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XXXXOOOOOO 40% Lovers (29 Votes)
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"Attack Of The Sprouts" has an overall rating of 52% from 72 votes.

Attack Of The Sprouts
You might think it's still too early for Christmas games, but I'm very excited about Christmas this year (I'll be in DC), and I did establish that the Christmas season started on November 1st, so I feel justified in posting one of my favourite games from last year that I got hold of just a little too late to post for Christmas '05...

In Attack Of The Sprouts you have to stop the world's most evil vegetable leaping into your mouth, by-passing your, thankfully, sprout free Christmas dinner. If one too many get through you've had it! Featuring some nice and silly graphics and a brilliant intro song [subbed by Carol, Sassy & Andy L].

Entry 2275, Saturday, November 11th 2006, Filed In Games

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