I missed this one last Friday. It's a video of Sponge Bob cleverly synchronized (almost) with "Pump It" by the Black Eyed Peas. I find it works best if you sing "Sponge It!" as you watch. I dedicate it to all my friends (you know who you are) who have a Sponge Bob in their lives.

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My badly maintained tradition of musical links on a Friday finally returns! I've liked "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley for a while now, but it's been a while since I listened to it, so when I saw it on youtube I thought I'd have to watch it again. But then the clip surprised me by delivering so much more than just the track itself. The band playing the track consists of a host of Star Wars characters (g33ktastic!), with my favourite being Chewbacca on drums!

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David Brent's Office Values
Note: This link removed at the request of Microsoft's lawyers.

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I've had curiously few World Cup related links so far, but Brazilname usefully answers the question "If you played for Brazil, What would your name be?". Well I had been wondering... [subbed by Simon].

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A case of the humans [via op-pop].

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Opera 9
I'm an established FireFox user now, but I used to be a major Opera user, so it's nice to hear Opera 9 is out now. Maybe they've fixed all the bugbears I had with the mail client that switched me off in the first place? Anyway, if you are still stuck using Internet Explorer (or worse still the version 7 Beta which just crashes every five seconds for me) I recommend giving Opera 9 or FireFox a try. They're what Micro$oft are trying, but failing, to emulate [heads up from Balaam's Miracle].

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8 Days - Coming Soon
If you didn't see already on the Anode & Cathode site yesterday, they have a new game coming out soon "8 Days", which sounds like an interesting concept. A "live" point and click game, it is played over 4 chapters, with 2 days to solve each one, having to solve one to move onto the next, and old chapters closing off as you go along (with the whole game being made available at a later date). A nice idea maybe, pop on over now to register to get an email notification when it is kicking off (although I'm sure I'll mention it here). Here's what they have to say about the game:

The story of 8 days takes place in a strange dark world. You woke up in a bedroom without any clue about your presence there. The only thing that you're sure about, is your terrible headache...

And now, you must discover the reason why you arrive in this room. A few step away you will find people who might "help" you ... In the streets, you should look for a strange statue. There might be something to do with it ...

There will be four chapters in the game. In each one, you must reach the end of the story to open the sequel.

It will have 4 chapters. In each of them, you must reach the end. It will open a new chapter.

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Well it's an age since I posted some music on a Friday, but Chill is a useful one. A digital radio station, it just plays back to back chill out music, no adverts, no DJs, which kind of comes in handy if you have some stresses in your life. It's nice to play in the background while you are working if you are having a bad day.

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Websites As Graphs
One for the sad techno nerds amongst you (I know I'm not the only one) the Websites As Graphs tool allows you to see a graphical representation of the HTML DOM of any web site, just plug the address into the input box. The result is pretty flowery patterns like the one above for this site, although if you mess up your HTML I assume it's also possible to produce something fairly ugly as well [subbed by greg & pellia].

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The Newspaper Clipping Generator
After playing with the Dummies Book Cover Generator the other day I've now been having fun with The Newspaper Clipping Generator. I'm not sure how these rumours got started though... [via red ferret].

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Animatronic Alan
You may not recognise Animatronic Alan (Sir Alan Sugar) if you are outside the UK, but the best explanation is that he is our Donald Trump (he "hosts" our version of The Apprentice). But he has much better hair. This item is a "must have" for every office in the UK, but I can't believe we have to wait until November to re-live:

"You're a lightweight, your're fired!"

Get you orders in now [subbed by Big Kid].

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Yakko's World
Yakko's World is some silly cartoon song fun for a Sunday. It name-checks all of the countries in the world (give or take a few, i.e. Wales) sung to the tune of The Mexican Hat Dance (I think). Hello world [subbed by Adam].

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