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Bear's Room
Escape the bear themed room in Bear's Room [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3113, Wednesday, February 27th 2008, Filed In Games

The Scruffs
In The Scruffs you have to hunt around for the 20 hidden bones. That would be pretty much it, and from that description it sounds quite basic, but throw in some glorious graphics, superb sounds, and more than a hint of humour and you've got yourself a game that's a real treat to play [subbed by Nicop].

Entry 3112, Tuesday, February 26th 2008, Filed In Games

Mental Showtime
Point'n'click addicts are so obsessed with escaping that they try to escape from the circus, rather than running away to join it, in Mental Showtime [subbed by fairyhedgehog].

Entry 3111, Tuesday, February 26th 2008, Filed In Games

Chicken Room Escape
I suggest you play Chicken Room Escape before my internal pun demon cracks and I say something stupid like "play it unless you are too chicken".. or it's a great point'n'cluck game... doh... too late [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3110, Tuesday, February 26th 2008, Filed In Games

Icescape promises "adult themes", blood and gore, the subtle subtext being that this is not a game for the kids to play. Anyway, for the rest of us the game is a frantic point'n'click investigation around an Arctic research station before our blood freezes [subbed by f00 & QuietStealth].

Entry 3109, Friday, February 22nd 2008, Filed In Games

You Are Lucky!
I think the order you click things in You Are Lucky! might be important, but I'm not sure. To be honest I'm not even sure if it should be called a point'n'click game, a regular game, or just a flash "toy". But that doesn't matter, because what I do know is that it's addicting and very very cute [subbed by SyrupJunkie].

Entry 3106, Thursday, February 21st 2008, Filed In Games

Escape From Trials Of Heaven
Escape From Trials Of Heaven is a Japanese escape the room style game. Prepare to be baffled - possibly even if you understand Japanese [subbed by SyrupJunkie].

Entry 3105, Thursday, February 21st 2008, Filed In Games

ATM Escape
Escape from the Japanese bank foyer in ATM Escape [subbed by SyrupJunkie].

Entry 3104, Thursday, February 21st 2008, Filed In Games

Jimmy The Flea
Try and point'n'click the correct items within the island setting to return Jimmy The Flea to his regular size, whilst hoping that all that German text that you don't understand isn't important [subbed by Ariadne & SyrupJunkie].

Entry 3103, Thursday, February 21st 2008, Filed In Games

Sleuth: Shades Of Mystery (Beta)
Sleuth: Shades Of Mystery (Beta) is the latest incarnation (currently in beta) of the text based game Sleuth. The new game has added some point'n'click elements, but there's still a lot of reading (which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea) involved in this murder mystery. You have to "create a detective" to play, which I guess is sort of like registering, but you don't have to leave an email address (it's optional) which should please those of you phobic about registering for anything [subbed by Kate].

Entry 3102, Thursday, February 21st 2008, Filed In Games

Haluz2 (Again)
Haluz2 was originally released last year, but now the whole thing is available to play on-line for free, not just part of it, which is good new for us cheapskate point'n'click addicts, as, even if the puzzles aren't too tricky, the graphics and sounds are a real treat [subbed by anon & carm].

Entry 3101, Wednesday, February 20th 2008, Filed In Games

Grow Nano V3
In Grow Nano V3 you're going to need to point'n'click the right items, in the right sequence, in order to get well soon [subbed by Mystery].

Entry 3099, Wednesday, February 20th 2008, Filed In Games

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