Samsara Room

Head on down to Samsara Room, situated down by ye olde Rusty Lake, for some room escaping fun, because, despite 20 years of experience of getting stuck in rooms with no obvious means of escape, you’re a glutton for punishment and here you go again… Some great visuals and game-play here, and music that Mrs LazyLaces described as “what’s that damn noise” before making me mute my Chromebook. Quality. Available for a small donation, or free if you must, on just about every platform except IBM Mainframe [subbed by PlayfulEris].

22 thoughts on “Samsara Room

  1. This is epic. So excited to be here and this is my first comment to something and someone I’ve been following since 2008

  2. I looked around the fish room for a good half hour for the last seashell. It was the one in the box floating around. -facepalm-

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