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  1. Graeme, and everyone else,
    I’ve been trying and trying to remember the name of one of the first point and click games I ever played, but I’ve had no luck. I found LazyLaces in 2004 or 2005, and I remember the original write-up saying something like “I’m not sure this is even a game” or something like that. Your character starts off at a help desk, with a Lara Croft knock-off with sunglasses and feet propped on the desk. I remember being blown away by the 3d controls. There was an alien that was drunk and maybe on top of a cliff or something? A major part of the game was waiting on a screen forever until something happened. I think there were more than one of the Lara Croft-looking, sunglass-wearing characters. I could have sworn it was called something like “A Waste of Time,” but that turned out to be one of those source code puzzle games like not pr0n. The Wayback Machine archives of lazylaces aren’t helping. I’d really like to find this game and play it again before the Flash Apocalypse in December. Does anybody remember it?

    Also, first!

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