Can you torque the talk with tork? Breaking with tradition (ha ha) I'm posting a point'n'click game I haven't completed yet, or even understood ;o) This is sooo cute though and the idea seems great. Try and understand the aliens' languages to escape the planet. People cleverer than me (ie most of you) post helpful hints in the comments, people denser than me (anyone?) ask for help - I'll be joining you when I get time to play [ta tabby].

Entry 1014, Tuesday, November 30th 2004, Filed In Games

11 Somerset
With 11 of 13 installments currently available there are plenty of point'n'click investigations to be done over at 11 Somerset to keep you out of trouble on a Friday, well unless you get in trouble because you should be working rather than playing, of course. I warn you now that all I've had time for is to complete most of part XI (logically I started with the last one), but I'm sure some of you folks have completed the lot and written extensive walkthru guides by now so expect help, derision, and banter in the comments as usual [thanks to everyone who sent this in].

Entry 1009, Friday, November 26th 2004, Filed In Games

Moment Of Silence
As you may have noticed the point'n'click game has become something of an obsession at lazylaces. I've been looking around for a while now for a commercial game in the genre that looked worth playing and in moment of silence I think I've found it. In the demo (use the downloads link on the site) you have to escape a prison and it's a nice little challenge in itself (which I've completed now). I have the full game on order from (who had by far the best price I could find). If any of you gamers have tried this one out let me know as I'm sure I'll get stuck at some point, in the meantime I might be a bit quiet for a while as I puzzle my way through it.

Entry 998, Monday, November 8th 2004, Filed In Games

Shootin' Starz
A bit late for guy fawkes night (although apparently not if you look out of my window), but Shootin' Starz is a neat little arcade game based on letting off fireworks (much safer than the real thing for those of you with pets).

Entry 997, Sunday, November 7th 2004, Filed In Games

Speed Chamber
A knight's platforming tale.

Entry 995, Thursday, November 4th 2004, Filed In Games

Treasure Box
Treasure Box is a surreal little flash game thingumy. It's not quite a point'n'click adventure game in the normal sense, but playing around with all the clicking options certainly helps you through the thing - but in this case some of the things that happen when you 'fail' are as good as finding the successful path to the end.

Entry 994, Wednesday, November 3rd 2004, Filed In Games

Jay's Games
I'm still busy, busy, busy outside of work at the moment so posting time is still at a premium (well maybe I'm just busy, but I don't get too much free time anyway). Anyway if you're not finding enough gaming action here for your itchy mouse/trigger/keyboard gaming fingers you could do a lot worse than popping over to see Jay who has some superb games links (and one of the most cushy uni courses I've ever come across).

PS. To the lowlifes comment spamming this site at the moment - make the most of it - expect to be deleted and banned when I get my free-time back.

Entry 992, Monday, November 1st 2004, Filed In Games

Things have been a bit quiet on the posting front this week, and will continue to be so until after the weekend, as I've picked some paying work outside my regular work. This means that my free time is at a premium at the moment and I'm using it for such luxuries as sleeping - I'm so decadent (I'll link to the project I'm working on when/if it goes live).

In the meantime try occupying your time by playing every orisinal game going which should take you a while. I love the cuteness of the orisinal games and thought I'd actually posted them ages ago but thanks to Swedish Sofia for bringing my posting omission to my attention - the best I'd managed was mentioning them in passing a couple of years ago. They have a style all of their own and are worth a visit even if you aren't a big gamer.

Also if you're looking to do some very time consuming point and click gaming try walking in circles which got quickly shunted down my home page due to a Friday posting fit but is well worth a puzzled play if you missed it the other day.

Entry 991, Wednesday, October 27th 2004, Filed In Games

Just for all you game freaks out there who couldn't give a monkey's about my musical Friday posts there's an update to one of my favourite on-line games, Javanoid, with 26 new levels. At one point this game consumed more development hours than actual development at my work. In case you can't work it out the game is a happy combination of java and the classic game that is arkanoid.

Entry 989, Friday, October 22nd 2004, Filed In Games

Walking In Circles
The person who mailed the link to walking in circles to me (thanks looby) reckons this is a game and went so far to ask for help as she hadn't "got passed the third girl". I must be losing my point'n'click touch though as I haven't managed to find anything that seems like a game in it yet. To me it seems like a, albeit rather nice, little flash exploring oddity. However I know some of you are demons at these things so I challenge you to unleash hell on the thing and let me know what's going on with it. Mystery solving in the comments as usual.

Entry 984, Thursday, October 21st 2004, Filed In Games

The gameplay isn't fantastic in bird, but the music and animation are bonkers which always gets my vote. Control bird by moving your mouse and hunt everywhere you pass to find the worm in less than 60 seconds.
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Entry 981, Sunday, October 17th 2004, Filed In Games

The strangely hypnotic graphics and soundtrack in R-Shot remind me just ever so slightly of the genius that was Rez. A space based shoot-em-up maybe, but it has something just a little bit extra.

Side Note: whilst thinking of Rez I had one of those big sparky fantastic ideas you just hope will come true. The formula: 2005 update of Rez + PSP + good headphones = me actually wanting to commute more. If someone reading has this in their power - get on it now!

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Entry 973, Tuesday, October 12th 2004, Filed In Games

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