Isle Figa 2
Isle Figa 2 is the follow up to Isle Figa. Neither the English (the effort is appreciated though) or the graphics have improved, but that shouldn't stop you having some point'n'click fun [Subbed by JhInG].

Entry 2284, Sunday, November 12th 2006, Filed In Games

Murder Escape
Murder Escape is a nice looking point'n'click game, even if the premise behind it is a little bizarre: you are stuck in the apartment of Harry Jacobs, the man you have just killed (!), as your wife was cheating on you with him. You must escape before the police arrive... [subbed by MsInterpret & JhInG].

Entry 2280, Saturday, November 11th 2006, Filed In Games

Nocturnal Letters
Nocturnal Letters is a creepy, and in places very dark, point'n'click game. You play Ivy, who lives with her family in a house in the forest where things have been rather strange lately. Your task is to help Ivy find out what is wrong, and uncover the awful secret [subbed by Meeker].

Entry 2279, Saturday, November 11th 2006, Filed In Games

Goodnight Mr.Snoozleberg
Oh goodness, have I really not posted Goodnight Mr.Snoozleberg already? Let me correct that now... In this lovely little series (4 episodes) of games you must point'n'click (or drag'n'drop) items in the right order, so that Mr.Snoozleberg does not wake-up whilst he sleep walks [subbed by badbatz, Lisa, JhInG & karstenmp].

Entry 2278, Saturday, November 11th 2006, Filed In Games

The whole stickman-shoot-em-up-point'n'click thing isn't really my bag, but I know a lot of you like them, and I get sent quite a few. So, just for you here's Assault 1 and Assault 2. Note the second one is very short, and neither are suitable for children [subbed by nick s the hamster].

Entry 2276, Saturday, November 11th 2006, Filed In Games

Attack Of The Sprouts
You might think it's still too early for Christmas games, but I'm very excited about Christmas this year (I'll be in DC), and I did establish that the Christmas season started on November 1st, so I feel justified in posting one of my favourite games from last year that I got hold of just a little too late to post for Christmas '05...

In Attack Of The Sprouts you have to stop the world's most evil vegetable leaping into your mouth, by-passing your, thankfully, sprout free Christmas dinner. If one too many get through you've had it! Featuring some nice and silly graphics and a brilliant intro song [subbed by Carol, Sassy & Andy L].

Entry 2275, Saturday, November 11th 2006, Filed In Games

Super Monkey Poop Fight
I'm not normally one for platform games but I had to post Super Monkey Poop Fight as it's just so ridiculous...

You control a small monkey that needs to fight off the other monkeys while finding bananas. This is done as in the real world with poop trowing (yes you read correctly). At some point you are not only fighting the monkeys, but the evil zoo keeper will also try to catch you to get you to his lab.

You control the monkey with the left right arrow keys. By pressing A you trow a poop, or if you are walking while pressing the key, then you start running. If you press S you jump, and if you press the up-key while jumping, then you can grab on to the branches and vines.


You can even add it to your Google Homepage - click here to add it [subbed by Cornish Scott].

Entry 2274, Saturday, November 11th 2006, Filed In Games

Just a quick one-game-only update today as it's a busy Friday for me (getting to the weekend will be a huge relief). Also there's no music for Musical Friday as just about every media file type I've tried on this machine I'm using today seems to be blocked! Boooo... not fair! I guess I'll just have to hum quietly to myself. Anyway, on with the game for the day...

In Saga you start with a crowded park scene, and you have to bring the objects and people together (drag and drop), in the correct combinations, until you manage to clear the screen. Give it a go and see how you get on, I managed to clear a couple but I need to get back to work now, if you get really stuck JhInG has a walkthru, which I'm sure will get posted in the comments at some point today [subbed by Jack R & JhInG].

Entry 2270, Friday, November 10th 2006, Filed In Games

SSSG : The Search For Uncle Willie's Gold
Super Sneaky Spy Guy - The Search For Uncle Willie's Gold is a real mouthful of a title for a point'n'click game, but does at least tell you pretty much what you have to do with no further explanation. The search for the gold is set in a large mansion, and is graphically based on a set of very nice looking photos, the only trouble I had was I kept clicking the photos when I wanted to move rather than using the odd navigation thingumy off to the right. My clicking finger just couldn't get used to it. There's also a strangely addictive soundtrack to listen to whilst you play (well I found it was anyway, but possibly I'm the strange one). Anyway, I'm off to try and complete it now... [subbed by JhInG & winniethepooh].

Entry 2269, Thursday, November 9th 2006, Filed In Games

In Petfood you must use your point'n'click skills to feed a cat. Nothing is ever simple is it? [subbed by catraven, MsInterpret, JhInG & winniethepooh].

Entry 2268, Thursday, November 9th 2006, Filed In Games

Escapism mixes up the old "escape the room" point'n'click genre with a little live action. Nice idea, and loving the music, but patience is required for loading (there's ~15Mb to wait for, but it's worth it) [subbed and created by Toby & Mike].

Entry 2264, Wednesday, November 8th 2006, Filed In Games

3Wish No.5 Part 4
The cute 3Wish Series continues with some point'n'click botany (I don't get to say that very often at all) in 3Wish No.5 Part 4. Fortunately the game is cuter than the name [subbed by Bknots, Meeker, JhInG & MsInterpret].

Entry 2263, Wednesday, November 8th 2006, Filed In Games

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