Noob's Room
Okay you're in a room, you need to escape, somebody's already stolen the Apple Mac off the desk, but can you get out before the background music loop drives you nuts? Seriously someone post a walkthru to this point'n'click before my ears start to bleed...

Entry 1119, Sunday, March 27th 2005, Filed In Games

The Horn
Some juvenile fun for you from a juvenile UK advertising campaign. The Horn sees you trying to balance your desk while you attain an, and actually on your, increasingy excited state. How potnoodle ever got away with this filth on British television I don't know, but kudos to their advertising team (even if the product sucks). I'm not sure if the slang term 'the horn' is used outside the UK, but you'll get the idea soon enough (and if you don't the home page has a copy of the ad which will make it all very clear).

Entry 1116, Sunday, March 27th 2005, Filed In Games

Point'n'click in a stickman style.

Entry 1115, Thursday, March 24th 2005, Filed In Games

CSI Hidden Clue
Not exactly your normal point'n'click, but still a test for your clicking skills, hidden clue brings the world of CSI to your web browser. This is one of the few television series I have time for and this is quite a neat little game to go with it.

Entry 1114, Thursday, March 24th 2005, Filed In Games

I swear I'm playing too many point'n'click adventures (and my mouse clicking finger would agree) - I thought I'd played and posted darkness ages ago, but I had a search of the site and I couldn't see it anywhere. So here it is (possibly for the second time if I really am losing it which is very possible)...

Entry 1113, Wednesday, March 23rd 2005, Filed In Games

Mad In Paris
I'm not totally sure how difficult a point'n'click game mad in paris is if you understand French, but if like me you've forgotten even the minimal schoolboy French you picked up as a youngster it's nigh on impossible. Hell it took me a while to work out you have to (and how to) create a user id by supplying your e-mail address. Does this now mean I'm going to inundated with Le Spam? I wait with baited breath to find out. Anway, these technicalities aside this is a rather a nice looking game and is worth a poke around just for the spectacle of the thing even if you're more than a little clueless about what's going on (I speak from experience).

Entry 1112, Wednesday, March 23rd 2005, Filed In Games

One Time Never
I'd love to say there's some clever joke about posting a game called 1 Time Never for post 1111, but I'll be damned if I'm intelligent enough for that kind of thing. Shear coincidence only I can assure you. Anyway...

Even though One Time Never doesn't find us trapped in a room with an Apple Mac that we inexplicably want to escape (are all these games' designers PC fans or something?), it still manages to be a point'n'click game, so you can dust down that left click button and get to it. It seems to get harder as you go, but I don't think I've got too far yet... shouts for help etc in the comments as usual.

Entry 1111, Tuesday, March 22nd 2005, Filed In Games

Food Flinging Frenzy
I've got this whole load of game links people have sent in that I should really be sorting though to post, but to be honest with you I've been too busy giggling inanely at Harold's Food Flinging Frenzy. A knowledge of Australian soaps broadcast on British television is helpful to get the joke, but not essential to enjoy the fun. Oh my mis-spent university years come flooding back...

Entry 1109, Monday, March 21st 2005, Filed In Games

The Doors
I don't know where I am...I don't know what I'm doing here...I just know I have to get out. Familiar Story? Connoisseurs of the point'n'click are used to getting inexplicably trapped in rooms they desperately want to escape from by now, but that doesn't stop you does it? The Doors sees you trapped in a room with lots of doors out (gettit?), if you're naive you might think one of them leads directly to the exit, but I'm afraid these things are never that simple my friend [thanks meme].

Entry 1108, Friday, March 18th 2005, Filed In Games

The deceptively simple world of hapland has been frustrating point'n'clickers for a while now, but has been curiously missing from the world of lazylaces. Now however this oversight has been rectified. That's your Thursday f**ked.

Entry 1106, Thursday, March 17th 2005, Filed In Games

Swan's Room
Strictly for the hardcore point'n'clicker (well if you don't speak/read japanese anyway) swan's room was causing a stir in the comments for shift so here it is in it's own right. Help from anyone who could translate the thing for us would be much appreciated...(btw - is it me or is there always a mac in these rooms we get trapped in?).

Entry 1103, Tuesday, March 15th 2005, Filed In Games

Hold the front page! Hold whatever you are doing! You have to play this now! Point'n'click game? Check! Beautiful graphics? Check! Magical sounds? Check! Ability to distract you from whatever you should be doing? Check! If Shift doesn't make you all warm and fuzzy inside you're a cold hearted beast I tells yer! Monday blues be gone! Too many exclamation marks? Maybe! *Deep breaths* [updated link subbed by myuhinny].

Entry 1097, Monday, March 7th 2005, Filed In Games

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