Loondon is a slightly more loony version of London, or maybe slightly less loony depending on how you look at it (nobody voted Boris for Mayor in Loondon), with beautiful, but somewhat sad, graphics and soundtrack [subbed by myuhinny].

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Comment 1, Monday, March 8th 2010 02:59:39 PM


ok lets go

Comment 2, Monday, March 8th 2010 03:01:22 PM


I could have walked to London by the time it loads!

Comment 3, Monday, March 8th 2010 03:03:30 PM


well, that was boring

Comment 4, Monday, March 8th 2010 03:18:40 PM


As a game, rather easy and a bit boring, but what a chilling little tale! I did like it by the end, for that alone.

Comment 5, Monday, March 8th 2010 04:07:29 PM

The Great Dane

Oh what a beautiful and eerie game. It's a very good story, but the gameplay isn't really anything. Still - an interesting interactive movie.

Comment 6, Monday, March 8th 2010 07:55:10 PM



Comment 7, Tuesday, March 9th 2010 12:51:07 AM


I am sooo depressed now :(

Comment 8, Tuesday, March 9th 2010 05:59:08 AM


What a sad ending but a very beautiful game

Comment 9, Tuesday, March 9th 2010 06:07:32 AM


Such a beautiful rendered story! I wish it had a happier ending.

Comment 10, Wednesday, March 10th 2010 05:13:09 AM


Thats made me feel really sad now. :o(

Comment 11, Thursday, March 11th 2010 10:57:06 AM


Well that was messed up.

Comment 12, Sunday, March 14th 2010 07:17:48 PM

Game Cheats

very boring..*sighs*

Comment 13, Friday, March 26th 2010 07:24:17 AM

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