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So now you've played "50 Dark Movies" what do you think? Did you love it or hate it, or were you indecisively somewhere in the middle? Click on one of the pictures above to have your say.

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Scores On The Doors

XXXXXXOOOO 60% Lovers (135 Votes)
XOOOOOOOOO 9% Middlers (21 Votes)
XXXOOOOOOO 30% Haters (68 Votes)

"50 Dark Movies" has an overall rating of 65% from 224 votes.

50 Dark Movies
Can you find the 50 Dark Movies cryptically hidden in the picture in this game made to promote Dark Chocolate M&Ms? It sounds like a lot of people are having fun with this one and spending a lot of time on it. Personally though I just can't concentrate on it, I'm too busy wondering when Dark Chocolate M&Ms will make it to the UK, and perhaps even more importantly will there be a peanut version? Hmmmm..... dark chocolate peanut... [subbed by fudster, Mantari,
kelly & FredFlinstone

Entry 2155, Friday, September 22nd 2006, Filed In Games

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