Room With Boxes 4

How do you keep getting stuck in rooms? It seems like every other day you randomly get stuck in a room with no visible means of escape other than lots of convoluted puzzles and clues. I mean what are the odds that you’d get stuck in, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR rooms with boxes…? Who knows? Probably a high functioning statistician. But I digress. Anyway here we are in Room With Boxes 4. Can you escape?

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  1. I used to spend hours during my work week slaving over every single post on Lazylaces. This is when I had more time, before I had kids.
    I looked the site up today during a discussion about the end of Flash games, certain that it would be long gone, and it’s still here! It’s still alive, and if this is the same site owner, I loved reading about your life back in the UK, when you were single and practically a baby.

    Now I’m going through your posts with my own teenagers, who did not exist at the beginning of this anecdote. Thank you so much for still being up, is there an archive with alllllll the ancient material?

  2. Oh. Isn’t life & family a great distraction from the important task of playing games?? 🙂

    You can use the way back machine to peek into Lazylaces’ (and in deed the whole Internet’s) past. Example:

    But do it quick before ALL the linked games do not work anymore. You have only a few days! RIP Adobe Flash.

    Catch up more with Lazylaces & me on Facebook and Instagram:

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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