Sneaky's Crusade
Sneaky's Crusade is to stop golden statues falling into the wrong hands. The wrong hands being anyone's other than mine. That's right folks, if you have golden statues you should be sending them to me so I can look after them for you. Isn't that nice? And I don't charge much for this service at all... [subbed by Selfdefiant].

Entry 5113, Wednesday, October 5th 2011, Filed In Games

Story Hero
Story Hero is the exact same thing as Guitar Hero, except it replaces the unimpressive plastic guitar, with an über impressive adventure story. It's true dontchyaknow? Well maybe not strictly true, but this thing is a bit different from most games, and I'm not going to do it justice with any description I come up with, so maybe you should just give it a go instead [subbed by fred].

Entry 5112, Wednesday, October 5th 2011, Filed In Games

Cyanish Room Escape
Cyanish Room Escape hides some nice game play elements with what seems to be confusing navigation... unless there really is meant to be a combination lock on top of the dog's head? [subbed by Dov].

Entry 5111, Wednesday, October 5th 2011, Filed In Games

Ancient Tomb 2
In Ancient Tomb 2 we find that the ancients, displaying some remarkable foresight, built their tombs with escape puzzles that are only solvable with the aid of a computer mouse! Does this mean time travel is possible, or that we are all descended from advanced alien beings? Clearly these are the only two viable options, so on that bombshell I've leave you to ponder this amazing discovery whilst you play Ancient Tomb 2 [subbed by Dov].

Entry 5110, Wednesday, October 5th 2011, Filed In Games

Bamba Snack Quest 3
When space aliens steal your pet squirrel and your snack products, a point'n'click adventure is pretty much inevitable, as witnessed in Bamba Snack Quest 3. This is the latest in the Bamba Snack Quest series, and at it's core it is in the "clear a path/click the right things in the right order" genre, but it's also wrapped up with nice little puzzles and presented with some very pleasing graphics & sounds [subbed by Gal].

Entry 5109, Tuesday, October 4th 2011, Filed In Games

Ruby Room Escape: Pink Ruby
Some satisfyingly easy escape puzzles, as well as a pile of rubies, can be found in Ruby Room Escape: Pink Ruby [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5108, Tuesday, October 4th 2011, Filed In Games

Georg The Ghost
Georg The Ghost needs to escape the creepy castle. Can you help him passed the mirrors, cameras and vacuum cleaners which can be detrimental to a healthy ghost's well being? [subbed by Sarah].

Entry 5107, Tuesday, October 4th 2011, Filed In Games

Figurines Room
A new Tomatea game: Figurines Room [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5106, Monday, October 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

Chestnut Avenue 101
Try to escape Chestnut Avenue 101, or just chill out with the music from it on in the background. Either way it's pretty enjoyable [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5105, Monday, October 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

Collapsed Brick House Escape 2
Collapsed Brick House Escape 2 really, really, really needs a good clean [subbed by Awkwardo].

Entry 5104, Monday, October 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

Cuties Room Escape
You can either get on with trying to get a grip on Monday, or try Cuties Room Escape instead. I know which I'm going to do, this whole Monday thing is totally confuzzling me today [subbed by Dov & subzero].

Entry 5103, Monday, October 3rd 2011, Filed In Games

Escape Into House
A little Sunday gaming fun is to be had in Escape Into House [subbed by subzero].

Entry 5102, Sunday, October 2nd 2011, Filed In Games

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