Broken Sword Lost Scenes
Broken Sword Lost Scenes is a nice looking point'n'click adventure (unfortunately there is no sound) that adds to the commercial Broken Sword series. I recommend checking the "instructions and hints" section before you start playing as the controls are a little unusual, although they are easy to use once you know how. There's even an official walkthrough if you get stuck [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2042, Tuesday, July 25th 2006, Filed In Games

Where In the World?
Where In the World is another one of those URL changing puzzles, but this one has a theme; you progress through the levels by identifying landmarks and places from around the world. Maybe my geography is just good (I doubt it), but I've found it a breeze so far, but it's a nice little diversion none the less. My only warning is on the irritating pop-up/under ads which take a while to sort out at the beginining [subbed by witw].

Additional Warning: Make sure your anti-virus, firewall, etc is up to date before you click to play on this one. I did not have any issues, but there are a few reports that some of the pop up/under ads contain some unfriendly items.

Entry 2041, Tuesday, July 25th 2006, Filed In Games

N'Joy In English
A quick update on a previous post: I did like N'Joy - 10TH Planet in Greek (a beautiful language to listen to), but it's now available in English too for the linguistically challenged like myself [subbed by
Xlr8 & Caro

Entry 2040, Monday, July 24th 2006, Filed In Games

Confusion abounds around Gwen/Hell, but all you need to know is that it is a beautiful point'n'click game, with some chilled sounds and music, and an, always great to have, Samorost vibe. Click "map" then "game" to start the game.

If you really care about these things, and aren't already engrossed in the beautiful game, there are several areas of confusion around the game. First the name. I've seen it called "Gwen", and "Hell", I suspect that it is neither of these and it is actually something non-English. Which brings me to confusion number two: The game is billed as the "Chinese Samorost", but it was originally on a Taiwanese site, which then seemed to dissappear and I've ended up linking to a Russian hosted copy. Finally the game actually seems to be a mini web site with links to the team behind it and a few other items (which is why you end up clicking "map" then "game" to start), which made some sense when it was on the original site, but is a bit weird now the file is being hosted elsewhere. However all confusion aside, it's still a great game - although we'll probably all think it's too short [subbed by Na, Suki & misty].

Entry 2039, Monday, July 24th 2006, Filed In Games

Alien Grrrl
Alien Grrrl is a point'n'click game that sets out to be nothing to do with escaping rooms (see screenshot above), and instead gives us a good old treasure hunt. Why it involves us being an alien though, or why we are a "Grrrl" either for that matter (it's the alien spelling I'm guessing), I'm really not sure. Anyway my advice is be prepared to walk down lots of corridors [subbed by winniethepooh & Leah].

Entry 2038, Monday, July 24th 2006, Filed In Games

A Fistful Of Revenge
A Fistful Of Revenge is a western style point'n'click game - an angle on p'n'c I don't remember seeing before. There are few too many conversations for you to click through here for my liking (TV has destroyed my attention span), but I'm captivated by the cat nodding along to the guitar player. The plot behind the game is that someone has killed your brother, and your task is to find the "dirty son of gun" who did it and make him pay - which will mean finding a gun, and knowing how to use it. Good luck [subbed by Jody].

Entry 2034, Thursday, July 20th 2006, Filed In Games

Goobike One-Off
Goobike One-Off (note that is the right spelling) is the latest game from the creators of the gotmail games, although this one is on a different website. In this one you have been in your workshop working on your shiny motorbike, but now you are trapped inside with it, which is your cue for some point'n'click action [subbed by Helanren, via Nordinho].

Entry 2032, Thursday, July 20th 2006, Filed In Games

Warrior King
From the creators of the The Grudge 2 Game comes something completely different - Warrior King, a fighting game. I'm not normally into these punch'n'kick'em'up games, but it does make for a great stress reliever, and also I found this one incredibly easy, which is good as I'm normally rubbish at them, and get embarrassed when I can't get passed the first screen. My advice with Warrior King is to stick with punching as it seems to be way more effective and got me through a load of the game with maximum stress relief, and minimum effort [subbed by John S].

Entry 2031, Thursday, July 20th 2006, Filed In Games

Groovy Glider
Groovy Glider is a trippy little flying game which contains lots of crisps (that's chips if you're Stateside), or crisp related items for you to collect. A simple little game, but once you pop you can't stop (geddit?). Anyway... [subbed by sam].

Entry 2030, Thursday, July 20th 2006, Filed In Games

Locked Forever 3
As in Locked Forever 1 and Locked Forever 2, the cunningly named Locked Forever 3 sees you hunting for another 10 hidden keys, so that you can open the door and escape the room. All you have to help you in your task are your (superb I'm sure) point'n'click skills and a light jazz soundtrack. Nice [subbed by Nicop].

Entry 2029, Tuesday, July 18th 2006, Filed In Games

Chiko Accidental Alien
For the first part of Chiko Accidental Alien no point'n'click skills are required, just a bucket load of patience. The load time is huge, even on a fast connection. I recommend going to make a nice cup of tea, or coffee, according to your preference while you wait. And you can probably read the newspaper too. Or write a book. Anyway once it's loaded you have a great looking game, with a cartoony feel, perfect for kids (even ones as old as me), to play with. Here's the site description of what the game's about, and what you need to do:

While on a school trip to a museum, 13 year old Chiko finds himself inside a spaceship en-route to Planet Squerx, home to an intergalactic fun park! Now stuck on Squerx, Chiko needs your help to get home. It's not going to be easy. You'll need to explore the fun park, meet the Squerxians and help them get the fun park ready for the Grand Opening. Only then will Chiko be able to return home.

There are three episodes and you must solve mini-games in order to complete the adventure. Your score is calculated by the 'Fun-O-Meter' (FOM) which will track your progress and your score.

[via nordinho].

Entry 2028, Monday, July 17th 2006, Filed In Games

The Mummy
The idea of The Mummy is to progress in the game despite the bugs, and to not go crazy through listening to the music (that might look like a mute button, but you're mistaken if you think it works). Well to be honest that's probably not the idea of this point'n'click'cursor keys game, but it all kind of got in the way of me doing anything else. I'm posting in the hope that one of you can make something more of it than I could [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2027, Monday, July 17th 2006, Filed In Games

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