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...thanks Kanye [via kanyelicio.us, subbed by JB].

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oh honestly!

Comment 1, Saturday, September 19th 2009 11:54:47 AM


Too funny JB, when G showed that to me I was laughing so hard!

Comment 2, Saturday, September 19th 2009 12:04:21 PM


he's a jackass ...

Comment 3, Saturday, September 19th 2009 12:17:40 PM


No matter how many things Kanye interrupts, I laugh every time. I especially like the "Imma let you" part...so good...

Comment 4, Saturday, September 19th 2009 02:08:58 PM



Comment 5, Saturday, September 19th 2009 02:10:46 PM


Next time Kanye decides a visitby,he may riddle this site with virtual bullets...

Comment 6, Saturday, September 19th 2009 07:07:21 PM



Comment 7, Saturday, September 19th 2009 10:09:09 PM

Jessica H.

haha hilarious...

& when the president calls you a jackass you know you did something wrong. lol.

Comment 8, Sunday, September 20th 2009 12:21:17 AM


Ignorant J O

Comment 9, Sunday, September 20th 2009 06:27:33 PM


But president Obama is a lier. It is true. Even the governor of Mississippi said so.

Comment 10, Sunday, September 20th 2009 10:34:09 PM


even if he was, at least he said something true this time. P:

and we're all liars in one way or another. no? :D

Comment 11, Monday, September 21st 2009 02:16:25 AM



No it is not true. Have you ever heard the cliche once a lier always a lier? I think it fits too.

Obama has never told the truth. he lied to the american people. He lied to representitives in Congress.

He will continue to lie until he leaves office.

Americans do not trust him for good reasons.

Comment 12, Monday, September 21st 2009 03:58:55 AM


doesn't every President lie?

Comment 13, Monday, September 21st 2009 11:10:39 AM


Major Butt Munch!

Comment 14, Monday, September 21st 2009 12:24:22 PM


... but you trusted GW?!
... for good reasons??!!

Comment 15, Wednesday, September 23rd 2009 07:34:45 AM


this is a good site

Comment 16, Wednesday, September 23rd 2009 12:01:43 PM

Ruby Teusday Special

Kelk, that saying only sometimes holds true. People can and do change when they really want to. That saying is meant mostly for habitual liars. Not for people who does their best to make it work yet it turns out bad or not at all. WE don't see behind the scenes, and even media misses things..and usually slants it to their advantage...media doctoring. Never trust it as a real source of objective info.

Wheres the lies? Plese cite me where you ahve found such proof. People VOTED for him for a reason. There is alwyas people who wil not like the president, ANY president..usualy the ones who are sore losers who voted forr the other guy. THAT'S their reason...and those people aren't even the majority.

Obama has been straight out with everyone. Hes more articulate and well meaning..sometimes things doing wrong can seem like a lie, but really..if things are out of your hands in spite of your doing everything you can, can that be a lie? Please!

He's taken on things most presidents avoid or try to rehash the same old ways. At least hes trying new approaches and has a great no-nonsense attitude. Give it time and you will see improvements in almost everything...just because a promise of his hasn't come true NOW, doesn't mean it wont later.

Hes trig to fix the sit others have left behind, NOW THAT is integrity..he can't help it that it is extremely difficult,. if it was easy..it would have been resolved decades ago. Too much damn corruption in this government, that's what he has to contend with..not easy at all. Hes taking the high road, doing his best to get things arranged so we don't suffer for it anymore. After-all, if the country it to heal we must SUPPORT the president, not whiner and bitch about him , nitpicking every tiny thing you see as a mistake...wake up can get out of kindergarten! It's time to act as mature adults here!

Okay, I feel better now.lol

Comment 17, Thursday, September 24th 2009 04:05:04 AM


Ruby that saying still holds true to this day. Just look at politicians from both political parties. Lie cheat and steal. Holding hands with special interest groups and corrupt lobbyists. Spend tax payers money on lavish life style things. Media doctoring? Are you telling me that former senator Goyavich did not try to sell off Obama's former position? If we can not trust the media for news,who can we trust? A dictator maybe? not all media is doctored up. And certainly there are many choices from media to watch/read from.

People only voted for Obama because people were frustrated with the former president and his political party.
His lie is that he kept making promises he did not keep. Example, the economy. Always preached that the economy was recovering. Said he would not raise taxes but did so anyways. Promised to not allow illegal aliens to have fulll publicly funded health coverage. But in his health bill,he inputed two provisions to do so.

Obama has barely been in office for very long. Yet he decides to take a brake from office with his family.

His agenda is to tax all americans.

Comment 18, Thursday, September 24th 2009 07:23:19 PM


My gosh D: How did this turn into a presidential debate?! Dx
Back to what these comments SHOULD be talking about -> I lulled. Very hard. xD <3

Comment 19, Friday, September 25th 2009 10:36:49 PM


i personely think this website is awaome. but i dont apreciate wat kanye west did to taylor awift that was rude mean and totaly uncalled for. ilove u lazy lace keep up the good work and the awsome games

Comment 20, Thursday, October 1st 2009 05:59:44 PM



HINT: (click box to highlight/fade)


Comment 21, Thursday, October 1st 2009 06:01:45 PM

Free Ps3 Slim

This is awesome, he's a complete idiot, can't believe he had the guts to do that.

Comment 22, Friday, October 2nd 2009 08:59:25 PM


To get back to the off-topic topic, yes we are all liers at some time or another. Now, I'm going to go lie down for a while.

Comment 23, Sunday, October 4th 2009 09:15:44 PM

Talulah (I think...)

Yes there's some random spelling here!

Comment 24, Thursday, October 8th 2009 05:46:29 AM

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