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XXXXOOOOOO 42% Lovers (5 Votes)
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XOOOOOOOOO 8% Haters (1 Vote)

"And Now, The End Is Near..." has an overall rating of 67% from 12 votes.

It's with a tear in my eye that I say, after 10 years of "service", that Lazylaces is now going on extended hiatus. Those of you that know me will know that this is not easy decision, which is why it's "extended hiatus" and not a straight "goodbye", but I no longer have the free time, or energy, to maintain and enjoy Lazylaces like I would like to.

My life has been getting more and more busy (for lots of great, beautiful & fantastic reasons, not just work), and I've been having to squeeze in work on Lazylaces in earlier and earlier, and shorter and shorter, bits of the day, to point where it's now all getting a bit ridiculous. I've barely visited my own website after 7am for over a year now, I have to set an even earlier alarm for the days where I have lots to post, and having time to write more than a sentence per post is a luxury I rarely get. The days where I got time to play & enjoy each and every game, and comment/hint/walkthru with other players, are long gone, and really without that it's very difficult for me to find a reason to continue.

At some point I'm likely to start completely winding down the site, but I don't have an exact schedule, or indeed any idea of how/what/when this will be yet. For now, at least for a while, the site, and it's archive, will be staying online 'as is', and I would think that "something" is likely to continue being here in perpetuity, even if it's just a holding page. I'll also be keeping the Facebook page open, and maybe I'll even occasionally update it (and the twitter feed too, but I never did get to like twitter, so don't expect too much from that).

Thank you for visiting, playing, and taking part at Lazylaces over the years. I hope y'all find somewhere else nice to waste your time :) Feel free to look me up online if you want to keep in touch, and remember to check the wastepaper basket for clues.

Graeme :o)

Entry 5738, Friday, November 16th 2012, Filed In Diary

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