This one just for The Infamous Jules, combining, as it does, her love of drinking and her passion for txting. A new service in the UK lets you locate the nearest pub to you (as featured in the good pub guide - no rubbish) simply by txting 'GOODPUB' to 85130. What could be better? Well, txt 'NEXT' to the same number within 2 hours and you'll find the next nearest pub - it's a moby pub-crawl in the making.

Jules - diaries out, we have to schedule a 'field test' asap.

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Incog Neato

Jealousy rears it's ugly head.

Have Fun!! ;)

Comment 1, Wednesday, October 6th 2004 10:22:00 PM


Drop me a line, jump on a plane, and I'll line you up a pint :o)

Comment 2, Wednesday, October 6th 2004 10:56:00 PM

The Infamous Jules

hey..... who do you think is running the GOODPUB service??? TIJ of course!! I make it a personal point to never be more than 15 mins from a good pub. I just thought I'd share my knowledge with the world!

Field test : Sat Oct 30? we can avoid the 'halloween' farce.

PS- much better photos of me required.

Comment 3, Wednesday, October 6th 2004 11:10:00 PM


That's why you txt so much?? ;o) I have you diaried for the 30th - i'll bring the digital camera but I can't promise the pics will be any better this time.

Comment 4, Wednesday, October 6th 2004 11:34:00 PM

The Infamous Jules

I think where we go wrong is taking pictures ourselves when we've tested too many beverages. The date is in my diary now as well. LL viewers, we will provide a progress report of the GOODPUB service.

Comment 5, Wednesday, October 6th 2004 11:37:00 PM


WITH pictures. It will be an illustrated field test - watch this (slightly blurred) space.

Comment 6, Wednesday, October 6th 2004 11:42:00 PM

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