Hmmm... a personal quandary... England play USA, who do I support? The homeland or the motherland? I'm not really sure what I'm meant to do. It certainly felt strange watching the game, and I'm not sure if I lost or won. A good game, but it weirded me out.

Entry 3324, Wednesday, May 28th 2008, Filed In Diary

EvilSpamMonkey BeGone?Well I think, stress think, my last load of changes have thwarted the EvilSpamMonkeys hacking back into the site, so it looks like it's time to tentatively step out of my spam proof bunker and get posting again... I have one or two things (mild under-exaggeration) that have been submitted to post for y'all.

As well as getting back to posting there are a few site changes that I have planned for this year which I'll discuss on here as I get round to doing them. First up I'm planning on an update to the "Submit A Link" page itself. Everyone is so kind as to post new games and links through this to me so I don't have to do all the new game searching leg work myself (I still do sometimes though), but the page is becoming increasingly abused by those EvilSpamMonkeys who try every avenue to get their generic cheap drugs advertisements out to you all.

Currently for every game/link post I get from genuine Lazylacers I get somewhere between 50 & 100 spam submissions. I have been dealing with this ok, but it's very time consuming, and I'm worried now that genuine submissions are getting lost in the sea of spam (apologies if this has happened to you). So the plan is to add a "prove you are human" test to the submission page (similar to the one you may have encountered when adding comments) which should reduce the problem dramatically since EvilSpamMonkeys seem to get SpamBots to do most of their dirty work for them.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to "behind the scenes", now back to posting with a bit of a catch-up session on the things that haven't been lost in my mass spam deleting sessions....

PS: Thanks for the beers and poems whilst I've been away, you've been keeping Jen & I entertained :)

Entry 3031, Friday, January 25th 2008, Filed In Diary

EvilSpamMonkey AttacksWell after a fantastic wedding (pics soon), honeymoon in Hawaii, Christmas and New Year, things were due to return to normal here on Lazylaces (with a few New Year's resolutions thrown in for good measure), but as you may have seen whilst dropping by we've had more than our fair share of anti-social attacks on the site.

EvilSpamMonkeys have found there way into the posting system (twice now) resulting in lots of posts about cheap generic pharmaceuticals rather than cool new games. Round one of the site changes to stop this only kept them bamboozled for a few days though, and they soon returned, and now a lot more changes have been made to stop them returning again. Please let us know immediately by e-mail (link at the bottom of every page) if you see any evidence that they have returned once more, as we'll need to dig out our best thinking hats to come up with another solution - for now we think we've plugged every gap an EvilSpamMonkey might squeeze though - but you never know, they are tenacious little devils.

On top of that some little hacking idiots thought it would be good idea to divert further time and resources by messing totally with the comments system. Now you'll find that virtually all HTML tags are disabled in comments - this probably won't bother everyone, but if you've ever found them useful in the past, we apologise, but they've become more trouble than they're worth. Regular text comments, hint tags and spoilers still all work though.

Anyway, for now posting is on hold until we're a bit more certain we've defeated any further hacking attempts - there's a good chance that if the ESMs get back in that we'll need to restore the current back-up of the site, losing anything new that has been added, and backing the whole thing up for every new post is just way too time consuming. So for now, we're still on hold, but if we stay EvilSpamMonkey free for a few more days we'll start to post again and hopefully get things back to normal.

Entry 3030, Monday, January 21st 2008, Filed In Diary

Lazy BreakI've unintentionally been on a break whilst doing wedding preparations as we move from high gear to ridiculous gear... and with the wedding on Saturday, followed by the Honeymoon it's going to be some time before I'm back to update LazyLaces. Apologies. Try the "more games" section on the right whilst I'm away, or trawl thru the site archives or see if you can post first in the comments. Thanks for all your support, and kind emails, LL will be back soon, but only after some much needed personal time for Jen & I.

Entry 3029, Wednesday, December 5th 2007, Filed In Diary

Trick Or Treat
For those of you waiting to see if I post pictures of the Lazylaces Christmas Tree this year you're still a bit early, but in the meantime here's a picture of the Lazylaces Halloween Pumpkins from yesterday. Jen carved the one on the left, I carved the one on the right. Since we only had two lots of trick or treaters to share our carving handy craft with (artistically arranged on the doorstep) we're sharing them with all of you instead :) Look out this month for pictures of us carving turkey (perhaps not quite as artistically) for Thanksgiving :)

Entry 2989, Thursday, November 1st 2007, Filed In Diary

After a hectic week of preparations to depart the UK I'm now safe and sound in the US. I'll be back online properly soon to update LL, I still have stuff to do, but I should be back on a normal schedule soon enough. Thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes in :)

Entry 2918, Sunday, September 16th 2007, Filed In Diary

Sorry folks but Lazylaces is on a short break whilst I get everything together for the big move to the US on Friday. Peruse the sites under "more games" on the right hand panel to get your gaming fix whilst I'm away, or try looking through the vaults. I'll see you Stateside shortly...

Entry 2917, Monday, September 10th 2007, Filed In Diary

Point'n'Click Needs You
I have a mountain of photos I should be posting from me visiting Jen in the US, Jen visiting me in the UK, not to mention our official engagement pics from Baltimore, and at some point I will have enough time to sort thru, annotate, and post them, but for now I had to quickly post this ridiculous picture of me from Scott & Serena's wedding earlier this year that makes me chuckle every time I look at it. I have sub-titled it (for additional comedic value) "Point'n'Click Needs You", but feel free to have your own caption competition in the comments :) Click on the pic above for a more horrific larger version.

Entry 2883, Tuesday, August 28th 2007, Filed In Diary

Landed On A Jet Plane
After completing my latest US tour I'm now back in the UK with a big dose of jet lag to keep me company. But unfortunately no other company. It's good to have my feet back on terra-firma, but it's very bad to be away from the love of my life once again. However this visit Jennifer and I progressed our wedding plans by several notches, we now have both a caterer and officiant selected, I become proficient at driving on the wrong... er... right (geddit?) side of the road, and the ongoing slog of documenting our entire existences continued for the benefit of the US Immigration services. And, of course, most importantly, it was just lovely for us to be able to see each other again. I want you all to cross your fingers for a speedy and successful immigration procedure to get me into the US with Jennifer. It's currently standing in the way of true love, which should be reason enough for you to cross your fingers, but for all you die hard pointers and clickers out there who don't really care about hearing about my personal life, the longer I'm not in the US, the more 2 week breaks I have to take away from LL to go visiting, and you don't want that now do you? I try my best for you but it's hard to do everything you know. Getting Graeme into the US is the best solution for everyone :)

Anyway to summarise: love rocks, and I will be in the US soon. In the meantime for all you impatient gamers, I'm sure some of you must have left something for me in my inbox for me to post for y'all...

Entry 2509, Monday, March 19th 2007, Filed In Diary

AFKA short site update: apologies to all, I have been AFK due to work, so there have been no site updates recently, however normal service will resume soon (unfortunately though it looks like the workload won't decrease for a while). Also my email has been down (fixed now) so any notes, link submissions, etc you may have sent over the last few days have been lost. Sorry - believe me this is a bigger pain for me than for you. Anyway, hopefully soon full normality will return. Crosses fingers...

Entry 2456, Sunday, February 11th 2007, Filed In Diary

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah Everyone
Well through the magic of posting ahead I'm probably already on a plane, waiting in a air terminal looking at a foggy Heathrow, or with Jennifer in DC, as you read this, as I'm going Stateside for Christmas. So I'm sorry there'll be no posts for a few days at least, please accept my holiday apologies. While I'm in transit, jet-lagged, or eating Turkey, you'll just have to get your Christmas point'n'click fix from one of the fine sites under "more games" in the left-hand (no other left) column, or delve into The Lazylaces Vaults, and I'll be back soon (the laptop is going Stateside too). Special thanks to my flat-sitters (you know who you are) for looking after my place while I'm away, and, of course, thanks to you all out there for visiting, commenting, submitting, being "first", and all your support this year. I hope you all have a very very merry Chrismahanukwanzakah.

Entry 2375, Friday, December 22nd 2006, Filed In Diary

J & G In The UK (Part 4)
The forth and final set of photos from August that Jennifer and I have are from when we went over to Wiltshire, supposedly to see Stonehenge, which we did manage to spend time at on the way home, but only after we had done a mini driving holiday for two days, visited Bath, and stayed over night in Bradford-upon-Avon.

Entry 2318, Sunday, November 26th 2006, Filed In Diary

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