Once upon a time....

There was a web site called Lazylaces.  

It was the early 21st Century and the internet was still relatively new, shiny, and comparatively un-monetized. Some people created games and put them out there on the internet for others to play for free, give or take a variable number of ads, and most of them were presented in Flash (RIP 💀).  Games on your phone started and stopped at Snake so these games were where it was at (if you entirely ignore consoles and PC games and other things you pay for....).

The best sub-genre of free internet games, IMHO, was the point'n'click adventure, and the most popular sub-sub-genre of these was the "escape the room" game (which today have inexplicably turned into a real world phenomenon).  

Lazylaces collected together links to as many of these games as it could find, along with some others, and a little bit of secret sauce, all lovingly curated by its host Graeme. The main thing though was the community, and being able to discuss as a group the games, swapping hints'n'tips, cheats, solutions, language translations (so much was in Japanese), and/or frustrations.  And also, of course, posting "first" in every comments thread ever.