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Sanpo 3 (Scooby Snacks)
Sanpo 3 (which I'm subtitling "Scooby Snacks") is a hyper simple point'n'click game in which a dog's biscuits get spilled on the floor, and you have to hunt around the room to recover them. The premise is simple, as is the game, but it's also cute, and sometimes you need a non challenge like this to reassure you how great you really are. Or maybe that's just me [subbed by f00].

Entry 3424, Wednesday, July 23rd 2008, Filed In Games

SSSG Crystal Hunter - Episode 2
Another dose of looking at pretty pictures whilst frantically developing RSI in a doomed point'n'click-fest to find 100 crystals in SSSG Crystal Hunter - Episode 2... that's if you are as hopeless at these as me anyway. You - you've probably finished it already and are half way thru episode 3 even though it isn't even released yet... [subbed by jade].

Entry 3422, Wednesday, July 23rd 2008, Filed In Games

Leo Escape
If it's your birthday today, or indeed any time within the next 30 days, happy birthday leo type peep! And just to make you feel extra special you now have your own point'n'click game, Leo Escape, to play, as if having a ferocious cat for your star sign wasn't exciting enough on it's own [subbed by pointer & f00].

Entry 3421, Wednesday, July 23rd 2008, Filed In Games

Robot Room
If you can escape the Robot Room then you too get to wave your hands in the air robot stylee [subbed by 3scap3].

Entry 3420, Tuesday, July 22nd 2008, Filed In Games

Cold Room Escape
Being locked in a freezer is a somewhat cold, and somewhat deadly, situation to be in. Hence, it's time for a Cold Room Escape. I hope you brought a scarf and mittens [subbed by Stewart].

Entry 3419, Tuesday, July 22nd 2008, Filed In Games

Button Hunt 3
Button Hunt 3 portrays a frightening vision of the future in which planet earth has been over run by red buttons and you and your team are the only humans left to hunt down and destroy the red button curse and reclaim the planet. Something like that anyway. You have to find lots of red buttons at least... [subbed by Mystery, unkx80 & Letten House].

Entry 3418, Tuesday, July 22nd 2008, Filed In Games

Storage Escape
Storage Escape sees you trapped in a storage room which you must escape... which you probably guessed from the title anyway [subbed by Mystery, Buji & Limbo].

Entry 3417, Tuesday, July 22nd 2008, Filed In Games

Pencil Rebel
Pencil Rebel isn't a particularly difficult point'n'click game, but sometimes, especially on a Monday, that can be a good thing. Add to that an appealing, and somewhat unique, look and feel, and you've got a nice diversion to take you away from your Monday woes for a while [via Nordinho].

Entry 3416, Monday, July 21st 2008, Filed In Games

SSSG Crystal Hunter - Episode 1
There are a total of 100 crystals to be found in SSSG Crystal Hunter - Episode 1, which might seem like a lot of point'n'click action in itself, but you also need to see how fast you can do it, which should chuck a bit more pressure into the mix. So I've hope you've been practicing with lot of gaming and watching re-runs of The Crystal Maze [subbed by RookieRiddler & Mystery].

Entry 3415, Sunday, July 20th 2008, Filed In Games

Glowfly Room Escape
Glowfly Room Escape gets a thumbs up from me as we have loads of fire flies near our house ( they come out, or glow at least, around dusk mainly) and they're really cool, but what I'd really like to see is a hummingbird themed escape game. We have 3 in the garden right now and they are amazing [subbed by Mystery & VictoriaV].

Entry 3414, Sunday, July 20th 2008, Filed In Games

Escape From Mr K's Room
Can you Escape From Mr K's Room? I bet you can. I've got faith in you even if no one else has. Poor misguided fool that I am [subbed by VictoriaV].

Entry 3413, Friday, July 18th 2008, Filed In Games

Hot And Cold
Interesting factoid time: the game Hot And Cold is actually named after the labels on the faucets (taps) in my bathroom. Not a lot of people know that [subbed by f00 & derek].

Entry 3410, Thursday, July 17th 2008, Filed In Games

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