The Snowdog
The Snowdog is a cute little Christmas e-card, for you to play with while I get myself organised with some games after my mini posting break - in which I managed to attend, not one, but two, awesome Christmas parties, and had, not one, but two, awesome hangovers [subbed by tara].

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It's A Wonderful Internet
A curiously familiar tale (!) in this flash story book that, by showing us a world with no internet, shows just what a wonderful life internet it is. There are obvious controls to interact with on most of the pages (very much like a pop up book) and little easter egg items (how unseasonal) in the pictures [subbed by delrio].

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Fresh Arrival
The aim of Fresh Arrival is a neatly cool one - to bring one awesome thing to their readers every weekday, in just about any category you can think of... including movies, music, photography, art, home life, websites, services and much, much more. But am I being greedy, but what if I want more than one cool thing a day? And what if I want cool things at weekends too? That's not too unreasonable is it? Maybe i'm just cool-deficient and far too needy. Anyway check it out [subbed/run by richard].

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Madonna: Hung Up
I'm not a huge Madonna fan, but I quite like Hung Up, that's not why I posting this link to the video though. What I couldn't believe when I saw it, was that part of it (pictured) is filmed in the street right outside of my office - in fact my office is just over Madge's shoulder in the picture above. That explains the day the road was all closed off with film crews wondering around (I didn't see Madge though).

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Make people build what you type out of boxes using the flash thingumy [D][A][I][R][Y]. Pointless, but fun.

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The Pantry
Not a game, but a little clicking practise, can be found in The Pantry. I'd mention the artistic credentials but that would get you way more excited than this little play thing deserves. Nice though [subbed by jackie k].

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A Weasel's Christmas Tail
Your ear drums are going to hate me for posting A Weasel's Christmas Tail, but it's firmly wedged in my head now and I don't see why you should escape [subbed by tara].

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Samorost 2
It's NOT OUT YET, so don't get too excited, but the sequel to the brilliant Samorost is out soon (in fact it's overdue according to the dates given) - at the moment you can just sign up to get an e-mail when it's released. I can't wait... [subbed by carol].

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Superballs - Sony Bravia Ad
Somebody, anybody, send me some point and click games, I'm getting withdrawal symptoms... Anyway as we all shiver with the cold sweats staring blankly into space pining for our fix, we can watch the cool bouncy coloured balls in the Sony Bravia Ad, which has some nice music too. Anyway over to Think~Pink who sent the link in:

You must have seen the ad for the Sony Bravia TV...the one with the bouncy balls in San Francisco. Well, if you haven't, (or if you just can't get enough of it like me), here is a link so you can watch it over and over. I first saw this ad at the movies, and since, have seen it as a scaled down version, on TV. It is quite special. 250,000 superballs let loose down one of San Franciscos famous streets, it really is a mass of bright colour. Set to Jose Gonzalez' enchanting "Heartbeats" song, you can't help but be transfixed by the whole thing... I like it that much.

Anyway, this link will take you to the complete extended version, (the way it should be viewed), but you can go to the home page for other versions. Enjoy :o)

You can't click it though can you? And where's the wastepaper basket? [subbed by Think~Pink]

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Firefox 1.5
Are you still using Internet Explorer? Shame on you. Do the decent thing and download Firefox (version 1.5 out now, if you've done the deed already and need to upgrade) and find out what web browsing should be like. It's free as well. There's no excuse not to (corporate/educational firewalls and networks excepted - although you can go and shout at your sysadmin and tell them to the decent thing). Anyway, do it. It's nice. It's worth it for tabbed browsing alone, and at the end of the day is free, so what have you lost?

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First Post
It might not be for every Lazylacer (I'm looking at you meme), but I think I've found the desirable fashion item of this season for a good few of you. I almost fell off my chair laughing when I first opened the link. It made me think though - maybe I should use cafe press and get some Lazylaces t-shirts done. Anyway, I'll save that thought for another day, for now lets see who can post "First!" in the comments [subbed by ron].

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Antony And The Johnsons
This should have really been posted yesterday for (the recently missing) Lazylaces Musical Friday, but I hadn't heard of Antony And The Johnsons until I saw them on the Jonathan Ross show last night. What can I say? I just find Antony's voice bewitching, and the music is so chilled out, which is exactly my cup of tea. Anyway if you visit the site you'll find versions of several songs accompanied by animations by Adam Shecter, check "Hope There's Someone", "Mysteries Of Love", and "The Lake".

Entry 1512, Saturday, November 26th 2005, Filed In Stuff

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