Attack Of The Sprouts
You might think it's still too early for Christmas games, but I'm very excited about Christmas this year (I'll be in DC), and I did establish that the Christmas season started on November 1st, so I feel justified in posting one of my favourite games from last year that I got hold of just a little too late to post for Christmas '05...

In Attack Of The Sprouts you have to stop the world's most evil vegetable leaping into your mouth, by-passing your, thankfully, sprout free Christmas dinner. If one too many get through you've had it! Featuring some nice and silly graphics and a brilliant intro song [subbed by Carol, Sassy & Andy L].

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Hi Graeme. You take care over there. We wish you a merry christmas, and tell Jennifer hello! Best wishes from a family in Denmark!!!

Comment 6, Saturday, November 11th 2006 01:26:13 PM


@Graeme: Wish you lotsa fun in DC and we'll be waiting for you to post some pics on ur visit there...still waiting for pics when Kaya visited you*hint* :D

As for me, back to packing...I'll be off to California in a few days. Boy, am I ever glad lazylaces is here, I can come and play when I'm procrastinating on my packing :D

Advance Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Comment 7, Saturday, November 11th 2006 03:14:58 PM


...but I like Brussel sprouts ><

Comment 8, Saturday, November 11th 2006 06:38:01 PM


great game :)

Comment 9, Saturday, November 11th 2006 07:24:07 PM

Evil Zoe

This game is

Comment 10, Saturday, November 11th 2006 11:38:10 PM

Krazy Chick


Comment 11, Sunday, November 12th 2006 12:46:54 AM


you'll have to let me buy you two a drink while you're here - I feel as though it's the least I can do for all the entertainment you've provided me!

Comment 12, Sunday, November 12th 2006 07:44:54 AM


Ducky632: It's a kind offer, and believe me turning down a free drink is not something I do lightly, but <a href="">the future Mrs Lazylaces and I</a> have lots of wedding planning to do during my trip and, you know, the whole "Christmas Thing", so I already have a full schedule while I am in town. *Cheers* though.

Comment 13, Sunday, November 12th 2006 08:11:43 AM


Yeah, brussels sprouts are delicious! The game is so fun though, i love squashing their little green faces!

Comment 14, Sunday, November 12th 2006 04:02:10 PM


he he he, I like that one (insert sheepish grin here).

Comment 15, Sunday, November 12th 2006 04:21:37 PM

Lisa S

That is hilarious!! Since Brussel Sprouts are the running holiday joke in our family. My mom always makes them...and my husband and step-daughter HATE them!!! But, we love them... So, that is the 'threat'... 'You'll have to eat Brussel Sprouts!!' lol I'll have to share this with Nicki (Stepdaughter)...she is 8...and will laugh her butt off!!!

Comment 16, Sunday, November 12th 2006 10:48:38 PM


Note To Self: It helps to have the Num Lock off! Oops ;)

Comment 17, Monday, November 13th 2006 07:37:04 AM

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Comment 18, Tuesday, July 21st 2009 06:17:11 PM

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Comment 19, Friday, July 31st 2009 03:52:25 AM

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