals each. Divide 78 by 3, and you get 26.
9. You need to have the sums of the different colours and the sums of the different sections balanced.
10. Each colour pair must add up to 13, and the numbers in all the petals in one of the 3 sections must ALSO add up to 26.
11. All right, here's an example of how it should work:

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3
Aqua = 1
Green = 6
Brown = 8
Violet = 11 Blue = 10
Violet = 2
Brown = 5
Red = 9 Aqua = 12
Blue = 3
Red = 4
Green = 7

12. When you have completed the puzzle, the game will let you know with a clicking sound. Just try it. You will be able to open the top of the box now.

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1. This is actually a simple jigsaw puzzle.
2. There are 16 pieces you need to fit in the rectangle provided for you.
3. When you put a piece in its place, you will hear a "click."
4. And that's really all there is to it.

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Chapter III: ARKADYA, Cunégonde's Room (2) [HANGING THE ROSARY BEADS]

1. The order in which you should hang the beads should be obvious.
2. The code is 5-3-4-2-1, and you have 5 hooks in a row.
3. Number the hooks from left to right. (1,2,3,4,5, of course!)
4. So you hang one on hook 5, then hang another one on hook 3, et cetera.
5. What ISN'T obvious is which rosary goes on which hook. There are 6 different rosaries to choose from. Roll your mouse over each rosary in your inventory to identify them by colour or material.
6. There is no clue in this game to tell you which one goes on which hook.
7. Notice that when you get the type of beads and the order right, the rosary stays, but when you get it wrong, all the beads vanish off the hooks?
8. That's right, you have to guess by trial-and-error. If a certain type of rosary on a hook resets everything, that's the WRONG ONE. Keep trying.
9. But if you are too lazy to take a minute doing trial-and-error:
* Hook 5: russet rosary
* Hook 3: stone rosary
* Hook 4: boxwood rosary
* Hook 2: black rosary
* Hook 1: brown rosary
10. When all five hooks have something on them, you'll hear an odd noise. Might be worth investigating.

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1. It's the second book from the left
2. It bears the planetary symbol of Venus. Yes, that's one of the two planets corresponding to Copper, Cunégonde's key is made of that metal.
3. Look for the corresponding element. It's AIR, and its colour is red.
4. The other planet corresponding to Copper is Uranus.
5. Set the colour to red, the planetary symbol to Uranus, and the book unlocks automatically. Click on the hinges.

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1. Here's the situation: You need to divide the donation of 17 books into 1/2, 1/3, and 1/9.
2. 17 is a prime number, though. It won't divide evenly by any of those numbers.
3. Check Rodrigue's journal. He says you should consider 18 books, not 17.
4. If there were 18 books, then 1/2 of 18 = 9 books, 1/3 of 18 = 6 books, and 1/9 of 18 = 2 books. Which would satisfy the puzzle. In fact, that would take care of 17 books (9 + 6 + 2 = 17) total.
5. But there are only 17 books up there!
6. There are 18 books in total. You have the 18th.
7. Didn't you steal one of Philemon's books in Chapter Two, remember?
8. If you put it on the shelf, set apart to the right of the other 17 books, that will make a total of 18 books.
9. THEN you can divvy up the original 17 books the way the Mother Superior wants, with Philemon's book left over! Ta da!
10. It won't work if you don't put that 18th book up there first, though. :)
11. You'll hear the familiar "success" sound when you're done.

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1. There's no real trick to this; it's a larger version of the puzzle you had in putting the photograph together.
2. Problem is, there's a whopping 40+ pieces to deal with here. If you're playing the online game, it will take forever to load. WAIT UNTIL ALL PIECES HAVE LOADED before starting in on it.
3. Move ALL THE PIECES out of the circle before starting. If you lock in a piece when there's another piece beneath it, it is nearly impossible to retrieve the other piece. (I have accomplished this maybe TWICE in countless attempts. Don't risk it.)
4. When you have a piece in the right place, you will hear a click. Start on the outer rim and work your way in like any jigsaw puzzle. Take your time and be careful.
5. When you're all done, you'll hear the "success" sound, and you'll carry it in your inventory.

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CHAPTER IV: Artémise, Six-Bérias, 1st October 2002.
(Written by lioness-couer, editor axolotl)

1. You are back at Six-Bérias. Go through the archway, and at the main door go left through the garden.
2. Knock on the door: the dynamic Pétronille comes to open, and starts the conversation with you.
3. After a short dialogue Rodrigue tells Pétronille that he thinks Artémise may be the 4th heir.
4. When she asks you "What makes you think that?" show her the pictures in your inventory.
5. Enter the house, she will show you a photo of Artémise.
6. After some dialogue, she asks you to make yourself at home, and suggest you try to hunt for clues. It is time again to explore!

CHAPTER IV: Artémise's Living Room

1. Library: Time to search the bookcase.
* A red book with an eagle (nothing to do here)
* A book on toys... there's a piece of paper inside! TAKE it, EXAMINE it: a riddle! Look at the riddle in your inventory...and solve it... it's a small simple riddle, but done cleverly! If stuck see [RIDDLE].
* A book about how to make jam (nothing to do here, unless you want to make jam?)
* A book talking about Mandalas
* A book on the History of the Sky, with a paper inside. TAKE the paper and EXAMINE it. It's an outline of a Mandala with more information on the back. This may help us later.
* A book on how to find the Philosophers' Stone (nothing to do here)

2. Turn back to where you are in front of the coffee table, facing the picture of Pétronille and Artémise, CLICK on the door in front of you to the right. Then turn to the right and you will arrive in the garden, which has a fountain and many flowers (but not any roses...).

3. Turn around, go back to the house, and climb upstairs where you will find a larger room. Time to search....
4. The coffee table: a game of Solitaire. If you want to relax a little, go ahead and play, but this is not required to progress in the game.
5. Look around, another door, but it's closed. Nothing more to do right now, so go back downstairs to the garden. Pétronille is sitting at the edge of the fountain, reading a book.
6. Don't be shy, go ahead and talk to her. Use the bubbles to speak with her. She will try to find something about "rose". As for the Solitary game, it is definitely missing a marble.

7. Go back upstairs, Pétronille joins you there, with the information she found on the roses. TAKE the two objects she hands you, and EXAMINE them in your INVENTORY.
* a NECKLACE. There is apparently a mechanism, but it's fragile
* a teapot decorated with a rose. Raise the lid. Something inside, but you can't reach it. Take the handle and turn the pot upside down, open it and you'll find a piece of PAPER, with the letters C-U-R-L.
* To progress, it is necessary for you now to resolve this small necklace puzzle. If stuck, see [ROSE NECKLACE]

8. You have now recovered the missing marble. Put it in the middle of the Solitaire game: TADA! A panel has opened on the bottom, TAKE the TIN KEY, which is Artémise's Key.
9. Leave Six-Bérias, and return to Atlantzone.


1. What? Séraphin is lying down on the couch, sipping on something? He is acting drunk! Well then, no talking to Séraphin, it's useless.
2. Open the safe, find the correct book, open it. Don't worry about making notes on the text, since Rodrigue writes it down in his Notebook. If stuck on the book, see [OPENING ARTÉMISE'S BOOK].
3. Return to Six-Bérias, now.


1. There you find again the charming Pétronille on the doorstep that takes you to the garden.
2. You will have a little conversation. She will try to find the letter from Artémise for you, and she also opens the door of Artémise's workshop. You know what? I think there is yet again the smell of a search in the air...
3. Climb the stairs, cross the room, and you arrive in the workshop.

4. On the table right in front of you (where there are watercolours): TAKE the SCRAPER and the CLOTH.
5. At the far end of the room to the right, on the table in front of the window, TAKE the PAINT BRUSH and the EMPTY BOX (EXAMINE IT ... why does this look familiar?)
6. Turn to the left to the table with bottles on it: TAKE the jar of GRANULES.
7. Turn around to the large bookshelf: this isn't really a library. Artémise stores equipment there, apparently. A lot of colour tubes. Use your cursor methodically, until you find some tubes. TAKE the tubes of COLOURS (on the right side). On the left side, TAKE a CUP. Look in the area below the left side, a picture (notice the "?"). CLICK. Rodrigue says to himself: "this does not look like any of Artémise's other paintings..."
8. In the area close to the open window (it is necessary to move the cursor very carefully, in this workshop!), somewhere to the left near the window you'll notice a question mark... another part of the table on which you find: a book: a dictionary of Painters. There is a card inside. TAKE the POSTCARD. Note also carefully the explanations on the Primary and Secondary colours in the book: you will need that information soon! As for the postcard: doesn't it look familiar?? Yes: the picture at the bottom of the large bookcase you saw earlier. Return there.
9. CLICK on the picture: It is necessary to compare with the postcard. So, SELECT the POSTCARD in your inventory to use it, CLICK... and here the comparison game, the game of differences.
10. If stuck, see [THE GAME OF DIFFERENCES].

11. You have now recovered one important clue (which is noted in the Notebook of Rodrigue). What about the other? Ah, as soon as you turn back around from the painting, the kind Pétronille brings you a glass of water! CLICK on the water to take it, have some polite conversation, the glass of water is in your inventory now. At this time Pétronille draws your attention to the watercolour painting that is on the workbench. Hmm... take a look.
12. CLICK: The painting is now laid flat. It seems that it is hiding something... Look, the cursor transforms itself into a HAND in a certain place. I wonder why, and what to do next?
13. Ah! The paintbrush! But no, that does not give me anything.
14. And if one wets the paintbrush? COMBINE the PAINTBRUSH and the GLASS OF WATER. Apply the DAMP PAINTBRUSH to the picture, and a message appears (TADA!). It will be necessary to reconstruct the Mandala.
15. If you cannot figure out how to proceed now, it is probably necessary to reconsider Rodrigue's INVENTORY, and try COMBINATIONS of OBJECTS.
16. COMBINE EMPTY BOX and the GRANULES... TADA! EXAMINE: the granules have set themselves in the sectors of the box, and now have the form of a Mandala.
17. Now, COMBINE this BOX with the COLOURS: all the necessary objects to the reconstruction of the Mandala are grouped together. EXAMINE IT in the INVENTORY, and now you have the Mandala puzzle. If stuck, see [MANDALA].

18. The Mandala box is now open, and you take the ARTÉMISE STONE and the OPERA CODE that you find inside.
19. Return to Atlantzone, to put the Stone in a safe place... Ah, but before you get into your Peugeot 203, here is Pétronille with a letter! Take it and CLICK on it, to get some further information. You learn a family secret that you were completely unaware of...
20. Quickly, to Atlantzone now.


1. As Séraphin is still quietly imbibing, go ahead and place the ARTÉMISE STONE in the safe, and decipher the parchment.
2. Oh my! Wasn't Séraphin always saying he didn't know anything when in fact he knew more than he let on? He was very secretive during the course of all of this, one would say!
3. Question Séraphin. Talk to him using the bubbles. You learn a lot of things. Now, it's time to rest, Séraphin will await you tomorrow.
4. Leave the house, and SMALL TRANSITION SCREEN (a bizarre geological formation to represent Artémise's symbol, EARTH). CLICK, we enter into CHAPTER V!



1. Put your answer in each box to the right, then CLICK on OK. If the answer is correct, it appears again in writing and the box disappears. When they are all done, the word for the last box is obvious... So write it in.
2. Successively: R, O, S, and E, since each of these letters is a part of the word "flowers"...
3. Which of course spells... "rose", which is part of flowers...

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1. Go to your Inventory, COMBINE the NECKLACE and the PAPER with the letters "C-U-R-L", and TADA! EXAMINE the NECKLACE now, and CLICK a few times on the big rose: you recover the marble that's missing from the Solitaire game (and it's pink)
2. For an explanation, the code specifies which petals of the rose are to be moved, i.e.:
* Centre
* Up
* Right
* Left
3. Finally, it makes sense.

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1. It's the first book to the left. It shows the planetary symbol of Mercury, corresponding to Tin (Artémise's Key is made of tin). The element that corresponds to this is EARTH, which is blue. The other planetary symbol associated to Tin is Saturn.
2. So, the left panel (key in top) should be placed on Saturn, and the right panel should show the blue (key down below). The Book unlocks.

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1. Move your cursor over the picture, the one on the left. If the cursor turns into a hand then you have found a difference... Click (beware: first deselect the POSTCARD in the inventory), Rodrigue notices "there's a difference here" But you can't advance any further... it is necessary to do something more!
2. COMBINE the SCRAPER and the CLOTH (TADA!). USE now this combined tool on the 3 places where there is a difference. Wow, there seems to be 3 sets of numbers ... Could this be the birthdate of one of the Heirs? Rodrigue notes them down.

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1. Basic Manipulation: one selects a colour, one puts it in the cup. A new selection (it is necessary to have always 2 doses in the cup) and the mixture is ready to be used (one can take two doses of the same colour)
2. When the cup contains two doses, then CLICK on one of the sectors of the box to mix the colour with the granules.
3. If one wants to erase a colour on the box, CLICK on the glass of water and CLICK on the colour that you want to erase.
4. To figure out the Mandala, it is necessary to consult the MANDALA INDEX CARD that is in the INVENTORY. On the front, it gives the position of the different gods (and an idea of their relationship to the sectors). On the back, it gives some indications on the colour, or the colour type, of each.
5. It is also necessary to know the Primary colours, and how to obtain the Secondary colours by mixing 2 Primary ones (explained earlier in the Dictionary of the Painters that you saw earlier)
6. To make it easier to follow the explanations, each sector is designated by the compass direction: North, Northeast, East, etc.
7. Start with the easiest ones: Vishnu the dark and Brahma the scarlet: therefore one puts BLACK on the NORTH, and RED on the SOUTH (yes, it's an imprecision of the game: Brahma is very red, but cannot be "scarlet", as indicated in the initial version, for it would be necessary to mix THREE doses of Primary colours for that: 2 of Red and 1 of Yellow. The text was modified since then, describing Brahma as "blazing"...)
8. Iswara, to the EAST, is "pure": which certainly means not to put any colour at all... Very simple.
9. There are two gods having a Primary colour: Mahadewa (West) and Sambhu (Northeast). Since the RED Primary colour is already taken, you have 2 possible solutions. As on the outline Mahadewa appears a lot clearer than Sambhu, we'll put him in YELLOW, and we'll put the BLUE for Sambhu (if necessary, these can be switched later, but for the moment, this solution makes more sense)
10. All we have left now is to place the three Secondary colours. There are 6 possible solutions. If you write down carefully the 6 possibilities, and if you try them one after the other, you will arrive at the solution.
11. But to help further, you can use the grey shades as guidelines: the three Secondary colours are GREEN, ORANGE and VIOLET. It so happens that GREEN appears rather dark, when set in grey shades. So put the GREEN for Sangkara (Northwest). There remains Rudra (Southwest) and Mahesora (Southeast), with similar grey shades. We can hope for a lucky break here, one chance out of two...We try a gamble: let's play VIOLET for Rudra, and ORANGE for Mahesora.
12. Well, hard luck! It's the opposite of what we thought... erase the VIOLET and ORANGE, replace them in the opposite sectors, and here: if you followed all that, you finished the Mandala. Now, CLICK on the CENTRE OF THE MANDALA! ! !
13. Otherwise, start all over again... and TADA!

14. Detailed Solution:

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CHAPTER V: Rodrigue, Atlantzone, October 2 2002.


1. Is the study empty? Not so: take a look at the desk. Séraphin is sitting there. Talk to him.
2. He will present you with a small casket – it will be on the desk.
3. You have to figure out the combination: the casket has 6 wheels, with four digits and two symbols. If you're stuck, see [OPENING THE CASKET].
4. Now the casket is open. Click on a small compartment to the right, and you will retrieve the GOLD KEY - the one belonging to Rodrigue.
5. You will also pick up a slim wooden box. Examine it in your inventory and open it up.
6. Inside you will find a chessboard and a slip of paper with a riddle. Read the riddle carefully; you need to decipher it to determine where to place the five pawns on the chessboard. If stuck, see [LINING UP THE CHESS PIECES].
7. When the pieces are correctly placed, you will see the lines appear.
8. While you're at it, unlock Rodrigue's Book in the safe. If you're stuck, see [OPENING RODRIGUE'S BOOK]. Read what Canches has to say to you. No doubt about it, despite these little games, you were his favourite.
9. Once you've solved the chess puzzle, talk to Séraphin again. He will realize what the puzzle signifies and what LOCATION it indicates...
10. On your way out, take a look at the dresser by the door. Hm, a loose pack of MATCHES. Better pick them up; you never know.
11. Go out of the house, but this time, go left as Séraphin instructed. You will find yourself in a bit of a maze. It's actually very easy - if you run into a dead end, go back and try another direction. (There are maybe three possible paths you can take.) But if you still haven't found an interesting place, see [PATH THROUGH THE GARDEN].


1. You've come across a well; take a look inside. Deep, isn't it?
2. There's a row of lighter stones spiralling down into the well. That can't be coincidental. Click on the ones closest to you; they're not very stable. Click on the lighter coloured stones, going along the spiral - wait, did those move?
3. That's right! The third and fourth stones from the bottom right are loose! Click on them again...
4. ...and they fall away, to reveal the final piece of the Stone and another note: ROTAS. Take both Stone and note; time to decipher the last part of the scroll!


1. When you enter the study, speak to Séraphin. You will ask him to fetch you some sturdy ROPE, which you will need later. Click on him a second time to make him leave.
2. Open up the safe and take the other four pieces of the Stone.
3. Open the scroll. Use the ROTAS code to decipher the newest section...
4. ...but wait! This time, MORE than just one page is to be translated! If you skip to the next page of the scroll, you will find a personal message to you from Canches. To make sure Rodrigue understands, click on the text of the page - it's telling you to assemble the MAGIC SQUARE!
5. As soon as you do this, all 5 pieces of the code will come together in your inventory. Examine them. Yes, this is actually just a jigsaw puzzle - put the pieces together! If it doesn't work, make sure you fit them together precisely. Click on the finished square, and the pieces should come together.
6. If you click on the square, you will hear a succession of musical tunes. Sound familiar? It should. Examine the items in your inventory carefully.
7. With all five fragments in your inventory, use the Magic Square on the scroll. (If nothing immediately changes, close and then open the scroll up again.) You will see Canches' final instructions to you. PAY ATTENTION TO HIS WARNING; it will be useful in the epilogue of the game.
8. Close the safe and go back to the study exit. Séraphin will be there, with a length of sturdy ROPE. Take the ROPE and go downstairs. It's time to go back to the well.


1. Secure the rope on the handle above the well.
2. Go down into the well!
3. Oh, no! The rope got loose! But you're okay, so get up. Take the rope and go forward.
4. Too dark to proceed! But wait, what's in that compartment in the wall to the left? Click on it to find out.
5. You can just barely make out a metal panel. Drag your cursor over it carefully; the HAND will appear on a spot on the left side. Click on that spot to open it up.
6. Inside, you can see a switch. But flipping it does nothing. It's too dark to see, so you may have to shed some light on the subject and fix the wiring. If stuck, see [FUSES].
7. Yay! You can see now! And apparently, you find yourself in a labyrinth - for this walkthrough, we'll refer to it as the "labyrinth of the well". Feel free to explore, and take note which directions take you where. Definitely take note of the letters on the walls and beside entryways - they are very important.
8. You will come to a closed gate leading to the vault. You need to get this open. If you're stuck, see [LABYRINTH OF THE WELL].
9. When you enter the gate, you will find yourself in a room with flagstones. Click on the floor to get a close-up of it.
10. Obviously, to get across, one must step on the correct combination of flagstones. But how? Check out [THE FLAGSTONE ROOM] if you can't get it right.
11. Past the next door, there is a wide, yawning pit. But how do you get across? See [SNAKE PIT] if you're stuck.
12. Fell in anyway? All right, all right, you didn't listen carefully and forgot one step - see [SNAKE PIT 2].
13. Whew! You crossed safely, but are barred by yet another puzzle - there's a grid with two white and two black stones on it. You must solve the puzzle by putting the two black stones on top and the two white stones on the bottom corners. But these stones move only in a certain way... see [BLACK AND WHITE] for more help.
14. You have opened the door now, and you stand in front of an altar. As soon as you enter, you hear a VERY familiar musical sequence. This is important, so keep that in mind. Go take a closer look around.
15. There's a pentagon engraved on the altar, with five points. It's tempting to simply deposit the Stones on the altar, isn't it? But it's not as easy as it looks - you need to place them down in the proper order. If you put them down in the wrong order, nothing will happen, and when you click on the centre, the 5 Stones will go back to your inventory. (If you see them there again while all 5 fragments are in your inventory, ignore it - it's a bug.)
16. Notice how you hear a bit of music when you put each Stone down? Sound familiar? For more help, see [STONES ON THE ALTAR].
17. You have restored the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE of Sigismond Canches. You can't take it with you, however.
18. If you keep trying to pick it up, Rodrigue will say that it would be a good idea to find a way out of here first. Smart man. Take your time in exploring the chambers, there's no hurry now. See what you can do in the rooms.
19. You will find the following setup... To the LEFT of the altar: a lion-headed fountain, with the water running, and exits to the left and right. You can examine the fountain, but there's nothing you can do with it (yet).
* LEFT: A room with a dolmen sort and a small statue on the wall that seems a bit loose... you can click on it and it will turn.
* RIGHT: An empty room with a brick wall where a door should be. To the RIGHT of the altar: a fountain with swans, with no water, and exits to the left and right. You can take a closer look at the fountain if you like.
* LEFT: A room with a cross. One can click the centre of the cross.
* RIGHT: A barred gate and a statue. Nothing to do here.
20. It's up to you to figure out how to use what's here to escape. If you get stuck, see [ESCAPING THE UNDERGROUND VAULT].
21. Congratulations, you opened the secret passage and are back outside the mansion! There's a small transition, and then you move on, finally, to the EPILOGUE...



1. The first and last wheel bear a series of planetary symbols, very familiar to you by now. The 4 wheels in-between only bear digits, from 0 to 9.
2. For the digit-wheels, it's really obvious: surely they have to be set to the Heirs' birth date, which you found on a painting in Artémise's studio, and which Rodrigue even took the trouble of writing down in his notebook. So let's set these 4 wheels to 6666. (Notice how the Number of the Beast appears here? The Devil must be at work in this adventure!)
3. For the planetary symbols, there are several methods to try and guess which they are.
4. You can try all of them in turn... It doesn't take long, since the game designer has been kind enough to make the casket open as soon as the correct combination is set, without any tedious manipulation...
5. You can reduce the scope by considering that none of the 4 Heirs' symbols should be considered. What is there left ? Look at the last Book that you haven't opened yet, and you will see the SUN. Look into Canches' "Alchimie" book, and you will see the SUN is associated with the EARTH and the MOON through the SALT element. Since EARTH is not one of the symbols on the wheels, this leaves only the MOON.. SUN and MOON, quite appropriate. Worth a trial (in fact two if you're unlucky).
6. The final solution is to set the 1st wheel on the left to SUN, the 4 wheels in-between to 6666, and the last wheel to MOON. Note that this is very symbolic: the SUN represents Canches (and Jupiter is associated with him, the father figure etc.) while the MOON represents Rodrigue. Since the casket is handed by the father to the son, it all figures out well, don't you think?

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(Note: This assumes that you know the meaning of "symmetric". If not, go ask a math teacher. Or see this link: for a refresher course.)

1. First, let's look at the riddle:

"In symmetry
I have buried them in my estate
to give them life,
setting by threes their six raised bodies
in four alignments, ritual and symbolic.
At the feet of the King lies what you seek."

2. You don't need to know chess to do this. It's a geometry problem.
3. Now look at the chessboard. "Six raised bodies" = six chess pieces. Including a King, no less. Try moving the King.
4. The King won't move. So ONE of your six pieces is already set.
5. "In symmetry" indicates a SYMMETRICAL solution. Since there are five pawns to work with, one of them MUST be on the vertical line of symmetry.
6. One pawn must be "at the feet of the King" since you need to pinpoint "what you seek".
7. That means that one of the 5 pawns must be on the same vertical line somewhere in front of the King. (Set one aside.)
8. It follows that since you have 4 pieces left, the formation must use that vertical line through the king and the 5th pawn as its line of symmetry.
9. So you need to arrange the other 4 pawns on either side of the king and the centre pawn "at its feet" symmetrically.
10. The King's not at the centre of the board, so there's one less column on the left side. So you can rule out the column on the far right of the board COMPLETELY.
11. The weird line "setting by threes in four alignments" means that when you connect the pawns, you get straight lines going through three pieces.
12. What if you made an upside-down V with the 4 pawns and the king? That would be symmetric! (I'll use a ^ to denote it.)
13. And it would satisfy the "setting by threes" bit - you'd have two straight lines connecting three pieces (king, first left pawn, second left pawn; king, first right pawn, second right pawn).
14. The two pawns right next to the king can't be too close to the king - the arms of the ^ would go out too far to the left and right and the other two pawns would go off the board.
15. Experiment with the four pawns. Remember that the two outer pawns can be either two or three columns away from the king. Make sure you've got them symmetric.
16. Once you think you've got the ^ set up, let's place the last pawn in front of the King somewhere. Tried moving it up and down that column someplace where it lines up with the outer and inner pawns on both sides?
17. Considered that the missing 2 alignments can cross one another, with that final pawn where they intersect? (Ever heard "X marks the spot?")
18. The correct formation should look something like this: (K = king, P = pawn)



19. Oh, all right, all right. If we letter the COLUMNS from left to right (far left column is A, far right column is H) and number the rows from the bottom up (bottom row is 1, top row is 8)...

...the King is at D8.

Put the 5 pawns at:

C6 E6 D5 A2 G2

Once the lines appear, click on the board to continue.

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1. Crack open Canches' "Alchimie" book again and look at the last page.
2. Rodrigue has a GOLD KEY. What symbol corresponds to GOLD?
3. That's right, the SUN. So you can open the book with the SUN symbol on it.
4. To get the colour - the SUN falls under the element of SALT, which is green.
5. What are the other symbols under SALT? The Moon (LUNE) and another symbol.
6. The Moon is the only celestial body left of the 10 listed, so that should be the second symbol.
7. Take the book with the SUN symbol - the one on the far right, leaning a bit.
8. Set the colour to green with the gold key.
9. Set the second symbol to the Moon. Ta da! It's open!

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1. This isn't much of a maze. In fact, there are only THREE POSSIBLE PATHS. Two won't work.
2. Séraphin told you to go left. So you have to keep going left.
3. Go left at the exit, keep going past the split tree.
4. At the first fork, take the left, darker path.
5. At the second fork, go left AGAIN. Look! The well! Not so hard, is it?

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1. Too dark to see? Light a match!
2. Ah, now you can see three wires - RED, GREEN, and BLUE - that are disconnected. You need to connect them to the proper fuses and flip the switch. If you get the wrong combination, the power won't come on. But if you get it right, the lights will switch on.
3. But there's a drawback - you must be quick before your match goes out!
4. To connect a wire, click on the end of the wire, then click on the metal piece you're connecting it to.
5. To disconnect a wire, click on the metal piece it's attached to.
6. There are 6 possible combinations, and 7 matches, so if you are quick you can try them all. (If you run out, you can always go back and try again; the correct combo never changes.
7. But if you don't want to take the time, from left to right: RED, GREEN, BLUE. Yep, it was that easy.

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1. Take a good look around the maze. You notice that there are letters in the walls that you can press in and that make a sound when you do.
2. You need to press a certain code of letters in a particular order to crack open the vault. If you press the wrong letter, you must start all over again.
3. Here's where all 10 letters are. Starting from the labyrinth entrance:
* Entrance, at the left of the intersection: there's an M.
* One click straight ahead, and you get a dead-end: there's a U.
* U-turn, go right at intersection. and you get to a four-way junction: there's an I.
* From the four-way junction:
o FAR LEFT: back to the entrance (M).
o FAR RIGHT: archway going straight (R). Go straight through, and you come to a TWO-WAY FORK.
+ LEFT FORK: the letter A, then you keep going and end up at the four-way.
+ RIGHT FORK: the letter O is right there, then the letter V, then you're back to the four-way again.
o MIDDLE LEFT (2nd from left): the letter L, and if you continue you come to the TWO-WAY FORK (with the O).
o MIDDLE RIGHT (3rd from left): the closed gate with the sign "VAULT".
o go RIGHT: a dead-end with the letter "T".
4. This gives us a total of 9 letters: M, U, I, R, A, O, V, L, T.
5. By "code of letters" you realize I mean a word, don't you?
6. Most players assume it's "VITRIOLUM". But that didn't work, did it?
7. What's an even more OBVIOUS possibility?
8. It's right in front of you.
9. In block letters.
10. Above the gate you're trying to open.
11. It's "VAULT".
12. Done kicking yourself? (I did that too.)
13. Go find the letters and press them in order. When you press the last one, you will hear the vault door grinding open.
14. Ta-da! The door's open! Enter the vault.

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1. Hm. Examine the floor. More letters. Bet you have to step on them in the order in which they spell out a word, right?
2. It's not "VAULT", obviously - that won't get you across.
3. Tried "VITRIOLUM?"
4. Didn't work, did it?
5. Look CAREFULLY at the note from Philemon's book in your inventory. It's a Latin word, and engraved in capital letters... and in Latin, any letter "U" is replaced by the letter "V"!
6. Click on the stones to spell out "VITRIOLVM".
7. Do not forget to click on the bottom of the door at the top of the screen to actually cross!

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1. Hm. There's a cross on the other side of the pit. What could you use on it?
2. Tried throwing your rope?
3. Good. Now that it's tied to the cross on the other side, you need something on this side to tie it to... turn around and look behind you.
4. A-ha! Another cross! Tie the loose end of the rope to that.
5. But just the rope will not hold you. Take that board.
6. Lay the board across the gulf - a makeshift bridge! You may proceed... but listen carefully, you may need to be quick to grab something!

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1. So you used the board to cross and fell in anyway, eh? Well, you didn't listen carefully, did you?
2. The first time you stepped on the board, you should have heard a cracking noise - the BOARD WAS CRACKING BENEATH YOU. One more step and it would go.
3. In fact, when you stepped again, it vanished beneath your feet - and ONE SECOND LATER you were in the pit.
4. What could you have grabbed for in that ONE SECOND of time you had?
5. There's a VERY good reason you needed to have the rope tied to both crosses.
6. As soon as you make your second step, CLICK ON THE ROPE TIED TO THE CROSS. (You only have three seconds to do this in the online game, and one second in the offline game. If the online game is slow to load, position your mouse where the rope should be and click as soon as you make that second step.)
7. That should finally get you across... although going back is now definitely out of the question.

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1. You have 4 pieces: two white, two black.
2. Move them by clicking on the piece you want to move, then clicking on the open space where you want to place it.
3. But they won't move in any way you want - they will only move two spaces over and one space up or down (or two spaces up/down and one space over).
4. Also, if there's a piece occupying the space, you can't move another piece there.
5. The object of this puzzle is to eventually put the two black pawns on the top corners (where the white ones originally are) and move the two white pieces on the bottom corners.
6. You may notice that to move a piece diagonally, you need to make 4 movements... since there are 4 pawns that need to be moved corner-to-corner, that's at least 16 moves total.
7. Here's the solution in 16 moves exactly. Number the rows from 1 to 3. (top row = 1, bottom row = 3) Number the columns as A (left column), B (middle column) and C (right column).

The moves are:
* A1-C2
* A3-B1
* C1-B3
* C3-A2
* C2-A3
* B3-A1
* A1-C2
* A2-C1
* C1-B3
* B3-A1
* B1-C3
* C3-A2
* A2-C1
* A3-B1
* B1-C3
* C2-A3
8. When that's done, you will hear the release of the door lock mechanism... and you will be able to use the door handle to open the door.

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1. So you've placed the Stones on the altar, and they don't work. Perhaps Rodrigue says, "I must remember the musical phrases!"
2. Remember the music that played when you entered? Sounded familiar, didn't it?
3. In fact, doesn't the SAME MUSICAL SEQUENCE play when you examine and click on the MAGIC SQUARE?
4. Oddly enough, when you examine and click on each Stone in your inventory, it plays a fragment of that very same tune.
5. You must place the Stones on the altar in the order in which each Stone's fragment of music plays in the sequence. Examine the MAGIC SQUARE whenever you need to hear the tune again; there's no rush.
6. Okay. So you have no ear for music, or your speakers aren't working properly. Don't give up. There is a way to solve this for us tone-deaf (or, in Mandi's case, just partly deaf) people:
* Go to the menu options. Set Bruitages to 0. (You will get text-only sound effects.)
* When you click on the Magic Square or on one of the Stones, instead of hearing the tune, you can READ the tune in "zim.zam" format. How does this help? You can read where each of the fragments begin and end, and they are all different enough so that you can READ which part of the sequence matches each fragment! (There appears to be a world of difference between "zoum" and "zam".)
7. The solution is in this order (by the owner of each fragment):
8. When you have placed the Stones correctly, they will begin to glow.
9. Click, and the glow brightens...
10. Click, and now you can see a shape forming in the middle...
11. Click, and it becomes... the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE!
12. Click and the glow will fade. Can you take it? Try.
13. OUCH! Nope, it burned your hand. Well, then, you're not done quite yet...

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1. There are basically two triggers you can use here: the loose statue and the cross.
2. Clicking the cross first does... nothing. So try moving the statue first.
3. Huh. The water stopped gushing out of the lion fountain, although it's still running. Maybe we should go check the cross.
4. When you clicked on the cross, did you hear that gurgling sound? Hey, the swan fountain's running!
5. Does that mean it's not running in the lion fountain anymore? Go look.
6. Yep, the lion fountain is dry as a bone. So Rodrigue doesn't have to worry about getting wet. Take a closer look at that fountain.
7. Is that a loose brick I see? Tried turning it?
8. Now that noise sounded like a door opening. Go explore. Is the gate pulled up? No. Darn.
9. But what about the seemingly empty room by the lion fountain? It's got to be good for something...
10. ...and it is! There's now an exit to the garden there! Yay!

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(Written by axolotl)

1. Here's Séraphin with his two dogs. Talk to him. It seems there are visitors to Canches' Manse... SAVE right here. You will need to go back to this scene, fast-play the following moves, to explore various possible endings.
2. A real family reunion! Talk to your brothers and sisters. Wow! They're not very nice people, are they ? Things are getting ugly...

3. But... a COUP DE THEATRE!

4. Enters Sigismond Canches (in real life, this is Grelot4's daddy...). He explains, he talks, and talks... and now, you have a choice to make:


o ...your siblings deal curtly and roughly with you... GAME OVER

4. If you prefer to follow your dad, do so, go on...

5. Here you are before the altar. The Stone is still there. Talk to your father: he asks for your help to destroy the Stone. You hesitate. Keep talking to him. A new choice appears:


o You may try to grab the Stone for yourself... Very unwise move, things turn out VERY badly for you! GAME OVER.

o Alternatively, you decide to leave the altar room on the LEFT (you are now standing besides the Lions Fountain). Click on the RIGHT, and you see the exit to the garden. You escape, you are free... but eventually you become completely mad, and end up in an institution. GAME OVER.

o Third possibility: leave the altar room on the RIGHT (where the Swans Fountain is), another click to the RIGHT: you see the stairs leading back up to Canches' Study, where your siblings are eagerly waiting for you, their shirtsleeves pulled up... GAME OVER.

6. Ah, you prefer to help your father after all, do you? Very wise indeed.
7. Click on Sigismond, there's a zoom on the Stone in his hand.
8. Try clicking on it: it's still burning hot...
9. Remember what was said in the Parchment. Use the MAGIC SQUARE! TADAAM!
10. Hand in hand, illumination... Another final click, and this is



Comment 26, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 07:43:00 PM


hope that helps ye all , good game

Comment 27, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 07:48:00 PM


ok i opened the book and then went back to find the lab..... can't see the warden and it just makes me go back upstairs to his house........ help...... i must seem thick!

Comment 28, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 08:01:00 PM


ok don't maind that???? i cant work out what i ahve to do with the beakers.... do i click them or......?

Comment 29, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 08:09:00 PM


ok i had the piece of paper...... i got it on top of the shelf i now have the paste but the piece of paper is gone

Comment 30, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 08:31:00 PM


just to say that this game is unfortunately not compatible with Mac.... i'm stuck with the cards and there's apparently nothing left to do (except buy a PC)....
great game so far... *cry*

Comment 31, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 09:19:00 PM


Aaargh. Can't find the wood or the mercury :'(

Comment 32, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 10:23:00 PM


yeah...the link dosen't work for me. I use Internet explorer

Comment 33, Wednesday, August 3rd 2005 11:28:00 PM


OMG Carrie do you still have fingers left

Comment 34, Thursday, August 4th 2005 01:12:00 AM


I can not figure out how to get the car going, I did what the walk through said, and i started the car, and released the break, but when i click the lever that does thse speed or what ever it shuts the car off. What do i click to get it to go?

Comment 35, Thursday, August 4th 2005 05:22:00 AM


ok never mind! Figured it out

Comment 36, Thursday, August 4th 2005 06:28:00 AM




Comment 37, Thursday, August 4th 2005 09:30:00 AM


Purdyflower, I did what the walkthrough (wt) said, but after starting, I can't click on the steering wheel; Do you have an better 'wt'?

Comment 38, Thursday, August 4th 2005 08:36:00 AM


plzzzzzzzzz help with safe i still cant find it

Comment 39, Thursday, August 4th 2005 01:07:00 PM


safe is bottom right of bookcase.

i can't seem to put the torn up photo from Cunégonde's box back together. the photo looks ok but nothing happens and then when I do anything else, it just goes back to my inventory in pieces again. got the tape but still cant get the photo to stay in one piece

Comment 40, Thursday, August 4th 2005 01:34:00 PM


thxxxxxxxx so much i thought i was going crazy trying to find that safe

Comment 41, Thursday, August 4th 2005 01:47:00 PM


Stuck!!! Does anyone know the code for the safe in the laboratory? I've tried 0824 but it didn't work...

Comment 42, Thursday, August 4th 2005 02:01:00 PM


HELP how do i get to the lab?? i came out of the house but the wee man has gone and i cant find him to get the key

Comment 43, Thursday, August 4th 2005 04:21:00 PM


Ive got the same problem
Ive done OK on this so far, but the guy who looks after the house, the custodian in Hexilles isn't there when i go out side the house and there is no cursor to say i can ring the door bell or go around the side. Ive opened the first book but now I'm stuck and can't get to the lab- PLEASE HELP!!!

Comment 44, Thursday, August 4th 2005 06:21:00 PM


I have the same problem with the custodian. I can only get in or out of the house. I've been doing this seens yesterday and I'm about to go crazy!!!

Comment 45, Thursday, August 4th 2005 06:39:00 PM


Got it! You should read the red book in Onésime's study. When you finished reading it, the cursor turns into a ?. Click it and the solicitor will make a comment about de laboratory. When you get out of the house, the custodian is standing right over there. Hope it helps!

Comment 46, Thursday, August 4th 2005 06:51:00 PM


Thanks GuGuis :D:D:D thought it might be something that u've got to do to trigger it. I was going crazy and gave it a rest- thanks- will try that- so far tho brilliant p&c (point and click)

Comment 47, Thursday, August 4th 2005 07:52:00 PM


Your welcome Dita_Von_Teese...I will give it a rest for some time now...i got a bit frustraited...
If you need anything just scream!

Comment 48, Thursday, August 4th 2005 08:36:00 PM


Your welcome Dita_Von_Teese...I will give it a rest for some time now...i got a bit frustraited...
If you need anything just scream!

Comment 49, Thursday, August 4th 2005 08:36:00 PM


I am not a fan of walkthroughs at all...I prefer to do the game myself, or if I am really stuck and simply can't get any further, just a nudge in the right direction with a hint, is plenty for me to get started again.

I would love to help you all out, without giving you the complete solution, but it's a long time since I played this game and seeing as how I have played so many since then, unfortunately all passwords, directions, characters etc, have long since disappeared into the depths of my memory.
Sorry...for being no use whatsoever ><

Comment 50, Thursday, August 4th 2005 08:47:00 PM

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