Abditive Asylum
Abditive Asylum will make you pull out your dictionary and look-up the word "Abditive", unless you're the kind of point'n'click fan that partakes in scrabble matches and spelling bees between adventures... [subbed by Selfdefiant].

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Comment 1, Monday, August 22nd 2011 12:08:24 PM



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Crystal ball
was for what?

And dangit, if I missed ONE freakin' orb ><

Comment 2, Monday, August 22nd 2011 03:30:56 PM


you can click on any room on the map and be transported with the ball!

Comment 3, Monday, August 22nd 2011 07:21:46 PM


Crystal ball ?.
I know there was one in the last game, didn't find out until I had finished it could transport you.
Please tell me where is it in this game, I am skooshing about like a burst pipe here.

Comment 4, Tuesday, August 23rd 2011 12:53:40 AM


Can't seem to find where to put all the gems! any one help?

Comment 5, Tuesday, August 23rd 2011 04:34:19 AM



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Crystal ball in...

<room K >

Comment 6, Tuesday, August 23rd 2011 04:35:44 AM


found the gem slots and out.

Comment 7, Tuesday, August 23rd 2011 04:44:34 AM


Pixel hunt... forget about it.

Comment 8, Tuesday, August 23rd 2011 11:26:24 PM

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