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Paying Back
In Paying Back you play Ken, who has to find $50 in his house to pay back his friend Bob. The trouble is you start the game in your bedroom, where you are stuck, having been sent there by your Dad after getting some bad school results. Cue some point'n'clickery to get out of your room and find $50 for Bob. Watch out for the rather weird [SPACE] bar control for picking up things, and also there's a little bad language you might not want younger players to see [subbed by MsInterpret].

Entry 2136, Saturday, September 16th 2006, Filed In Games

I Want To Enter
"I Want To Enter" is a game along the same lines as an "escape the room" point'n'click game, but differs in that you want to get in, rather than out. You'll also want to understand the language it's in (I'd guess which one it is, but I'll only get it wrong and upset people), but there's a damn good chance you won't [subbed by kelly].

Entry 2134, Friday, September 15th 2006, Filed In Games

Squirrel Escape
In Squirrel Escape you must escape the evil rampaging squirrel hoards with only your wily point'n'click skills to help you in your quest. At least that's what the game should be in my head. In reality you bound around collecting keys and coins, and you have to use the keyboard to do it. Fun, but I like my version better [subbed by Meeker].

Entry 2133, Friday, September 15th 2006, Filed In Games

Citrus Impossible
Set in South America, but written in an Eastern European language I don't even recognise, much less understand, I suspect the most difficult thing about Citrus Impossible is working out what is going on. If you do though, and I haven't yet, it looks and sounds like it might be a nice point'n'clicker [subbed by MsInterpret].

Entry 2130, Thursday, September 14th 2006, Filed In Games

Escape the Roomba
From Renegade, creator of the Leaving Your Room series comes a new point'n'click game, "Escape the Roomba". The idea of the game is to find and destroy the Roomba (those little robotic room cleaners), rather than finding keys, although there is one key to find for those of you who like that kind of thing [subbed & created by Renegade].

Entry 2128, Sunday, September 10th 2006, Filed In Games

Stage 07
Stage 07 seems to be the start of a large, and graphically fine, point'n'click (you'll need to use the keyboard to move though) adventure. There's already a lot to investigate and this is just first free part (according to the site later stages will require payment, but there's no mention of prices yet). Curiously the goal of the game is hard to define, at least I couldn't find much explanation. You play the role of Linda Webb, some sort of investigator, but it doesn't say what kind, on a supposedly standard assignment, again it's not explained what the assignment is, which turns out to be more complex (again no explanation). You start at a research company, "EAZ", and it's very much down to you to work out what is going on from there... I'm busy trying to get in, which I haven't managed to do yet [subbed by Nemrac].

Entry 2127, Sunday, September 10th 2006, Filed In Games

Cubic Room
Cubic Room is your regular run-of-the-mill escape the room point'n'click game. Except it's not. It's odd. Very odd. There are numbers, oh so many numbers, but what do you do with them to open the door? And there's a big face on the ceiling, not to mention boobies (still very much safe for work though) on the wall. Strange. Anyway see how you get on. If the game won't play, or if you think the screen size is too small (or you'd like bigger boobies - pervert), try playing the full screen version [subbed by MsInterpret].

Entry 2125, Friday, September 8th 2006, Filed In Games

Harry Potter Maze
The Harry Potter Maze wins my prize for the most boring point'n'click game I've played for some time. Look everybody - it's the same picture repeated four times... again. Also despite the fact there are only four places to click for movement it manages to have the worse navigation system ever as you have to scroll down the page to get to them everytime you move to a new screen. However I'm still posting it, mainly as I can't wait to see someone post the most surreal walkthru ever: "All you need to do to complete the game is: left, up, right, down, left, left, left, up, right... etc" [subbed by MsInterpret].

Entry 2122, Thursday, September 7th 2006, Filed In Games

Hidden Expedition : Titanic
Given a list of objects, which changes each time you play, you have to point'n'click to find them all in the cluttered locations on the Titanic in Hidden Expedition : Titanic. And the [TAB] key cheat doesn't work in case you were wondering.... obviously I only tried so I could tell you that [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2121, Thursday, September 7th 2006, Filed In Games

Point'n'click your way passed the puzzling obstacles in Gateway to get your little robot man to the next door on each level. Starts easy, but obviously gets trickier as the levels progress. Yet another fine entry from Jay's game competition [subbed by MsInterpret,
Rubeczech, Nefretit, Kelly & winniethepooh

Entry 2119, Wednesday, September 6th 2006, Filed In Games

ClickDragType3 picks up where ClickDragType2 left off (and actually includes it) with another 5 levels to point'n'click ('n'drag'n'type) your way through. I've put it in it's own post though so you can have two comment forums to discuss them in, not because I did not look carefully through my inbox before posting #2, but because I thought that would be a good idea. Honest.
[subbed by f00].

Entry 2118, Wednesday, September 6th 2006, Filed In Games

ClickDragType2 stretches the boundries of the point'n'click even further than the original ClickDragType, not only expecting us to do 3 things (click, drag and type, rather than just point and click), but also adding 5 extra levels to the original. Phew! All far too much effort for this lazy lace, so I'll just post it, and let you play instead, mwahahahaha [subbed by Jacob coll j, avsp, Helanren, FredFlinstone, rei2000, John, amanda, Fuzzypython327 & Jeroen].

Entry 2117, Wednesday, September 6th 2006, Filed In Games

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