Classic flash game. Brilliant, although level 1 is suspiciously easy compared to the rest of the game.

Entry 50, Sunday, December 8th 2002, Filed In Games

Earier this year I used to mail everyone with a 'Friday Game' to play, but since I went on holiday, and since I got so busy, I just haven't got round to it again. Anyway here's a welcome return of the Friday game with an absolute classic, Tempest. The only bad thing is that I haven't got one of those roller wheel things that the original used. Doh!

Entry 48, Friday, December 6th 2002, Filed In Games

Extreme Snow SleddingSnow sledding shananigans with extreme snow sleding. Cool game (if you don't pick sled No.1, which sucks), but why is it sponsered by Nokia? Cool if I could play it on my phone, but lets face it I can't. Having said that I have become addicted to Snow Boarding on it. It's the quickest way I've found of filling the travel time to work.

Entry 45, Tuesday, December 3rd 2002, Filed In Games

Stunt Moto XA real test of skill this Moto X game. Getting the bablance on the bike can be a tricky at first. Not 100% certiain what language this is in, although bizarrely all the spoken comments seem to be in English, anyway the keys are:
  • [UP CURSOR] : Accelerate
  • [DOWN CUSROR] : Reverse
  • [LEFT CURSOR] : Lean back
  • [RIGHT CURSOR] : Lean Forward
I've heard the 'physics' of this game described as excellent, but they're a lad of pants really. Great fun, but not realistic. Some of the crashes, and slo-mo upside down tumbles you can do, don't seem based on any kind of reality I live in. Very cool though.

Entry 43, Sunday, December 1st 2002, Filed In Games

Classic arcade game free to play on-line. I can't actually remember this one from first time round although I did have a go on an original machine at Game On. Excellent soundtrack. The bad news if you are near London is that Game On is no longer at the Barbican, but the good news is that it hasn't simply ended, it has moved to Edinburgh. If you are up that way I can *highly* recommend a visit to this superb expo. For about 5 mins you'll ponder the history of the arcade and the console, then another few hours will be spent regressing back to the Old Skool days of gaming.

Entry 25, Wednesday, November 20th 2002, Filed In Games

Sonar Keepie-UppieFor some reason I can't work out this wicked game of keepie-uppie is called the 'Sonar Challenge'. Whatever, it's a neat game, especially if you turn the volume down so you can't hear the distracting sound effects. I managed a very poor 29 before my wrist starting hurting. If you don't have RSI you soon will.

Entry 23, Sunday, November 17th 2002, Filed In Games

Already loads of Christmas/Winter games knocking round out there; try this one toggan jump. Jump the toboggan thru the hoop(s) without hurting/burning the passengers. Surely people don't jump toggans irl?

Entry 15, Tuesday, November 12th 2002, Filed In Games

RenganaxRenganax is an Arkanoid-esque game, which looks cool and has chilled out music. All the game play you'd expect - knock down the bricks, collect the power up pills, etc; more than adequate to while-away 30 mins or so. Alledgely there are only 16 levels, personally I haven't bothered getting passed four yet; it's not that I keep screwing up by getting the black pill which makes the paddle really small, or anything like that, no sir-ee, my game player skills are much better than that.

Entry 14, Monday, November 11th 2002, Filed In Games

Tank WarMultiplayer on-line tank battles. Games are in teams or deathmatches. Fast Europe based internet connection required. Watch for sneaky Frenchmen using sneaky tactics...

Entry 4, Tuesday, October 29th 2002, Filed In Games

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