Surf Swell Island
Surf Swell Island is a great game from Disney intended for kids, if you want to teach them all about internet safety. Not my cup of tea at all, but what it's trying to do is an unfortunate necessity and they do it very well. Note: if you're a parent and want to check it out before letting your kids loose on it I recommend playing it to a soundtrack of Gay Bar by Electric Six. It livens the whole thing up a bit and makes it a bit more "adult". That's my top reviewers tip! [subbed by sunshine].

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Comment 3, Friday, December 9th 2005 06:47:00 PM


didnt they post this before? under a different name?

Comment 4, Friday, December 9th 2005 06:47:00 PM



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The game was so easy

Comment 6, Friday, December 9th 2005 07:53:00 PM

Pip noodle

yeesh, this gameis sooo easy, most of the stuff they tell u not to do is really bugging me now.

Comment 7, Friday, December 9th 2005 08:24:00 PM

Pip noodle

in total, THE worst game i have played.

Comment 8, Friday, December 9th 2005 08:29:00 PM


Why is that song so f***ing awesome? Yeah, I wanna spend all your money!! At the gay bar gay bar gay bar yeah!!!!

Comment 9, Friday, December 9th 2005 09:49:00 PM


yeah, who cares about the game (and internet safety)? -- the REAL excitement here is the animation for Gay Bar. brilliant!

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Comment 11, Saturday, December 10th 2005 04:49:00 AM


i got a certificate of swellness now i feel all warm and special that could be cause my dogs just peed on my foot though

Comment 12, Saturday, December 10th 2005 09:51:00 AM


Ah Gay Bar :) I love Electrix Six! and that animation got me into, which I love too!

Comment 13, Saturday, December 10th 2005 06:25:00 PM

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