Many many many thanks to Optical Poptitude for posting this link to a list of all the Microsoft Product Codenames. This finally answers a question Marion got asked in an interview in April last year - What did IIS used to be called prior to its public release? Looking at this list it looks like the answer is "Gibraltar" since that is the codename for IIS 1.0 - phew only 11 months late. Bonus points for knowing IIS4.0 was K2 and IIS5.0 was Avalanche.

No listings for IIS2.0 or 3.0 but who gives a monkeys since they suck so badly. Respect though to the software house I visited last month that still hand IIS3.0 installed on their server. Needless to say nothing I wanted to install worked. But I was very impressed as this was the first - and hopefully last - IIS3.0 build I'd seen.

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Human being

All three of those last posts were by me!

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And I'm all of them!

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