I Want To Enter
"I Want To Enter" is a game along the same lines as an "escape the room" point'n'click game, but differs in that you want to get in, rather than out. You'll also want to understand the language it's in (I'd guess which one it is, but I'll only get it wrong and upset people), but there's a damn good chance you won't [subbed by kelly].

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p.s. WOO!!!

Comment 2, Friday, September 15th 2006 08:23:40 AM



Comment 3, Friday, September 15th 2006 08:37:28 AM


3rd... Russian... ? :)

Comment 4, Friday, September 15th 2006 08:51:43 AM


It looks cute so far though.

Comment 5, Friday, September 15th 2006 08:53:23 AM


Uhm err not russian... Some eastern language and I haven't got a clue what to do here.

Comment 6, Friday, September 15th 2006 08:55:47 AM


its chinese isin't it?

Comment 7, Friday, September 15th 2006 09:02:51 AM


any one worked out what way to turn the screws in round hole yet. i have 3 things in my invetery. none of them a battery

Comment 8, Friday, September 15th 2006 09:06:21 AM


make that 4 just found a swipe card thing

Comment 9, Friday, September 15th 2006 09:11:47 AM


Got three things, and...wait a sec...oops! I just gave up.

Comment 10, Friday, September 15th 2006 09:37:16 AM


lmao at Jas...
Only got two items, pieces of paper with chinese (?) symbols on...where┬┤s the rest? What why who where when and so on...

Comment 11, Friday, September 15th 2006 10:55:58 AM


It's in Chinese.. here's wat i understand and have done so far..

SPOILER: (click box to reveal/hide)
1. click til you get to the tree.. there's a dark part in the middle.. click on it and you'll see a note.. click the right button so save it.. when you click the note.. the note says.. "if you want to get in, please go to the road behind the tree, find a pass, then find a large pot and follow the directions"

2. click to the back road.. the bushes on the left.. there's a pass hidden at the bottom.. click the left button to flip the pass.. the pass says " Go to the place with the large pot then press "here"(blue color) to activate the pass, then click on the biggest piece of the table.. the rest is up to you" Click right button to go back..

3. Go back to the Green box next to the front of the door... click to view the inside..

4. you'll see a pot thing on top of a blue table thing. click open the pot.. some words might come out.. it's a diary entry.. it says "today my mum scolded me again. I'm going to go "eat shit"(means get into trouble"

5. click on the pass.. click on the blue words.. click on the button at the top left hand side.. it says activate pass..

6. after clicking on it.. click on the blue part... it will open to reveal a ladder... The words say.. "congratuations.. you are 1% away from success. click here for success"

7. click to go down ladder.. reach congratulations screen..

If anyone finds out anything else.. please let me know!.. haha.

Comment 12, Friday, September 15th 2006 10:58:39 AM


Is that it then??? When I click the congrat-scene I end up at the top of the ladder again...

Thanx Tyme, would never have got it this far without yer spoiler!

Comment 13, Friday, September 15th 2006 11:13:42 AM


You call that a spoiler? I call it a walkthrough...

Comment 14, Friday, September 15th 2006 03:34:32 PM


Dont think the game ends there though...

Comment 15, Friday, September 15th 2006 03:45:21 PM


Does anyone else find the flashing annoying?

Comment 16, Friday, September 15th 2006 04:08:05 PM


Yep - it's giving me a headache so I'm not bothering :-(

Comment 17, Friday, September 15th 2006 04:37:13 PM


this game is a crap...

Comment 18, Friday, September 15th 2006 04:53:16 PM


this stinks. why play a game you can't understand? I'll wait for the English version...or just let this one pass. BOOOOOOOO

Comment 19, Friday, September 15th 2006 06:25:57 PM


I'm a retard

Comment 20, Friday, September 15th 2006 07:54:41 PM


It's Russian. What other people would confuse the numeral '3' for a letter?

Comment 21, Saturday, September 16th 2006 04:47:23 AM


I think if Tyme can read it then he/she probably already <i>knows</i> it's Chinese.

Comment 22, Saturday, September 16th 2006 09:00:07 AM


That's it?

If I click on it it sends me back up the ladder too.
And what about the red buttons and stuff?

Comment 23, Sunday, September 17th 2006 10:04:48 AM


Just a small correction- if you've read the spoiler, where the note says "my mum", it's actually "my wife". I'm being picky here, but that didn't sit well with me.

Comment 24, Tuesday, September 19th 2006 10:08:03 AM


Just a small correction- if you've read the spoiler, where the note says "my mum", it's actually "my wife". I'm being picky here, but that didn't sit well with me, being a native Chinese speaker and everything.

Comment 25, Tuesday, September 19th 2006 10:08:19 AM


yep, it's chinese...good thing I still remember how to read so this game was easy. if anyone needs a translation or anything =)

Comment 26, Tuesday, September 19th 2006 09:35:50 PM

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