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So now you've played "Orange Box Final" what do you think? Did you love it or hate it, or were you indecisively somewhere in the middle? Click on one of the pictures above to have your say.

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Scores On The Doors

XXXOOOOOOO 33% Lovers (7 Votes)
XOOOOOOOOO 14% Middlers (3 Votes)
XXXXXOOOOO 52% Haters (11 Votes)

"Orange Box Final" has an overall rating of 40% from 21 votes.

Orange Box Final
I'm somewhat confused by Orange Box Final. Not because I don't understand Japanese, as you might suspect from first looking at it, but because, unless I'm missing something, it's so darn easy to complete. First time round (I played again to see if I missed something) I even managed to complete it without finding the "clues"... is it really this easy, or am I missing something? Perhaps the Japanese text at the end is telling me I failed? [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2939, Tuesday, October 2nd 2007, Filed In Games

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