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So now you've played "Murder Investigation" what do you think? Did you love it or hate it, or were you indecisively somewhere in the middle? Click on one of the pictures above to have your say.

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XXXOOOOOOO 35% Lovers (19 Votes)
XXXOOOOOOO 33% Middlers (18 Votes)
XXXOOOOOOO 33% Haters (18 Votes)

"Murder Investigation" has an overall rating of 51% from 55 votes.

Murder Investigation
A short little point'n'click game, to get us back into the swing of things. As with all games involving spooky music and blood it's important to wait until night-fall, leave the lights off, and crank the sound up, when playing Murder Investigation.

Entry 1314, Sunday, July 24th 2005, Filed In Games

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