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Escape From Room Of Hesitation
Whilst you try and point'n'click your way out of Escape From Room Of Hesitation you'll build up an inexplicable urge to eat some strawberries. Well, maybe not that inexplicable [subbed by JhInG, Helanren & winniethepooh].

Entry 3261, Friday, April 25th 2008, Filed In Games

Deep Chalk
With Deep Chalk I'm not sure if I'm playing a point'n'click game or immersing myself in a piece of modern art. And add in some Boards Of Canada esque 'music' and a few unusual controls (it's not just point'n'click) and you get something truly unusual, different and challenging, yet somehow serene. Nice. I can't wait to see what else the creator, Zack Stone, comes up with.

Deep Chalk

[subbed by archangelm].

Entry 3260, Wednesday, April 23rd 2008, Filed In Games

Fog Fall
Despite the featured post apocalyptic bad weather Fog Fall should brighten up your day, point'n'click-wise at least [subbed by f00].

Entry 3259, Wednesday, April 23rd 2008, Filed In Games

Cemet'ry Gates (C3 & C4)
Cemet'ry Gates (C3 & C4) continues the rather strange (but enjoyable none the less) Cemet'ry Gates game. Or for those new to the game try this link which brings all four chapters togther [subbed by Biggs].

Entry 3258, Tuesday, April 22nd 2008, Filed In Games

To-Sen-Bo 4
The cat obsessed To-Sen-Bo Series continues with To-Sen-Bo 4 featuring more feline themed escape the room style fun [subbed by winniethepooh, JhInG & carm].

BONUS: And here's To-Sen-Bo 3 which I was clearly saving as a special bonus for right now, and in no way had I forgotten about it.

UPDATE: Erm... given the dates that both of these were originally submitted on (ages ago) it turns out I had totally actually forgotten about both of them. Doh!

Entry 3257, Tuesday, April 22nd 2008, Filed In Games

Cluetracker 2.0
I could do with my very own clue tracker as I don't have a scooby what's going on in Cluetracker 2.0. It's seems to be a variety of mini-games linked by some sort of pseudo point'n'click adventure promoting Kyle XY (about which I am equally scooby-less). I think that's it, but I could be wrong. I'm sure things become clearer as you 'solve' some of the mini-games, but I wouldn't know, as either my hand-eye coordination has decided to leave me today, or the game controls aren't too hot [subbed by Shay].

Entry 3256, Tuesday, April 22nd 2008, Filed In Games

Icescape 2
Icescape 2 is the sequel to Icescape (natch) and whilst once again it might not be suitable for kids - it has adult language and gore - it's perfect for fans of point'n'click ladder climbing simulations [subbed by Doc].

Entry 3255, Tuesday, April 22nd 2008, Filed In Games

Little Hostage
This is a little blurb for Little Hostage. That is all [subbed by Biggs].

Entry 3254, Tuesday, April 22nd 2008, Filed In Games

Pocket Escape
I'd convinced myself that Pocket Escape didn't work, but it turns out I was just having browser issues (I'm running FF3 and MSIE8 betas so my bad really), it works fine in non-beta browsers, now I only have my poor brain to blame for my lack of progress [subbed by JhInG & winniethepooh].

Entry 3251, Monday, April 21st 2008, Filed In Games

Escape From Rooftop Where Sakura Flutters
Pretty cherry blossoms and some cute Engrish (soooo much better than my Japanese it has to be said) make Escape From Rooftop Where Sakura Flutters into a little gem of a game [subbed by JhInG & Biggs].

Entry 3250, Monday, April 21st 2008, Filed In Games

Escapers #04R
Escapers #04R gives the old escape the room genre a motorbike motif. Nice. And, as with everytime this happens, we have to sing:

"Get your motor running
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way.

Apologies to Steppenwolf [subbed by f00].

Entry 3249, Sunday, April 20th 2008, Filed In Games

Charlie Bone
Charlie Bone is a rather enjoyable point'n'click website that links together some nicely done mini-games, intended for kids, but still an enjoyable little adventure for those of us that are a 'little older' [subbed by YohhHomeDawgg].

Entry 3248, Sunday, April 20th 2008, Filed In Games

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